Doom at Your Service is the Pretentious Drama We Knew Would Arrive One Day: Anchored by Visuals, a Lot of Staring, and Copious Amounts of Self-importance

It’s midway through the airing of tvN Mon-Tues drama Doom at Your Service (One Day Destruction Came to My Door) and this is a good time to discuss and have more substantive feedback to add to the first impression. The ratings are trending the wrong way for this drama, starting with 4.118% in episode 1, reaching a high in episode 2 with 4.422% and then dropping until hitting the current low of 2.789%. Reviews and audience feedback skew mostly towards critical dislike and disappointment for a drama highly anticipated, but there are also a vocal contingent that enjoy the drama. I watched the first episode and HATED IT, and I’ve not watched another minute since just waiting to hear this drama got better (nope) or connects with relatable characters (also nope).

I feel like Park Bo Young is typecast as the female lead in fantasy dramas, this is her fourth now, and in the first episode she did not act or speak like any human being when she got her terminal illness diagnosis that I almost stopped right there. Then I spent the entire episode with Seo In Guk‘s Doom having “profound” and dull discussions with the higher up female goddess and then doing his doomy thing with not much else. It felt like a bad but pretty MV where there is a sliver of a plot and we’re able to follow along but feel nothing. I don’t mind that it borrows the same elements plucked from Goblin, Hotel Del Luna, and Tale of Gumiho but it doesn’t do anything interesting to watch here. And don’t get me started on the dialogue, the script in the first episode is almost headdesk inducing and I hear it doesn’t get better and kinda gets worse. This drama thinks is so much smarter, cooler, and deep then it actually is, and that’s probably why it’s so shallow and unable to connect with me as a viewer.


Doom at Your Service is the Pretentious Drama We Knew Would Arrive One Day: Anchored by Visuals, a Lot of Staring, and Copious Amounts of Self-importance — 92 Comments

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  2. I dropped it after two episodes. And it especially pisses me off because I like PBY, LSH and KTO from previous works. Plus, the posters and teasers promised a drama worth watching. But sadly, I was swindled. From the recaps and some of the viewer feedback I’ve also read, it doesn’t get better. I’ll just look forward to the trio’s next projects. Hopefully, those will be good.

  3. Ms Im was busy smoking lots of pot while developing the script for 2 years. This is a kamikaze project to kill her own career. Lazy research, lame borrowing of metaphors/ideas from various sources but holy cow, she can’t cobble even 2 chopsticks together. I agree with koala, it’s like watching a very very very long painfully slow cooked MV but I can’t even enjoy tasting anything remotely delicious at the end of 8 hours nightmare. Dawon’s baby crying annoys the hell out of me. Is that all he can do after 8 episodes? The side characters’ arc is going nowhere & I don’t care anymore. KTO’s character pisses me off big time. Whining Hyung, Hyung makes me feel like bashing his head to the wall. I’m getting violent here which is a bad sign. The CEO is plain irritating. The cameos are crappy too. Every character development is shallow, shallow, shallow.

    • I don’t recommend mind-altering substances, but maybe this drama would be easier to watch while smoking pot (if legal where you are!).

      That’s certainly how I felt after ep 2.

      • @Royal W, lol. Does putting cannabis into my cookies count as legal? I was actually downing flavoured soju called Chateulsoorok with strawberry, peach & apple being my favourites while watching it. If I need to drown my sorrows in soju, that’s a super low for me.

  4. I have consigned it to the rubbish heap after 8 episodes. The editing is just atrocious. I have watched lots of back hugs but the back hug in Doom is being cut by a 5 year old. This drama is cursed the moment Doom is assigned as its name. Doomed to failure. I feel sorry for the crew who probably toiled long hours in the background but this show turned into a turkey in the drama oven. The cast will be ok. They can quickly move to other projects. The writer is probably should retire. In the pantheon of flops, I’ll wait to hear from others brave enough to endure it till the end.

      • True but those who watch to the end are writers being paid to recap it by Viu and Soompi. ONo choice but obliged to do it contractually, part of their job. Poor things. We can vent and rant but they’ve to appear to be neutral & professional.

  5. It’s like Klaus Schwab & Bill Gates telling writer-nim “Let’s insert the the GREAT RESET idea into your drama, ok? I’ll pay you the product placement fee.” Rotfl.

  6. Ouch. Valid points but it’s a very pretty drama and I like PBY and SIG even here, though the cliches do make it harder to love the drama

  7. The only thing I love is Lee Soo Hyuk’s deep baritone voice. He’s beautiful to look at too. In the meantime, while watching it, I was also finding time to feed my cats, clip my toenails, play with my Ipad, flick at some magazines & finally doze off to sleep when the credit rolls. Plot wise, it’s good to put someone to sleep.

    • Lee Soo Hyuk had such a distinctive and unique beauty when he was younger, makes me feel sad he changed it to be more ‘marketable’ but he’s still stuck in second lead roles. He’s a better actor than he gets credit for, I really enjoyed his committed scenery-chewing as the evil vampire in Scholar Who Walks the Night.

      (no shade on SIG here, I’m his fan and he’s a deserving lead, just stuck in a meh drama).

      • I get you Royal We. LSH has been on my list of unique actors for a long time. It’s way overdue for him to get a lead role. I’m consoling myself by watching him in Pipeline if it ever gets shown in my country. Lucky for fans in the US & elsewhere. LSH is actually quite a funny & chatty person in real life. Hopefully with the exposure, more directors will be keen to hire him for ML roles. I’m from the senior group of fan. Not a pom pom oppa fan. Got no energy to fight or name-call anyone. If I see a stinker, I call it a stinker. Sorry to see both leads stuck in such lame drama.

  8. I didn’t continue after the premiere week. And I wish they had laid out the foundation for the supernatural side of things. A few questions I had which I feel should have been answered in the first two episodes:
    Who is Doom? What exactly does he do? (Didn’t see him do much doomy stuff.) Why is he so focused on just that serial killer? Surely there are others like him to deal with or worse? Why is Doom so fuxking depressed and wants to end the world? Why is the goddess a heart patient in the hospital? What the hell does she want? When FL saw the wishing star, why wouldn’t she wish for everything to be okay instead of the world ending? Why is the dialogue a mess? What is the point of the whole drama? ETC.
    Ms. Writer, I’m sure you worked really hard. But you’re no KES yet to only rely on the chemistry of your main leads (I don’t see it but some gush about it) to carry your frivolous show. Let’s do better next time, yeah? I’m rooting for you. Fighting.

    • I don’t even mind that Doom is gloomy or that the heroine wishes to end the world (she’s drunk when she makes that wish anyway) but everything about the first week felt so disjointed and random (hospital goddess, etc).

  9. The whole thing makes me sad. It is filmed so beautifully… the jewel tones and lighting. Sadly, the whole thing is repetitive and annoying. Conversations are pointless- and the plot spins more than my dryer.

    I used FF liberally last week then fully dropped this week. I love you actors… see you next project.

    • Yep the scenes inside Doom’s house look beautiful, at least one thing I can say about this drama is the cinematography is top notch.

      Shame it’s attached to such a dull drama though.

    • 2.7 would have been a good rating on cable even 5 years ago but not now. But the fact that the ratings have been dropping like this says it all.

      People gave the drama a chance, the writer wasted that chance by making it boring.

      • I was punning on the title. Lol. But yeah, it’s way low for cable, especially tvN and PBY at that.

      • @Yikes – yeah PBY’s early dramas were so good but Abyss and now this….

  10. The biggest complaint is the obfuscating contract in the first few episodes. The romance aspect is too rushed. There is absolutely no build-up whatsoever to bring the OTP to have the feelings for each other. The background of Doom’s angst was never explained, his relationship with sick girl goddess was unclear, etc. Overall the PD didn’t have enough materials to fill out each episode yet they filmed for 6 months? Head scratching. To be fair, the cinematography was superb, the cherry blossoms scenes beautiful and I love the actors. Better luck next time.

  11. The biggest flaw is not fleshing out the main characters fully. Main leads should have been given lots of backstory to give us a clue why they are behaving the way they do. I know the writer aims for the peeling the onion layer by layer thingy but it’s too slow. The main arc or plotline also needs to have a build-up or momentum. The tone and plot are all over the place. Some characters are over the top e.g the married cheating ex-bf just didn’t add any value to the story. The funny moments felt very awkward interspersed with dramatic ones. I love the whole cast but it’s a no for me.

    • The ex bf arc was written so badly it was cringe. The entire scene of him in her office was ridiculous and added nothing to the plot. It didn’t contribute to the character development of the FL either to be honest instead in the 10 minute arc the character of the nameless wife had the best development I’ve seen in the show till now. I would rather have watched her story.

      • Yes, I was cringing big time, gagging almost at Kim Ji Suk’s talent wasted on this clownish character. What’s the point? So many hair-pulling moments. My gosh, is there a worst writer / worst written drama category in award shows?

      • What was the point of that scene?! If the objective was to show Dong Kyung having endless bad luck, the confrontation with the wife + texts were enough.

  12. I was waiting for this to finish so I can binge it, but with the way the ratings have been dropping and with many recaps and reviews starting to go in the line of — ‘only watching this for the leads/chemistry/visual’ — I’m not too excited or sure anymore.

  13. I binge watched few episodes coz of the fights in earlier comment section. Checking out the hit vs flop meter. Conclusion: I want hurl that damn flowerpot of deity over the cliff. Overall, it’s pretty as a post-card picture but strictly for oppa & eonni lovers.

  14. I agree wholeheartedly. If they weren’t trying to be something deeper than they actually are, this drama wouldn’t be that annoying. It’s just a romance drama with all the (underdeveloped) fantasy elements there to serve the romance. Plus, I don’t like the cast enough to stay for more episodes. This is one drama where I tuned in because the fans are so vocal that it misled me to think that it’s actually a good drama. A goddamn waste of my time.

      • Ratings tanking so I don’t think they dare to argue. Plus it’s not on Netflix so argument there too. Lol.

      • The drama is still rated very highly on MDL. I guess that’s a result of selection bias as well. The people who don’t particularly like the leads and can maintain a neutral view of the drama would’ve dropped it by the 4th episode.

  15. Beyond bad writing. When I have to “slave” finish an ep, its bad. The last time I questioned my decision to forge on when the script tormented me to no end was Master of the Mask and Hwarang – both I did eventually finish but frankly would love to refund that 32 hours. This one I just cannot anymore. The flat chemistry, the irritating side characters. Even PBY who is one of my favourite must watch actress is written bipolar here going from sweet resilient woman one minute to annoying hateful spew vicious curse lines woman in another. Dropping it. Cannot. Blacklisting this writer also. Btw pby just renewed her contract with BH too. Whoever is advising her on her script choices need to do better for her. Abyss than this. She’s slowly losing her midas touch btw that awful and this awful.

    • @Lydia, for you to say bad is really something. I’m baffled why the cast chose to act in this turd? Why? Why? Surely, the first 3-4 episodes/scenarios/scripts are enough warning signs/red flags? First PSH-CSW in Sisyphus & now SIG-PBY in this real stinker. I used to respect SIG’s choices but I wanna slap him for this one. I love PBY too but she also made a horrendous decision. Sigh.

      • I am guessing they must be very well compensated. Thats the only reason I can think of. Writer’s track record is so-so. PD as well. The only striking thing for this project – its a VIU original which means its likely funded with chinese money. Either or, its a stinker. I won’t waste more time watching it. Maybe just tune in to the last episode.

      • Ah thanks for the insight Lydia. Since Viu HQ is based in HK, I can see the connection now though it’s not offered in mainland. Serious moolah. Can’t blame them for wanting to make a living esp. in Covid times when ad revenues are falling big time. Even Yoo Ha the veteran director said watching movies in cinema trend is dying. He’s even branching into directing webtoon based dramas next.

  16. Park Bo Young is really sucks picking a good drama. Poor her. WIth her talent, how can any producer has a hard time cast her in something more meaty and a good roles? I will neer understand. Her management is really sucks picking her project

  17. Ok I love SIG but even I have to admit Doom drama is a poo-poo. All that money spent on the sets, wardrobe, cinematography, OST should be donated to MBC to make Shopaholic Louie season 2. I love DK’s pastel coloured apartment. I can just imagine Louie flopped on the sofa busy watching the shopping channels & flick a Nugu to Doom when he knocks on the door. Lol.

  18. Personally I feel the biggest problem isn’t the lack of plot but rather the horrible dialogue which goes in circles and ends nowhere. I can’t even say the acting is great because SIG basically has one expression for 90% of his screen time and PBY is always either wide eyed or annoyed. The combination of no script, useless dialogue and monotone acting makes this utterly impossible to connect with. The only good thing is that the actors can kiss. That’s about it. Nothing else has happened in the last 8 episodes.

    • Agree. PBY’s character is just, ugh. And the Doom character itself is just your stereotypical fantasy ML. Little complexity. Not much effort needed. Just do the typical flirty smirk, cig in the corner of his mouth, weird-but-supposed-to-be-cool hair, trenchcoat, angsty, arrogant, nice crib, nice ride. Full marks if he can kiss. And then you see Harlequin novel-type of drama reviews like “oppa is so handsome, I can’t stop drooling over him, his chest, the tendons in his thighs, the sinews of his back, so sexy and manly, omo let me stop myself.”
      Characters like that are usually a hit with the target audience. But they’ve been done to death and portrayed better elsewhere so here it’s just yawn.

      This writer really learned from KES — even if the plot is paper-thin, pack in the visuals; whether it’s good-looking second leads or pretty cinematography. Then they can’t help but keep watching, even though they know better. Throw in chemistry between the leads, a steamy kiss or two, bromance, love triangle, at least one side character to root for and they’ll call it a masterpiece. Writer-nim had the cheatsheet. Yet she still failed.

      • PBY has reached the end of the kind of characters she can play. Her roles in dramas and movies have little to no variety and her short height and baby face makes it impossible to take her seriously in mature roles and subject matter. It’s ridiculous that she’s playing younger to an actress that is 5 years younger than her in real life. Most of her filmography is flops or mediocre dramas and movies. Her hits are very few and far between but seeing her recent choice of dramas I don’t think she’ll be able to diversify much.

      • LMAO. Thanks for the good laugh. My fave line : Harlequin novel type of drama reviews.

      • Ah, forgot to add memorable OST.

        @Beez, I aim to please. Hehe. I actually saw a kinda similar comment on a review site but the user was simping over LSH, not SIG.

      • @Naev – hold your horses, I get not liking PBY in this role but your retconning her entire career as “flops” or “mediocre” isn’t even accurate because cold hard numbers show Oh My Ghost and Strong Girl Bong Soon were hits, as was her 2018 movie You Call It Passion (2.8 million admissions for a romcom that she headlined and was the biggest draw in)….but two bad dramas and you think she’s done?

        And please note that this is only from the last 5-6 years. Her other previous hit movies like Scandal Makers and Werewolf Boy/drama like Jungle Fish, are from before that. At least she’s got multiple measurably very successful (and not “just average”) projects as an actress (ratings, ticket sales)and is talented enough that she can pull off challenging roles. Doom being badly written and her character there an irritating wallflower, doesn’t mean she’s suddenly forgotten how to act. I’m surprised we want to write her off based on this.

      • @Naev didn’t say she has zero hits and all flops, though. But yeah, she shouldn’t be written off. She’s delivered time and time again. She’s not done. Rooting for her upcoming movie with LBH and PSJ to do well.

  19. I am soooooo sad. I was wishing for PBY/SIG for soooo long then turns out like this. Why why why why can’t PBY choose a project with a good writer already…………………… *finger crossing for PBY/PSJ idk anymore

  20. Park min young and park bo young last two drama only hit 2-3% rating.Look like pmy drama with song kang will hit 2-3% rating. They are very talented and beautiful why didnt choose makjang drama like penthouse or thriller on ocn?Sadly they stuck in romantic comedy genre.

    • Fans might just be pleasantly surprised. Word is that PMY decided to go ahead and accept that project due its really interesting premise. Source material is also solid. I’m definitely gonna be tuning in for that one. Iffy on Song Kang just because he was in wayyy too many projects but to me that girl is a chemi machine. She sparks with even a tree so I am open to checking it out

  21. I love the actors, but I have no idea why the characters do what they do. I want to love this, but I really don’t.

    • @Imzadi – I think a lot of us wanted to love this but end up hating. But honestly it’s hard not to hate – it’s a waste of good actors, it’s so boring I kept picking up my phone every time there were scenes with the female god.

      There are other messy fantasy dramas too, like Arthdal Chronicles but at least that one was just messily structured, not actually boring! And the premise wad clearer.

      • I don’t hate it, but it’s really a waste of a good cast.and a big disappointment.

      • @royalwe,I take that personally 🙁 arthdal chronicles is a masterpiece.

      • @Kailey @HelloMe – I liked it too!

        But it’s only half a drama, not a full story, and loses points big time for that, imo Netflix is to blame. But the premise was interesting, the cast was great and the story different from your usual predictable fusion sageuk.

  22. I watched the first two eps and it’s really beautifully filmed but, how do I say it, DULL.

    I really wanted this to be good because I’m a fan of both Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young but the story just felt aimless, and I don’t know why they harped so much on the two-timing ex anyway, and Myeol Mang looks beautiful when he’s brooding but I don’t get the deal with that female god in the hospital, it feels so random and cobbled together out of bits and pieces of other dramas.

  23. He shouldn’t have skipped army service. Lost his image among public. 2 years sacrifice was better than losing whole career

    • uh, he didn’t “skip” military service, he went but the Korean military discharged him! That’s hardly his fault.

      The drama is tanking because it’s bad, not because a few netizens are salty about his military service. Yoo Ah In was also rejected for service for a similar health condition and he’s doing just fine now.

      • Please people who had with massive accidents served. Many soldiers said they werent dischared with same injuries
        He used celebrity influence and it paid him in negative way
        Such a good actor but his career got affected big time

      • OP might have a point, though. Koreans take military service seriously. And YAI is more Chungmuro royalty where K-netz can’t easily flop his project like a drama. Besides, he failed multiple medical examinations.

        But SIG actually passed the physical AND entered the military before the exemption. Not judging him. Maybe he could have done public service instead like LJS and be done with it.

        Many dramas suck but still manage decent ratings. This one got only 4.1% for the premiere which should have been higher whereas Roommate with the less capable actors and smaller budget got 5.2% for its pilot. I see a lot of comments in other sites also pointing out the military thing as a factor for the sinking ratings. But who ever really knows?

      • Maybe, but the drama is tanking because it’s BAD, not because of any military service controversy

        His case is cleaner than that one singer who was found pulling out teeth to avoid serving….and people still listened to that guy’s songs. Other actors have been formally charged with trying to avoid military service in the past and they also turned out all right. If DAYS was even half decent, the male lead’s military service controversy would be basically forgotten/irrelevant.

  24. For first 2 episodes I cannot comprehend the story line…But I love Lee Soo Hyuk so I said to myself let’s give it a try on Ep3. I just could not stand the main leads’ conversation. So on Ep 3 I stop watching it halfway?.

  25. The funny thing is tvn really pushed this drama with so much promotion and media play being sold to many countries. They didn’t expect this low rating I guess. So, rating 2-4% for this drama must have been giving a lil shock for them.

    • I don’t know why they made a knockoff Kim Eun Sook drama when even Kim Eun Sook has lost her touch. And even her fantasy dramas didn’t feel this empty and draggy in week 1!

      I just saw that this drama topped the Good Data buzzworthy dramas ranking. But I doubt that all the ‘buzz’ going around is positive.

  26. Dang this show seems to be very loved in mdl and reddit haha. I was thinking of binging this, still might cause I love park bo young plus she’s also a chemistry queen. I agree though, she seems to be type cast in these fantasy roles but I think she genuinely loves that genre. I still want to see her in a romance type show that is modern like lovestruck in the city or something else with a slice of life element.

    • Mydramalist can’t be trusted, they’ll give 5 stars to anything romantic or featuring ‘hot’ stars. reddit, I don’t know it.

      Lovestruck in the City was such a good drama, it got shit on so much on dramabeans for having a flawed FL character but the premise was well executed, the actors were excellent, and the 30 minute format meant it didn’t drag. Doom could learn some lessons from that!

      • @royal we The comments dramalist comments seemed to be stemming from those that only want him in action roles, then there was that one user that kept harping on lol it wasn’t even critique which is fine, if they disliked the show they were more then welcome to move on. I don’t trust that site too, as you said there’s a bias for certain actors they deem hot.

        Comments on dramabean were weird too, if they dislike a flawed character why was a toxic character like ko moon young (it’s okay to not be okay) so beloved?… The worst thing the FL in lovestruck in the city did was break up with a guy she had a 2 month relationship with.

      • @Kailey b – that’s actually a good point about the double standard between opinions on IONTBO Go Moon Young and the FL character in Lovestruck, even without knowing what we now know about the former actress. I guess a”sassy” FL whose meanness and entitlement us framed as honesty and low emotional IQ will always be preferred, compared to LITC FL whose personality was more subdued and whose offence was against the ML (ghosting). Plus childhood trauma of crazy mother etc.

    • Reddit turns into an echochamber because of the upvote-downvote system. So critical voices are downvoted to hiding.

  27. Both the actors are my fav. So i plod on. But God the show sucks. I watch the entire episode in 10 mins using the fast forward button 🙂

  28. One thing that upset me I think it was in the 2nd episode was the darkskin comment ,acting like the brother has gotten so dark from his “tan”’like it was a bad thing ,I drop dramas a lot when they go off talking about their milky white fair skin

    • Of all the problems with this drama, that was the least one for me lol.

      It’s not nice but it’s realistic if you are from most Asian countries (I mean actually living in Asia) and get a tan, there’s a 90 percent likelihood someone will comment on it negatively.

      • it was a problem for me ,if you plan on having a successful drama you shouldn’t do things like that considering people around the world watch kdramas, that was a HUGE reason why I dropped backseat rookie whatever it’s called ,I would really like to watch a drama where they don’t mention skin colour

      • @tigermom
        eh but that’s a real things in Asia thought, why pretend that Asian don’t have fluctuating skin tone, just look at Asian American and Asian living in Asia, the skin definitely change depends on the sun and how they behave outside.
        Also not everyone looks good in tan just like not everyone look good in porcelain skin.
        Why deny the actual things in Asian country just because the western doesn’t like that?
        not everyone wanting tan and not everyone thinking it’s not good on you is enslave in skin colour debate

    • I’m the same way too! I just feel like can we leave these thinly veined coloristic comments out the window? I mean, its a bit much esp. since K-dramas have gotten more globally popular too. Let’s be more better writer/PD folks!

  29. Honest question – as someone who dropped it after ep 2, I want to ask people who actually watched all the eps if there is anything at all to make this worth continuing? Other than the actors’ looks. I’m not hating, just genuinely curious to see if it has any redeeming points, like good second leads, interesting side plot, a good OST etc.

    • Seems most people replying have dropped this turd. Perhaps you might get answers on DB instead? Be forewarned though that those who like the show there can be quite defensive towards those who criticize it. Most beanies who dislike the show don’t bother commenting in the recaps anymore.

      The show’s fans get condescending like, ‘this show is not the typical romance so people don’t get it’ or ‘this show requires deep thinking so anyone who doesn’t like it doesn’t want to think.’

      Uh, no. It is as generic and typical as any other (supernatural) romance drama out there. And no, it doesn’t require any high IQ or deep thinking to understand. The show is not that deep, people.

      Funny enough, Sisyphus fans and TKEM fans used the same ‘deep thinking high IQ’ excuses. And guess what ALL three shows have in common? They’re massive stinkers.

      • Do they think that the writer is writing a script about rocket science?

        It’s hilarious how they try to push their point using the “if you don’t get it then you’re stupid” argument. Then they try to explain character motivations by saying “humans are unpredictable and complex beings” or “she’s dying so obviously she thinks differently”. How do they expect people to take them seriously with such flimsy logic to back up their claims? It’s laughable.

    • I have watched all 8 episodes coz I was hoping there will be a miracle. Alas the script still tortured me no end. IMO, you can skip ep 3-8 and still not miss a single thing coz the plot is frozen. If you want to watch the kisses, use the ff button to skip the boring scenes. To be fair, the ferris wheel & cherry blossoms scenes were beautifully filmed in ep 8. Some beach scenes in Jeju are very dreamy & picturesque. Like Lydia, I probably tune in to the last episode to see whether turkey gets any bigger or smaller.

    • I did enjoy the OST esp. Gummy’s song which I will call Disappear coz it relates to Doom disappearing in ep 6. I recommend you listen to the OSTs separately in YT to get a feel.

  30. Exactly Koala… That PBY acting with a bland face after hearing the result of her cancer is the death of me. Lol

  31. After Taxi driver, Mouse, i was looking for this drama but it’s all what you said and even more . I super like SIG but NO . PBY is being typecast and she looks like a robot . So i began My roomate is a gumiho but it didn’t work for me too . And now i’m going to try ” so i married an antifan ” .

  32. This drama is such a waste of so much potential that it almost makes me a little mad. The leads do have good chemistry but the writing is horrid. Second leads seem out of turn for this drama and are sidelined. I’m a fan of SIG but this drama deserves its dropping ratings.

  33. Rom-com is all about chemistry if it does have a strong story line.

    I was on my way to watching episode 6 but I stumbled So I Married The Anti-Fan on Viki, to my surprise the leads chemistry is impeccable and enjoying the drama so much.

    Then I realised I missed episodes 6-8 of Doom At Your Service. I love Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young but for some reasons I don’t look forward this drama. Or is it because I think it’s a rom-com when it’s not. Melodrama is not really my cup of tea, and this drama has that tone.

    • At least the leads in that one have good chemistry and the drama itself is not pretentious (so far). SIG and PBY are better actors but the way their characters are written and filmed is killing their vibe.

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