jTBC Confirms Cast of Office Romance Cruelty Starring Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, and Yura

I swear I’m NOT trying to write about either Song Kang or Han So Hee as much as it seems I have done so this week but these two are seriously all up in casting grill and I can’t avoid them if I tried lol. jTBC just premiered Nevertheless this weekend with those two buzzy leads and today confirmed that Song Kang will indeed be headlining another drama on the network. Office Romance Cruelty is set in the weather bureau and is an office romance as the title suggests, and the leads will be Song Kang and Park Min Young and they will be joined by Yoon Park and idol turned actress Yura. The drama is scheduled for script reading and immediate filming this summer with a premiere date in early 2022. There is high profile attention on the project with the PD having just directed When the Camellia Blooms and the screenwriter is a rookie from the same writing group that produced the scripts for The World of the Married and Misty.


jTBC Confirms Cast of Office Romance Cruelty Starring Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, and Yura — 37 Comments

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  2. Lydia,why this young man suddenly cast in so many drama and movie?His drama with han so hee look like will hitting 1% rating. I bet his drama with park min young will hitting 2-3% too.Song kang doesnt have charisma and lack of talent none one his work have rating hit.There are so many A-lister from chungmoro comeback in drama soon because cinema will die because covid.He will forgoten after going to army.

    • Netflix definite distribution? Lol 🙂 anyway people can keep shitting on the two but in korea they are doing well. Song Kang is still not popular tbh but he has a great rep for being really easy to work with and probably got thumbs up recommendation from people who has worked with him. Anyway he’s due to military likely spring 2022. Grabbing as many projects as he can I guess. This project has great source material too and its fun. I’m not too worried about PMY. She can spark with a tree. I’m watching this too. Since I skipped LA2 and Navillera, I’m not ODed on him yet though his acting is not quite there yet I’ll admit.

      • Does this mean most of the actors are difficult to work with so that SK being easy to work with is a huge advantage? I’m just curious because from bts footage of all the series I’ve watched, most of the actors seem really nice to me lol.

      • I also thought the same since his non-netflix drama doesnt have a wide audience appeal but netflix still bought the rights for the distribution.

        I remember an interview of lee eung-bok on how song kang got the role for SH, he said he was by the love alarm director. So maybe because of this attitude he will continue to get hire. Good connection comes along way in any industry.

        As for his acting, he can still improve. If ju ji hoon can become a good actor that he is today from his wooden acting in princess hours why cant he.

        But i really hope he improves, sucks if he didnt.

      • @ihchhi – there’s a shooting schedule for behind as well so…. anyway things aren’t always what you see in the “making of”. There’s an actress very popular with international fans and they are always arguing about why she isn’t bigger after all she has all the makings of a big star but seem to have plateaued in her career. Thing is many producers avoid her as she has a short fuse. In summary her rep is difficult. Imagine having to deal with live shooting and deal with her bad days for 4 months. But no one will guess from the behind the scenes. Much laughter, so playful… SK on the other hand. Well liked. Good manners. Always positive on set like Cha Eun Woo. These actors might not have great acting chops but their well known good personalities make them a draw for production teams aspiring to produce a good product in the best shooting environment with the least amount of stress. These projects were never meant to win awards and achieve ground breaking ratings anyway so.. p.s – I won’t be revealing more about the said actress above. Just know her type isn’t all that uncommon.

  3. I like noona romances but I’m not a fan of Song Kang, his charm doesn’t work on me… So I don’t know if PMY will be enough to make me watch this drama.

    • It’s a pity that the couples are all swapped. But honestly, it’ll just be another paint by the numbers boo a drama so I ain’t even mad.

      • Yh it wouldve made for an interesting and more mature romance. But yh the pairing makes sense, it’s a common pattern, what with Song Kang being the new “it” boy.

  4. It’s your blog and it’s really what you want or not want to write.

    However, I believe the article released about the compensation gap between male and female actors is a much more meaning topic for discussion.

    • Good gosh, will you shut up about this already? You keep yapping and nagging about this. Go make your own blog and post about it. Argh!

      • @Hello Me and @Lydia

        Set up and write your own blogs. DON’T TELL OTHERS WHAT TO WRITE OR NOT TO WRITE.

      • @ Lai Pi Yee

        Lol, why are you complaining about the question /convo/request while Koala doesn’t even bother with it.

        Grow up pls. If you dont want to see the convo then dont come here. Dont just command here to anyone because in the first place this aint your place.

        Lol! Crazy fan with ugly attitude.

    • Go and create your own blog, if you are so persistent about it. Didn’t you say it is her blog (SO, LET HER WRITE WHATEVER SHE PLEASED).

  5. I’d prefer YOON PARK as main lead . He is a good actor with charisma . I’ve watch dramas only because of him . He is part of the good actors who are always second lead as Park Ki Woong . it must be frustrating to be in her shoes ,seeing rookies getting the lead just because of looks and an ephemere popularity . For me he is more sexy, handsome, talented than all the flower boys . Sigh ! Happy to see Park Min Young as her last drama wasn’t my cup of tea . But I’d like to see her in a different genre as i know that she would be great in a badass role .

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  7. Song Kang again! Maybe this actor has not that high casting fee because he is everywhere but his acting is so mediocre.

  8. Gotta give high marks for SK’s agency. They’re securing a lot of projects for him. Maybe his talent fee and acting range is just what the producers are looking for. I think he still lacks the depth of some other actors his age, when you watch him, you know he’s “acting”, but I hope he improves with each project. I just think PMY would want to grow and challenge herself by acting opposite more experienced actors, I find her choice of projects to be on the safe, boring side now.

  9. Song kang should not take acting project anymore other actors got into depression and suicidal because they didn’t get roles

    • This is so stupid. Even if these roles didn’t go to him, they’ll be offered to a long list of actors down the line before it reaches any others. Criticize his acting, sure. He’s working hard. But the way the industry works with the revolving door for newcomers and the top staying at the top isn’t his fault.

  10. Yura’s acting and she herself is a MEH to me. Pitiful line up. PMY and Yoon Park are the only good here. Poor drama.

  11. It’s of Song Kang, they should have casted a better actor or at least more experienced yet still fresh actor. Like Choi Tae Joon, he just got out from the conscription service. I watched him recently in So I Married The Anti Fan and wonder why the producers are sleeping on him.

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