K-ent Reports that Han So Hee Has Been Cast as the Female Lead of OCN Drama Island Replacing Seo Ye Ji, Her Agency Denies the Casting

Another day another chatterable casting news on the wire. K-ent started Wednesday off reporting that rising young actress Han So Hee has been cast as the female lead of upcoming big budget high profile supernatural OCN drama Island, which would mean taking over the role vacated by disgraced actress Seo Ye Ji following the scandal from the reveal that she was a controlling girlfriend pulling the strings behind Kim Jung Hyun for his bad behavior on the set of Time, and many other subsequent other scandalous allegations about her character. I’m indifferent to Han So Hee but objectively she’s HOT HOT HOT in K-ent after her mistress turn in The World of the Married, with massive amounts of new endorsements and lots of positive goodwill from the netizens, so if she’s cast it’s a pretty spot on pick. Unfortunately her agency followed the news reports by posting that the reports are false and she has not been cast. Hhhhmmm, doesn’t mean she won’t be but clearly the business side doesn’t want to jump the gun. It’s a wait and see at this point.


K-ent Reports that Han So Hee Has Been Cast as the Female Lead of OCN Drama Island Replacing Seo Ye Ji, Her Agency Denies the Casting — 32 Comments

  1. Kim tae ri please!She was talented and beautifull actress.I wonder why she didn’t doing drama after mr.sunshine.She already hit 30yo she need another hit drama again.

  2. I’m hoping they wlli cast an older actress closer to KNG’s age. Also, hasn’t HSH been casted in drama already with Song Kang? I think there would be a scheduling conflict anyways.

    • I think this production will go downhill from here. I don’t think Kim Nam Gil can even save it for now, maybe when time passes but not now.

      • Hahahahahahahaha… the mist is making you hallucinate now? [Even though we all know she was dropped], didn’t your girl and her camp claim she herself stepped down from the project so as not to inconvenience the production? So how are the producers gullible? It’s just business, dear.

        Also, if this production tanks (as you and your fellow fans are hoping), it won’t be because SYJ is out, but because of disorganization. One minute, this drama was supposed to be based on the popular webtoon. Then the next minute, they’re reworking it to make it the Asian Avengers. [And this was way before her scandal.] Seriously, why do these folks feel the need to copy HW in everything? Unless they get their shit together, this project sounds like a hot mess waiting to happen.

      • Now? You make it sound like the drama is airing tomorrow. They haven’t even finalized the complete cast, much less start shooting.

      • Yep. Pointing fingers at others for being gullible when she has stamps over her eyes. Hilarious. Lives in her own la la land.

  3. She was the top pick by knetz. They LOVE her and I mean LOVE LOVE her. Anything she touches sells out and the hype for her next drama is HUGE. Not surprised because even Song Kang is super popular so together they would bring in high anticipation. I think she would be right for the role and it would be a huge plus for her career. She can easily be both the most popular actress in the 20s and the most critically acclaimed.

      • As usual fans of KYJ can’t stand anyone being more popular and acclaimed than her. When literally most 20 something actresses are more popular than their bias with her 1% and controversial dramas can ever be. HSH is the most trending young actress in SK right now and she gets good projects. Everyone knows that.

      • Another example of people being jealous of a pretty young girl being more popular than their bias.

      • Legit fans of KYJ will never let anyone down. Don’t generalize the fandom of KYJ. Many of them don’t bother to comment here. Only few will do. You can call them out by their username and not call them as KYJ fans so you can dragged the actor.

      • Don’t dragged the whole fandom of KYJ.
        You don’t even know if they are really legit fans. Dragging KYJ’s name is not necessary if you want to call out eva & marga.

      • KYJ fans has nothing to do with Eva and Marga. Don’t spit hatred with true and legit KYJ supporters who will never do comparison with any actor.

  4. If she’s denying it that probably means she’s not gonna do it. Why did the production company even release this news then…

  5. It’s probably just news outlets stirring pot regarding the casting for some views since Baeksang is tomorrow and SYJ’s making headlines again if she’s going to attend or not lol

    • So she hides again. Its funny with bullies. They are bigger than life when hurting others but when they are the target, they are reduced to whimpering losers that go into hiding. Isn’t that every villain in Taxi Driver kdrama now. Take advantage of the old, the weak, the poor. Come Lee Je Hoon with his invincible fighting skills, some run some beg for their lives on their knees, some urinate their pants. Art imitates life. Haha – real life inspirations everywhere.

  6. Oh didn’t realize she’s big in SKorea, or is she? I’ve only seen her in Abyss and was underwhelmed by her acting, maybe she has improved since then. She’s pretty though.

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