Kim Hee Sun and Ro Woon Partner Up for Fantasy K-drama Tomorrow

Another random out of nowhere K-drama casting is here and I’m hopeful it makes more sense if I read the source material and this was what the story required. Kim Hee Sun and Ro Woon are in talks as the leads of K-drama Tomorrow based on the same name webtoon. The drama is about a young man with no hope in life who tries to commit suicide off a bridge and gets into a tussle with another dude doing the same thing and in the aftermath his body ends up in a coma while his soul roams free. He’s considered half alive/half dead so he ends up working for the management company of grim reapers and finds out he’s really good at that job when in real life he couldn’t get any job. Kim Hee Sun will play the cool and capable Team Leader of the grim reaper squad and leads her junior members to complete missions that save the lives of people trying to commit suicide. It’s still early where this casting will be confirmed as the drama won’t film until the end of the year with an early 2022 airing date.


Kim Hee Sun and Ro Woon Partner Up for Fantasy K-drama Tomorrow — 8 Comments

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  2. Heck he’s tall and looks good in suits.

    She’s elegant and looks good in pant suits or whatever she wears.

    I think they would rock interviewing or stopping acute situational crisis on bridges and what- not.

    Ok I’m in. Hope the writer and PD are good then.

  3. I have not read the webtoon, don’t think it’s been translated but this sounds like it could be an inspiring drama, hope it doesn’t just end up being about romance between the leads though.

  4. Rowoon not confirmed, but his agency said the same when he got offered Yeonmo before She Would Never Know aired.

    I’ve read some chapters of the webtoon and from the story itself, it’s fun. I don’t see any romance story yet but more like slice of life? If Kim Hee Sun and Rowoon accept this, I wonder who’s next to be casted because their team consist of 3 persons.

  5. Have not read the source material but from the synopsis I have a feeling and hope that it’s not gonna have romance in it. It sounds very Uncanny Counter-ish so rather than romance it’s gonna be like a found family which I think would be great. Because I personally really love the found families trope. lol

  6. It sounds like The Uncanny Counter and Mystic Bar, both were good. The original plot doesn’t have romance, so I hope the writter won’t add uncessary romance not likein Alice…

    It’s crazy how they annouce so early the casting news now. An actor didn’t even start his next project, they already annouce the next one…

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