Zhang Zhe Han Wins Japanese Audience Favorite Overseas Actor and Word of Honor Takes Favorite Overseas Show

Well this is meta and fairly awkward all around. Japanese entertainment magazine Screen has been holding a Overseas Television Show Awards for years and this year 2022 is the 8th annual edition. The votes are in from Japanese viewers and C-drama Word of Honor took Favorite Overseas Show with another C-drama The Untamed in third place. For the Favorite Overseas Star category which combines actors and actresses in the same poll it was Word of Honor male lead Zhang Zhe Han who came in 1st place., and other C-stars who made the list was The Untamed‘s male lead Xiao Zhan in 3rd place and Word of Honor’s other male lead Gong Jun in 8th place. Clearly J-viewers have a fondness for BL-novel adapted C-dramas but having Zhang Zhe Han be a favorite star in Japan right now just seems so poorly timed (for him) considering he was cancelled hard for visiting Japanese shrines that venerated Japanese military figures.

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Ode to Period C-drama Word of Honor, with Zhang Zhe Han’s Nuanced Performance and Gong Jun’s Charming Portrayal Created a Fresh Take on the Wuxia World

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Youku Deletes Zhang Zhe Han’s Name From Word of Honor, SNS Platforms Disable Comments on His Accounts, and Chinese Association of Performing Arts Issues Official Ban

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C-drama Word of Honor Adapted from BL Novel is Biggest Hit of 2021 So Far as Production Agencies Rush to Air Completed Adaptations to Capitalize on the Craze

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