jTBC Saturday Drama Nevertheless Wraps Up Mixed Reception Run with an Ending that Will Surely Please Devoted Fans Who Stuck With It

A cohesive picture is always more telling about a story than just reading a chapter at a time. Perhaps jTBC drama Nevertheless should have been a Netflix produced series where all the episodes drop at once. It never delivered on the buzzy lead hype of Song Kang and Han So Hee pairing up and the push-and-pull dynamics of a realistic college age emotionally messy romance ended up frustrating the broader viewer base than it satisfied the minority public who appreciated such a take. This weekend was the ending on a 10-episode run and as someone who watched the first and now the last episode (with some snippets of the episodes between), I actually like it a whole lot better seeing the ending that the production chose to go with. For fans who watched the entire series, your thoughts? As for the future bankability of Song Kang and Han So Hee, I don’t think the low ratings of their first big drama lead roles will dog them (for now) as both have other projects already lined up and I think K-ent will see the lack of success here as more the problem with the story not connecting with the audience than an issue with the two leads.


jTBC Saturday Drama Nevertheless Wraps Up Mixed Reception Run with an Ending that Will Surely Please Devoted Fans Who Stuck With It — 38 Comments

  1. IMHO, I am relieved that Nabi finally made a decision and took a chance on Jae Eun. I am a believer in going with your heart no matter how chaotic or potentially hurtful, loving until all the love is gone; rather than going for the safe choice. Sorry, I was never a fan of the “safe choice”.

    It was obvious from the start, that Nabi was attracted to Jae Eun ( more than with Do Hyeok) but was defending her heart from potential hurt. Jae Eun on the other hand wanted to play the field until he met someone who disconcerted him. So now they are trying out dating and whatever the outcome, they, at least, tried it.

    Just one thing that bothered me, is the part where Jae Eun said he “fell in love” with a girl in the museum (Nabi). Was he saying it was love at first sight? I find this inconsistent with how he was acting up with other girls even after he was introduced to Nabi. But anyway, it could have been him not realizing the extent of his feelings yet and still wanting to play around.

    • It feels like nothing has been resolved and the hint and end game is in the title and common threads throughout the story. Nabi and Jae Eun seems to mirror and trigger each other’s fears and insecurities and shadow selves. I was hoping for a more healthy and healing ending for both.

    • It feels like nothing has been resolved and the hint and end game is in the title and common threads throughout the story. Nabi and Jae Eun seems to mirror and trigger each other’s fears and insecurities and shadow selves. I was hoping for a more healthy and healing ending for both but enjoyed watching it unfold.

    • I agree with your summary of the situation.
      I think his self-esteem issues stemming from lack of love and attention from his mother makes him crave constant attention from women for validation of “I am lovable, aren’t I?” syndrome.
      This way apparent in the private dialog with he and Nabi.
      She was standoffish like his mother, yet showed that she cared about him through her body language. He saw that, immediately. He was mentally plague by the fact that he might not be good enough for the only one he really wanted. Therefore, he sabotaged his own happiness before it could happen without his control. And, he had his necessary meltdown which brought his fears to the surface.
      In the end, she called him out anyway. That helped her walk through he own grief and make an honest decision.
      In the last scene we see a small amount of emotional growth with a bit of residual flaws in them both.
      The whole cast learned from the old saying about letting whom you love be free and see if they return.

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  3. The end was so disapointing. They should just follow the webtoon. But for me, the best end would have been Nabi being alone, taking time for her. What the point to choose this kind of story if they can’t assume till the end.

    • Yeah,like someone said before song kang has time doing plastic surgery but didn’t have time to take acting class. He look handsome and naturall in sweet home and navillera but in neverthelles he look like women and pure plastic.

      • Haven’t you heard of glass makeup? Maybe not I guess. People have to stop assuming that actors or celebs do plastic surgery because they look a certain way. It doesn’t always have to come to that conclusion honestly.

    • His smile showed his manipulative and self-centered personality, vividly.
      It felt devious, dangerously creepy, lacking in compassion.

  4. I only enjoy watching Oh Bit-Na (Yang Hye Ji) & Nam Ryu-Hyun (Kim Min Gwi) part. But alas, because of Kim Min Gwi scandal, their story was affected. I hope Yang Hye Ji will have more lead roles to come. She is so pretty and act so naturally.

  5. I’m proud of myself for watching the entire 10 ep *pats my head. I knew they didn’t end up together in the webtoon so i was preparing myself for a broken Jae-on so i’m quite delighted with the drama’s ending. Do hyeok deserves someone better than Na bi anyway.

    But as for Song Kang, watching him back-to-back through navillera and nevertheless, i realized what they meant with overexposure. I would want him to rest w/c probably won’t happen anytime soon.

  6. Kim Min Gwi is good in that role. His low voice and cool exterior is very sexy. I find him more attractive than Song Kang. In fact, he acted well in this drama, he is very natural and charming. But too bad, in real life, Kim Min Gwi is like Jae Eun and he was being cancelled by JTBC. What a waste.

  7. I watched the drama every week and I had to say that eventhough I’m hoping for Nabi to be alone and pursue her dreams, I actually quite liked the ending. As someone who has experienced being in Nabi position as a girl in pseudo-relationship, where everyone in your circle thought you were together but there was no label, I applaud her courage to actually ask JaeEon to be together. All I did was runaway and although time does heal, sometimes my head still full with ‘what-ifs’.

  8. I wish they had followed the webtoon. More interesting story. I don’t care that they ended up together, but I’m disappointed Na-bi stayed such an unformed person.

    I don’t think the ratings failure will hurt Song Kang or Han So Hee. Maybe it’s just their agencies putting in overtime, but they were ridiculously high on one of those buzz lists that come out.

  9. Love this ended k drama Song Kang and Han so hee, back together and they can go to Paris to Explore their talent❤❤❤

  10. Overall its a decent show, I still find Song Kang bland though but maybe romance is not what he excells at as I did enjoy him in navilerra and sweet home. I didn’t mind the ending it seemed pretty fitting, at the end none of them changed but then again changing overnight would’ve been more unrealistic. They’re in bloody college them being together is not necessarily the end its probably just a small part of their lives.

  11. Im glad that finally u changed your opinion abt this drama. I myself enjoy watching Nevertheless thoroughly. I actually found it as a new fresh breeze to typical kdrama which is usually unrealistic n overdramatic. You dun need a romance between a handsome rich CEO n normal or whatsoever. With this drama, ppl can somehow see themselves there and not some fantasy over the moon thingy that has been used over and over again. Last not least, i’d like to praise the acting of both leads. I think SK has improved quite a lot from his performance in LA. For HSH, kudo for her new image which is opposite of her role in TWOM. I highly recommend ppl to watch the whole drama instead of cuts from YouTube. Only by then u cld find its true beauty

      • Underwhelming? I enjoyed this drama extremely well from the beginning to end. I think they both did a good job and I enjoyed how it ended.

      • did u even watch the whole series? I hate ppl just watching short clips from youtube and make such an unfounded statement

      • You’re funny it’s not that deep, lol. I’m glad you enjoyed them. But let me find them bland as actors OK?

        Anyway, I did like the realistic premise of the show but other than that alot of it was trying to compensate with all the slowmo shots of their visuals and the emphasis on the PG19 rating…

  12. I can’t let myself not to say the ending of nevert..i am very disappointed of the story. I am startled up to now and can’t move on. So very unfair to me coz in the first aired up to the end I always watch it.hope season 2 will be better.

  13. I found this drama both interesting, and boring at parts.

    It kinda goes round and round in circles (well Na-Bi anyways). And no, she’s not like SHG – full face on only maybe. The shape of her face is just weird.

    I am glad Do-hyeok didn’t end up with her. agree with someone up there, that said he’s way too nice for her.

    The character I liked best: Yoon Sol (Lee Ho-jung)

    Least liked – the irritating voice and antics of her partner: Yoon Seo-A (Seo Ji-wan)

    Next up was the shallow ‘insincere friend’ Yang Bit-na (Oh Hye-ji)

    • Yes, I agree that Han So Hee isn’t as pretty as media has claimed. Her face looks weird at certain angle and her cheeks look puffy and enhance her cheek lines. Yang Hye Ji in fact looks much prettier than Han So Hee. I think they should switch roles instead.

  14. I enjoyed the drama and was happy with the ending. It was refreshing to see a drama take on a college romance story with a more realistic edge. I think a lot of people could relate in some way to Nabi. I felt the ending stayed true to the title of the drama. In the end Nabi decided to take a chance on love despite her reservations.

  15. All side couples are more interesting than the main. Drama Nabi is the best portrayal of the type of people who chooses lust over character. Better to stick with the webtoon ending. Webtoon Nabi was a lot smarter than Drama Nabi.

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