Park Seo Joon Reportedly Cast in Captain Marvel Sequel Film The Marvels, Will Head to Hollywood for Filming

Wowowowow, what a huge casting new for K-ent and the expansion of the next generation of South Korean stars. Plenty have broken into Hollywood such as Lee Byung Hun and Bae Doo Na but not yet the current crop of K-drama big names until now. Park Seo Joon has reportedly been cast in the upcoming big budget MCU movie The Marvels, which will be the follow up movie to Captain Marvel and will expand beyond Brie Larson’s lead into additional supporting roles around her Captain Marvel character. Park Seo Joon’s agency is issuing a no comment to this casting likely due to it being released when it may be intended as a surprise. He’ll be the second South Korean star to join the MCU with Ma Dong Seok (English name Don Lee) cast as a member of the ensemble sprawling MCU film The Eternals directed by recent Oscar Best Director winner Chloe Zhao. Park Seo Joon will reportedly fly to Hollywood right after he wraps filming on the K-movie Concrete Utopia. Another cute tidbit is that The Marvels director Nia DaCosta watched Itaewon Class and reportedly cast Park Seo Joon because she loved him in the drama so much. Nice!


Park Seo Joon Reportedly Cast in Captain Marvel Sequel Film The Marvels, Will Head to Hollywood for Filming — 33 Comments

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  2. Daebak!!Park seo joon going to hollywood!!Amazing.He was better than king hallyu botox star.Lmh stayed popular in 10 year but can landed role in hollywood?Park seo joon,hyun bin nam goong min,kang ha neul best actor this thay better than kris jenner just bland actor.

    • Not a fan of Lee Min Ho but Pachinko is a monumental series given that one, it’s expensive, and two it’s a joint production. It will be heavily marketed in the west as it will be in the east.

      In these days, TV series are at par with movies in terms of viewership and influence with a bunch of supposedly film-inclusive actors now venturing into TV.

      But honestly, it isn’t solely talent that landed Seo Joon into this film, but an indication that the west are now venturing eastward because that is where the money is. Hallyu is currently the most powerful cultural currency, and it’ll be a miss for Hollywood not to dip their feet into the wave.

      • Yep. Pachinko is given The Crown treatment, with budget, sizing, cast, and awards attention to it. The director, writer, producer, and etc. are all big names/respected in their fields.

        Also, this shows me how vital it is that Korean stars are offered or vetted roles by people who admire, respect, and are already fans of them. Why, because it helps in making sure they’re at least are given their full due/respect.

        Plus Korea/Marvel are very popular. Also, Korean content has globally expanded since the last few years beyond Asia. I think its great, there are so many talented/stunning Korean actors that should be given global attention finally.

      • Hallyu I-stans: K-dramas and K-movies are better than Hollywood!

        Also Hallyu I-stans: I want my fave to go to Hollywood! (And hopefully win an Oscar someday)

        Uh, if your fave goes to Hollywood, aren’t they going to act in the same Western movies/series y’all always bash just to elevate K-content?

        ‘Full due/respect’? ‘Global attention finally’? How entitled. This desperation for approval from the West is quite weird.

      • Nope. But I bet you wish you were. So you could be close to him, at least. And the frustration is killing you so much that you channel it into bitter hate. It’ll never happen, kid. But don’t worry. You’ll be fine.

    • For whoever said we’re looking for western approval, that isn’t it at all. I love PSJ in Korean dramas, and it’s just really exciting for someone so far away, who I only saw through shows on apps like Viki and Dramafever to be filming a movie in my country now. And it’s also exciting that more people – who aren’t necessarily fans of kdramas- will be able to see how talented he is. Friends who couldn’t understand my love of kdramas will likely be watching him in a marvel movie. It’s awesome.

      • But isn’t that precisely what Western approval is? You want your friends who are in the US to see how talented he is.

      • @melone, that’s not wanting approval, those actors will be fine and rich without Hollywood, but enjoying new market perspectives. When starts from West like May Damon films a movie in China he is not seeking some type of approval from their audience, he is seeking market value of a new audience, new experience and etc. Same with stars from Asia. Their market is already supplying them all the glory, roles and etc., that they need, but having a new audience fancy over you is always a pleasant bonus. “Western approval” lollollol

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  4. Please, leave other actors out this talk. It’s not about them or their projects. It’s about Seo Jun and his projects.

  5. Seo jun Park.. He is marvellous. Talent speaks. He’s not that handsome as other koreans like cha eunwoo or rowoon but he still shine despite having this plain face. Talent speaks!

    • …Ok…All I have to say is PSJ fits more of the Western type. Which is masculine, buff, and commanding. But he also has a cute/charming side as well.

      He’s an A Lister, so not comparable to the two guys who have such different vibes than the ones you listed. Cha Eun Woo/Rowoon are more flower boys, altho Rowoon is quite buff/manly.

    • What a backhanded compliment. Personally Seo Jun is much more appealing and handsome they both of mentioned. Not even gonna talk about his far more superior charisma and acting skills.

      • I am a fan. But to me he has plain face compared to other korean actors. He has this attractive charms and charisma, his face is not the face we can get bored of unlike other handsome actors out there. Hwang in yeop ji chang wook etc

      • @Yusio I agree lol. He’s not omg super attractive levels. He’s not even my fav lol. But actors like him fare better than the run of the mill/flavor of the day actors. If an actor is way too attractive, it can be very distracting, and ruin your suspense of a drama sometimes. Plus, you get easily bored after a while.

      • Same but I found him very handsome too especially his adorable eye smile. But I get what that person is trying to say even early in his career park seo joon pondered plastic surgery (sad I know). He’s not the pretty boy type like soong jong ki and JCW etc but I think that his looks would fare better in hollywood. Hollywood seems open to diverse looks than the South Korea and other Asian countries, take Shang Chi for example.

      • @missjb Yh it’s weird I too think he’s very handsome . But even during the wwwsk era, there were many complaining that his looks weren’t befitting to his character which caused him to even respond in the wwwsk press conference. Looks are subjective ofcourse and standards vary. I think those that criticised him deem guys like park bo gum, SJK etc more handsome.

      • I can’t believe this conversation. PSJ is extremely handsome, especially by western standards. Likely why IC and CLOY did well in the West last year- male leads like him and HB that are tall, buff, and masculine are super appealing. Not flower boys.

        I think this is great news for PSJ. I’m not sure what character he will play or even his English skills but maybe his speaking lines will be limited? He has enough talent and charisma to overcome any of those limitations. I wish him all the best!

      • In a world where people have different taste? I don’t find him handsome at all. The handsome and pretty ones do not appeal to Hollywood. They only need Asian actors to fight and act in stereotyped roles.

      • Handsome is subjective. I personally do not think he is handsome, but he has a charisma about him. His face is not someone one would call traditionally handsome in the West.

      • @melone handsomeness and beauty is not “subjective”. The level of attraction is subjective. Park Seo Joon objectively or subjectively is a handsome guy by any standards. He is tall, with good proportions, has good-looking aka easy on eyes, symmetrical face and nice smile, and on top of that as bonus for his profession he looks good on camera up close or from far. That the characteristics of handsome people. It’s not something you argue about. If you attracted to him or not, now that’s up to you and your preference. Don’t confuse two things between each other.
        Also what “West”? People from east, west, south, north, all over the world look different and have different facial characteristics. And not related to Park Seo Joon, but let’s not pretend that actors in West somehow all handsome, so their standard is something noteworthy lol The level is delusion lol

  6. Wow MCU! PSJ’s making some smart moves. Good for him and now I’m excited haha even if he has a small role. Imo, I found captain marvel to be the weakest of the MCU movies eventhough i love Brie larson.

  7. It is probably a minor role but good for PSJ. I saw a tweet from FilmUpdates addressing him as a Parasite star when he was just a cameo ? Netflix is really doing wonders for these actors haha

  8. Aww so happy for PSJ, I hope it’s true and I hope it’s a good, meaty role. I also think he’s not the conventional handsome type, but the overall package has the star factor, and his acting really resonates. PSJ has been consistently good in all his projects, there’s no awkwardness when you watch him act – great in drama, comedy and action. I hope he gets an English coach and be comfortable in delivering his lines. Looking forward to this.

  9. So when will this marvel movie come out? Next year perhaps? I do hope the role fits him. Is it a supporting role or just a special appearance similar to what Lee Joon Gi did in Resident Evil?

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