UEE and Kim Bum Join Rain in Medical K-drama Ghost Doctor

This feels like a breath of throwback air, like I’m seeing names and faces from an earlier generation all gathering for a hopefully great outing. Upcoming medical K-drama Ghost Doctor is in the news today with first the report that UEE will be the female lead and the the news that Kim Bum is joining as the second male lead. Rain has been confirmed as the male lead for a few months now and looks like the production is indeed ready to start filming this summer now that it’s getting a full cast. The drama is about two diametrically different doctors in field and style who swap souls and grow in learning a different way of practicing. The drama is from the PD of Your Honor, Heirs, and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho with the screenwriter of Live Up to Your Name. It’s scheduled top broadcast at the end of 2021 and currently doesn’t have a network lined up yet.


UEE and Kim Bum Join Rain in Medical K-drama Ghost Doctor — 13 Comments

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  3. Even the summary sounds like Live Up To Your Name. Dramaland has no new ideas and writers keep recycling their same old works. Ugh.

  4. Honestly, I miss the old talents of the 2000s-2010s period so much. I feel like the talents were less airbrushed/more real? Also the female actresses seemed more goddess like too? I’m just nostalgic for the old years/generation haha.

    • Agree with you. The older ones can be expected to bring in the ratings these days, the younger ones are slacking. Case in point, hospital playlist 1 versus doom and my roommate is a gumiho

      • I do not think this is a fair assessment. Rain has not had a ratings hit after his military service. My Lovely Girl flopped, Come Back Mister suffered because of DOTS, Sketch had so-so ratings on cable, and Welcome 2 Life led to the then-temporary suspension of MBC’s Monday-Tuesday timeslot.

      • You can see the current dramas led by the current actors who are under 30 years old. Mostly less than 5% ratings.

      • Hospital Playlist 2 is a bad example. It’s the second season of a huge hit so of course it can piggyback on the credible success of its predecessor to be an even bigger hit. Plus, it’s got all the right elements to connect with the K-audience. How can two measly rom-coms compare to that? Besides, the Doom actors aren’t new. They also belong to the old generation yet look at how badly the drama is flopping.

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