Han So Hee Garners Sympathy for the Plight of Her Character in Nevertheless Who Has a Intimate Betrayal by Her Lover

You know that dream people have of being naked in public, one of those common dreams that manifest in the dream state from fear and anxiety during the daytime. In the just premiered jTBC drama Nevertheless, female lead Han So Hee‘s character Na Bi (butterfly) starts the drama off happily attending the art show of her artist boyfriend only be encounter the “naked in public” humiliation and in an even more intimate way. The boyfriend (who swiftly becomes her ex) had sculpted a full size naked figure of a woman bent over with her hair draped across a table and her face in the gentle throes of what is clearly lovemaking. It’s Na Bi’s face on the face of the sculpted figure (nose and mouth and jawline visible) and he even names the sculpture Na Bi to further identify her. He claims it’s art but it’s clearly a betrayal and invasion of privacy in the highest order as she never consented for her likeness in an intimate moment to be publicly displayed. Han So Hee is garnering both sympathy for her character and praise for her nuanced performance when she sees her own humiliation and exposure at the art show.


Han So Hee Garners Sympathy for the Plight of Her Character in Nevertheless Who Has a Intimate Betrayal by Her Lover — 23 Comments

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  3. Koala keeps complaining that this actress is everywhere but she doesn’t get the hype or appeal. Yet she can’t get enough of her and keeps posting about her. LOL.

  4. I didn’t even watched this yet and the scene gets me angry. That’s so effed up! Her character could probably sue him. Lol.

  5. Yeah I saw this getting a lot of praise on twitter by both Korean and foreign fans. One tweet had tens of thousands of retweets and comments. She really has the potential to be a really great actress, among the best if she plays her cards right.

  6. I really enjoyed her performance in the first episode. Not gonna lie, it’s so weird seeing her play a ‘bubbly’ character since every other role so far has been much more harsh/cold. I hope she can continue to grow in her performance! It freaks me out how much she can look like Song Hye Kyo at times?!

    Song Kang on the other hand…so handsome but…lol.

  7. Completely off topic but I’m very curious how Apple+ will change Kdrama. Will all the movie stars move to Apple+ and S-list TV stars move to Netflix? Then maybe all the youth stars will move to Disney+. Time are changing maybe tv channels will broadcast less dramas every year.

    • Apple plus is sinbing stars who appeal to hallyu viewers like who watch k dramas. So i can see more of hallyu actors getting offers there. Like jun ji hyun song hye kyo , song joong ki, Gong yoo. Korean movies expect parasite are very local
      But look at production value. 14 billion won per episoe for 8 episode season 1 and will have multiple seasons. Paying 1 billion won per epi to lead star. No amount of k dramas and mobies offer that. You will see more actors going to ott content. As ott runs the world today

    • Apple plus seems to target hallyu stars too like Netflix
      Like making a kdrama with season 1 having 8 episodes and each episode budget is around 14 billion won . Lmh is getting paid 1 billion won per epi. Which local drama and movie will pay that? You will see more hallyu stars moving to lucrative ott.
      I can see Gong yoo song joongki , hyun bin, jun ji hyun and song hye kyo getting into netflix and apple plus later. Or BTS and Bp members in future as they get lot of offers.
      K dramas are way bigger than k movies worldwide. Hence the budget is way more. Parasite was exception. But most of local movies and stars are not popular outside korea. A s tier actress like son ye jin got massive popularity outside korea with cloy only. Ott is present right now. And future. Traditional tv is not for youth anymore

  8. She is earning universal praise. She has so many offers, cf queen too. I am happy for her. And moreover she is natural beauty

  9. Damn i have yet to watch this, but if a man had done this, first response will be slapping him in public and dumping his arrseee right there

  10. She makes you hate in wom. Very few times a vamp character get so much benefit. Like kth got in stairway to heaven
    She makes u like and feel for her in this drama
    That is sign of great things to come

  11. There is video of the artist who did the statue and it’s really nice to see how it was done.

    For the drama, the ex was really an awful human, so it’s why it was very frustrating to see her falling for the ML just after she found the courage to break-up with this jerk. Even if, she waited to be cheated on to break up, the statue wasn’t the prime reason…

    • That is very frustrating, indeed. A woman who’s been through such a despicable violation like that wouldn’t jump to fall for another guy that fast, even if he was the hottest guy on earth. Maybe it’s a character flaw or plain shoddy writing.

      • Yes, I’m well aware. I’m saying what the ex did was so scarring that another woman might not even want to look at a guy for awhile. Relax.

    • I wanted to break glass in her nasty “artist” boyfriend’s face for literally everything we saw him say and do to Nabi, not just the “let me sexualise and objectify you in front of the whole world without your knowledge” part but also for pressuring her to have unsafe sex (enraging because I have irl female friends who went through this), and being a turd who makes her feel small and put her down.

      The contrast in how bright she appears after she finally got it together and broke up with the turd is quite something though, it really works for the character and good on HSH pulling it off.

  12. I am happy she is gettinf endorsements left right centre.
    Charlotte tilbury launching in korea and she gonna be face of brand, first korean to do so, which has been endorsed by likes of Kate Moss
    This girl is getting that cf dough. Make it girl.

  13. I’m actually impressed with Han so hee in this. Song Kang though, his role in this is not it, he really lacks charisma, I’m not sold on him as a playboy.

  14. Song Kang is as terrible as I expected him to be. And HSH is as good as I thought she’d be. She’s such a bright up and coming actress. She was amazing in this scene and actually, she’s just very good throughout the drama. I hope things pick up tho, because the drama isn’t amazing and her costar doesn’t make things better either.

  15. I don’t get why everyone kept saying she resembles Song Hye Kyo, i just don’t see it at all. She looks good and pretty but I don’t think she looks like SHK? But maybe it’s just me…

    I just noticed some weird patterns of people’s criteria in hyping some actress and I do not blame them because her visuals hit different compared to others in her age bracket. I find her acting awkward and stiff most of the time but I think she does good in roles with colder aura and does not require depth facial expressions. Nonetheless, I believe she can improve with more experience and there is no doubt she has successful career ahead knowing that she has been the top picks for these upcoming big dramas.

    • I don’t think she looks like Song Hye Kyo at all lol. Her look isn’t my personal preference but I can still recognise that she’s incredibly pretty.

      Also her character in this drama isn’t what can be called ‘cold’ at all, she’s quite vulnerable and soft-hearted and I think HSH plays that really convincingly. I don’t think it’s perfect but she has the ability and the potential, and I hope for great things for her.

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