Shin Hye Sun Fierce and Fabulous in New October 2021 W Korea Pictorial

What a weird year it’s been for K-actress Shin Hye Sun, it started off with the biggest drama hit of her career and she was the titular lead in tvN sageuk Mr. Queen (Queen Cheorin). Then immediately after, before she could even bask in the post-drama success, her leading man Kim Jung Hyun delivered a scandal for the ages to K-ent with the news that he acted like a surly douche on the set of his earlier drama Time due to controlling behavior of his ex-girlfriend. That became the news of the day and afterwards Mr. Queen sorta got forgotten. It’s crazy since it’s still the highest rated tvN drama this year in 2021 but alas, timing is everything so I’m just glad Shin Hye Sun did not get any residual tarnishing from working with Kim Jung Hyun. She’s earned her rise to fame so it would be terrible to get tangential blowback. I’m thrilled to see her back in the limelight with this October 2021 W. Korea striking pictorial, the blunt bangs suit her in pulling off a no-nonsense woman in charge look.


Shin Hye Sun Fierce and Fabulous in New October 2021 W Korea Pictorial — 31 Comments

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  2. Uh no. “Before she could even bask in the post-drama success”…she became collateral damage from the Joseon Exorcist backlash due to the same writer and an allegedly controversial statement she made about Mr. Queen in an interview. All that happened before the KJH storm hit. Anyways…

    She looks fantastique! I too look forward to her next work. All the best, Hye-Sun!

  3. I thought this is one truly happy article to celebrate this amazing actress and one of those enlightened takes of the world that is K-Ent but sadly, I was wrong.

    What an unfairly written article. I think even Shin Hae Sun would find offense in how you wrote off here Kim Jung Hyun, one of the most dedicated and equally competent colleagues of hers. They worked hard on Mr Queen and together take pride in it. And even with all the unjust accusations and repressions that were sent its way, I’m sure the cast, prod staff and crew hold with respect the camaraderie they’ve nurtured with the work.

    Again, disappointing article. First time to read something from your site and I guess this will be the last. Please find better writers.

  4. I am Korean and a fan of Korea’s old SHS.

    MrQueen was deleted on March 26 due to a problem with the production step, which is entirely the responsibility of TVN.
    A few months after the KJG incident broke out, and until then, all MrQueen’s actors had been close to each other.
    You are defaming SHS with this malicious and false writing.

    • SHS and KJH are still close! Her agent wrote a support message on his Instagram when he wrote his apology letter a few days ago. This article is just malicious and disrespectful to both actors & their friendship.

  5. What a way to take a positive news about an actress and sully it with an actor’s issues. But I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s Koala, after all.

    • A drama gets an Emmy nom, she makes that positive news all about the problematic FL. Then you see her puppets all wound up with some pulling criticisms out of their ass about dry chemistry. (Still lol over that one.)

      A drama scores a second season, she puts all blame on the FL for the failures of its first season.

      She whips people into a frenzy about the age-gap in an innocuous scene of a drama she’s not even watching.

      One actress being booked and busy is great news but another is overexposed.

      On and on and on it goes. It’s all just a cheap way to get clicks and engagement. And we ARE clicking and engaging.

      • Lol. Indeed.

        But back to Ms. Hye-Sun, looking gorgeous. I hear she’s got a movie or two coming out soon? Which Koala could have mentioned instead in this post.

  6. Shin Hye Sun is a very fabulous and talented actress. She worked very hard in all her projects. I liked to watch her drama “Angel Last Mission – Love”. She can made you very emotional in that drama – a ballerina loving her childhood friend ( who was an young angel ).
    Wishing her a belated birthday greeting “Happy 32nd Birthday”, and many happy returns.
    Wishing you all the best in your life and career, and good health.

  7. It’s a good actress that i enjoy to watch and this photoshoot is amazing as for once , it’s not classical and it shows a different side of her . Let me be clear, i’m not comparing in any way the two actresses but it makes me think of some YEH’s old photoshoots .

    • Absolutely stunning ? I still get surprised with how tall she is.

      She’s been hard carrying her last few roles,what a feat. I kinda wish Mr Queen was on Netflix so more people could watch it.

      I agree with @icicles, this post should have more of a focus on her acting recognition and upcoming work.

      • Yeah even I was kinda surprised she’s so tall but then remembered she was in flats the entire time for her role in Forest of Secrets/is actually similar in height to Bae Doona who’s known to be tall. If she’d been in heels she would have ended up taller than Jo Seung Woo lol

        I’m so happy to see her rise, she spent years in supporting roles before finally scoring a lead but once she did she’s been doing great.

  8. C’mon, Koala. You can do better than this. Why not mention her Best Actress (TV) and Best New Actress (Film) nominations at Baeksang? Why not mention her upcoming projects ‘She Died’ and ‘Open The Door’? This is about her so it should be about her.

  9. I ask the person who wrote this article to provide the basis for this ridiculous lie. Not a single Korean MrQueen fan has heard of your claim.

  10. you barely know that the joseon exorcist was the core why mr. queen is being deleted and forced to be forgotten. shs was almost losibg her advertisements and you dare to write something like this?

    kim jung hyun’s scandals didnt even touch her, not even one article tagged her. you can do better koala but you are just ignorant.
    you are free to criticize kim jung hyun but you don’t need to link shs here, zero correlation.

    she excels and got many offers on chungmuro didnt you research it?

  11. If you don’t have an explanation or delete this article, I’ll send it to the actors’ agency. Insulting two great actors in this way is unbearable as a Korean fan.

  12. I will send this article to the actor’s agency. This is so nonsense to drag other actor and blaming him. Isn’t this article supposed to be Shin Haesun’s?

  13. This is a great example on how to write an article without doing a thorough research. You should not drag other actor’s name, what happened to QC is solely because of the writer’s and TvN mistake. When KJH scandal broke, nobody drag SHS name in the scandal. Don’t try to drag her into it now. And for your information they are friends with each other, because her manager shows support to KJH in his recent IG post.

  14. My goodness, i usually don’t read her articles cos most of the time is bias, i only read headline n post to support talented actor or actress. This is another level of fake news. It is not nice to do that to both of them.

    • You claim you don’t read her articles but you also say you read the headline and post which is the article. And here you are commenting. You sound confused. Make up your mind, dude.

      Of course her posts are biased. She’s not a journalist, she’s a blogger. She’ll write from her perspective. She’ll have her own faves. And she’s not obliged to worship your faves like you do.

      This post however IS sheer nonsense and she deserves the reader criticism she’s getting.

      • Lol. I agree. This post is so off the mark. And she’s rightly being called out for it. But I hope Koala doesn’t change her voice, style or snark to please the oversensitive stan crowd who think everyone must worship their faves.

      • What’s wrong with you. Is it your business i read only headlines in most of the articles n post what i like. Similarly for this article, i post once to support hye sun then i saw so many commenters about fake news n then read the article n post 2nd time. You are the one that is confusing n making yourself a nuisance picking a fight over your lack of whatever.

      • @jubilee LOL no no koala should not change her style, gives people opportunity to comment her post. More fun that way. LOL

      • But she has changed her style. started following her blog about ten years ago, and she was such a delightful writer back then. She used to be insightful and funny. Now she sounds like an annoying neighbor who loves to gossip and fixate on nasty rumors . Reading her articles feel like reading tabloid magazines.

        I miss the old koala.

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