First Look at Han So Hee Headlining Netflix Crime Revenge Drama My Name to Premiere After Squid Game

The year of Han So Hee chugs on and this one looks way more promising in quality than her last drama the jTBC complicated college romance Nevertheless. She’s headlining the Netflix K-drama My Name where she plays a member of an organized crime syndicate who goes undercover in the police drug unit in order to investigate her father’s death. It’s like half of Infernal Affairs. The drama will premiere in mid-fall after Netflix releases Squid Game which is on deck now that D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) dropped last week. The PD also directed Extracurricular and Lawless Lawyer so there is great anticipation for his directorial vision with a Netflix budget and more freedom, hence this drama is being rated Mature so not for teens. Han So Hee will need to pivot yet again in showcasing a morally grey and tormented young woman and I’m hopeful she continues to grow her range and at least first impression-wise she looks suitably ragged and angsty here.


First Look at Han So Hee Headlining Netflix Crime Revenge Drama My Name to Premiere After Squid Game — 25 Comments

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  2. She is best thing happened in decade. A non idol actress to earn so much hype, cfs, countless offers, but ur passive agressive behaviour towards her is hilarious to core, considering the ones u stan dont even have her range and r here bcoz they started with big 3 idol company.
    Her career gonna shine more n more. She made me hate her in wom so much. Only a good actor can do that

    • What does this have to do with Suzy? You are so obsessed with her, going to her articles to bash her and mentioning her in unrelated articles even the Kim Tae Ri one lmao. Yet you claim you don’t care about her? You’re embarrassing, hun. She’s on your mind 24/7 yet Suzy fans don’t even give af about the eternal chaebol lol. We can’t be bothered to even comment about him despite all his recent articles and dating news here.
      The best thing that happened this decade is that GP finally realized how overrated the chaebol is, so much so that every big hallyu actor from Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki, Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, Park Seo Jun, and so on have been recognized for their talent except for him. Only his thirsty fangirls give af about this has-been. Hyun Bin, Kim Soo Hyun, and Park Seo Joon are now the ones dominating pan Asian CFs whereas the forever-playing-a-chaebol can’t even keep the Lazada deal.

      • The King stan like to put down idol actress level, but their king is dating a newbie idol actress at the moment, haha! only his stan believe it’s not dating when he invite her to his house to celebrate her birthday alone in August at the restriction of this pandemic!

      • @Htht Exactly lmao. They are delusional because they don’t want to admit that their eternal chaebol is dating the female idols that they love to bash, but what’s funny is that knetz are even siding with the woman lol. His home country don’t give af about him anymore that they even feel sorry for less popular idol lol. The fact that he targets much younger girl group members grosses them out, and as it should.

      • @Marie -It would be nice for a post about a rising young actress to not have comments about some unrelated actor with a bad fandom or dating news just because you feel defensive about your own fave (and btw that commenter named no names, you frothing at the mouth is alllll on you ?).

        Take it to your faves’ threads if you’re that exercised about it, why are you showing up in HSH’s? Girl worked her way up with years in supporting roles, broke out in a sleeper hit in the type of role that usually gets hated by the audience (homewrecking 2FL). She earned her success and didn’t get it handed to her, and she’s getting chances to do more, her agency pushing her isn’t exactly surprising cause that’s their job.

      • @Royal We This is not the only unrelated article she has mentioned Suzy in. I could post this in the recent Kim Tae Ri article too since it bothers you so much lmao. It doesn’t take a genius to know that Ady is obsessed with bashing her. She also bashes your faves Yoona and IU even worse than Suzy lol. Let’s not play dumb here just because you don’t like Suzy lol, we all know. And I am free to write whatever I want, wherever I want. Only Koala has the right to moderate here, so you can get off your high horse.

      • @Royal We
        What a double standard! Why don’t you ask the first commenter stop dragging the unrelated people to this post first? Just because that person didn’t direct mention our girl’s name? but we also didn’t direct mention their oppa’s name! We didn’t even say anything about HSH even that hater use her to drag our girl! We all know You don’t like our girl, that’s OK, it’s personal preference, but just stop pretending that you’re a justice and really want peace! At least do it on a right way!

      • @Marie @Htht – she named no names, your persecution complex is all on you and you two just began raging because you saw her username. And unlike you, I don’t go looking to pick fights with people just because they maybe criticised my fav earlier, it’s called not being immature (your behaviour here are no different from the fandom you rage about so much btw – derailing threads about other actors, picking fights, insisting your fav is the best and insulting others over some imagined slight. Try reflecting on that particular double standard too, if you are capable of it…but somehow, I don’t think you are).

        Anyway the point made was valid – Han So Hee was an unexpected breakout from an unexpected drama that didn’t come with the hype of other big productions. She’s a legitimate potential star, she earned it, and koala getting narky about her agency giving her a push when that’s literally their job and there’s actually something to push with her, is a bit silly.

      • @Marie @Htht – Some people here are infamous trolls with multiple accounts (Ady), and then there are those in this same thread (Royal), who disguise themselves as neutral drama viewers, but are actually deeply obsessed with Suzy’s career, always shading her whenever a new It Girl appears. Their fave is another idol who played second to Suzy in their debut drama, and you’d think they’d be proud of where she’s gotten now. But instead, they’re more bothered by Suzy’s unwavering status over the last ten years, and likes to use all the rising actresses to downplay her. If Suzy is truly not a threat to their fave, why the need to be passive aggressive about her in every unrelated article (unless deep down she’s still their rival)? How does Suzy still manage to stay on their radar if she’s supposedly not at the top of her generation anymore? It’s funny that I know their routine, and can expect to find them in every comment section about a currently hyped actress. They’ll chant their repetitive fake praise about how so-and-so actually worked hard for their fame, and isn’t just an idol with a powerful agency who can’t act. And if the article is highlighting an idol actress, they’ll say she deserves it more than other idol actresses who just rely on their famous costars and pretty face, and don’t actually put any effort into becoming a decent actress. They can never authentically celebrate another actress’s milestone, let alone their fave, because their ultimate agenda is to undermine Suzy. And then when they get called out for this, they play dumb and say they didn’t mention any names, even though it’s clear who they’re referring to based on their clues and past track record. They refute any positive commentary about Suzy from Koala and others. Because to them, all drama critics must share the same view that Suzy is an untalented, materialistic girl who half-asses her way through acting as a means of earning money and CFs. Anyone who disagrees with this, or points out the overwhelming amount of unnecessary hate on this blog is automatically labeled as a delusional and overly sensitive fan. They claim that Koala is being unfair to HSH, as if she hasn’t constantly made snide remarks about Suzy since the end of Dream High. “One of these is not like the others”, “I’m half lol-ing at Suzy’s casting rumor and half okay with it” are just a few recent examples. But because they feel that the criticism for Suzy is valid and well-deserved, they don’t consider it underhanded or passive aggressive, but the “truth” and “facts”. Whereas, when it’s about their fave or someone they like, they go on a rampage accusing Koala of being biased and jealous. ?

      • 6 percent is the same ratings as Arthdal Chronicles and Devil Judge which are also cable dramas and koala literally called the latter an indifferent performance. Other cable dramas with similar ratings in 2019-20 aren’t considered hits either. The “sleeper” part for TWOTM refers to its ratings skyrocketing to unexpected levels during its run.

        And “sleeper” also refers to the fact that it had relatively little prior publicity (cheating dramas tend to be divisive), no Hallyu stars (Kim Hee Ae is a respected senior actress but not a Hallyu star any more than Yeom Jung Ah was) and wasn’t hyped beforehand like dramas from certain writers or even PDs. Fact remains, no one saw it coming, just how huge it would be. And certainly not that the 2FL, usually a hate/inconsequential figure in any kdrama, would ascend to leading lady status off it.

      • @RoyalWe You can keep writing essays on Han So Hee, I really could care less lmao. I didn’t even bash her, but apparently my comments to Ady got you triggered. It’s not the first time an unrelated person is mentioned on someone else’s article, check the Jung hae in one, for example. You could have easily ignored, but instead got your panties in a twist at the mere mention of Suzy lol. Hypocrite.

        @LMFAO Lol “sleeper hit” when Kim Hee Ae is headlining?? RoyalWe writes like she knows everything when she knows shit, nothing new.

  3. She looks absolutely fantastic in these stills. Netfilx has really been on a roll with their k-drama releases.

    I don’t understand why she was criticized for her performance in Nevertheless. Maybe people are criticizing their distaste for the actual character of Nabi, but I thought she did a really good job. Hopefully her performance in My Name will let her showcase a different range!

    • She has a noticeable lisp so I understand criticism of her performance on the technical aspect of it, but from the episodes I saw, she emoted pretty well and nailed that aspect of the portrayal of Nabi. I still don’t get the extreme hype about her looks but she’s not a bad actress or bland/reliant on ML to hold things up, if anything her >>>Song Kang.

      (But yes, Nabi was a highly frustrating character to watch, I constantly wanted her to please have some self-respect….that’s not on HSH though, she doesn’t write the story).

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  5. I hope Han So Hee poured her soul into this performance, korea desperately needs more powerhouse young actresses, I wish the unknown ones were given a chance to shine but she has a big one here. I’m rooting for her and hope this is a good watch.

    • It’s a genre they do well tbh. Extracurricular, Sweet Home, Kingdom, DP etc…all non-romance oriented. Looks like this is another in that vein.

  6. I hope she will have the charisma for this kind of role. I really liked Extracurricular, the PD did a great job and Choi Min-Soo was really good.

  7. @Royal We
    You really have your own double standards! You don’t have any problems with the person who started this but blamed the person who defended their fav! You’re the person here to pick fights! We didn’t insist how good our fav is at all here , but you are the person who kept telling us how good your new fav is! I don’t have any problems with people who praise their fav as long as they don’t drag other people!

      • @Htht @Marie – What’s new? This person is infamous for going after Suzy and her fans. The slightest support for Suzy triggers them. “It’d be nice for a post about a rising young actress to not have some comment about an unrelated actor because you feel defensive about your own fave.” Lol, right. Wouldn’t THAT be nice? I, myself, would love to not see direct or indirect references to Suzy in every article praising a new young actress. Suzy was brought into this HSH article by Ady first, yet Royal targets Suzy’s fan for mentioning Ady’s fave instead. “She named no names. Your persecution complex is all on you.” No one’s dumb enough to not know who Ady was referring to based on her previous track record and her statement about “the one Koala stans who only got here because she started from the big 3 idol company”. “Ady’s point was valid; Koala getting narky about HSH’s agency pushing her when that’s their job is a bit silly.” Uh huh. Meanwhile, Suzy has been mocked about mediaplay by Royal, Ady and more on this blog since her debut, but it’s only wrong now since the one they deem a “legitimate potential star” who “earned it” is being accused of the same thing by Korean and Chinese netizens. ?

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