Dominos Korea, Canon, and Foodbucket Delete Spokesperson Kim Sun Ho’s CFs From Official Instagram Accounts, K-netizens Discuss How Both Winners of the 2021 Baeksang Popularity Award Ended Up with Relationship Bad Behavior Scandals

It feels fast turning into a runaway train situation with the allegations by a young woman and that certain Actor K behaved rather abominably when he dated, got her pregnant, convinced her to get an abortion, and then dumped her, if the allegations are true of course. She did not name names but dropped enough hints that K-netizens and K-ent reporters quickly pinpointed Kim Sun Ho, who recently shot to A-list fame thanks to the high ratings success of tvN drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha. He’s also enjoying many CF campaigns as the recently hired spokesperson and within hours of this new breaking three of companies Dominos Korea, Canon, and Foodbucket have deleted all images, videos, and references to Kim Sun Ho from their official marketing Instagram pages. You may think it’s ridiculous since there has been no confirmation it is Kim Sun Ho the woman is accusing, but then there hasn’t been a denial (yet) from his agency Salt Entertainment. Also CF brand managers work closely with agencies in brand campaigns and it’s hard to imagine the brands would be doing this is it was a blatant false accusation with zero merit. With that said, I’m still waiting to see what Kim Sun Ho’s response will be, and in the meantime K-netizens have noted the coincidence that this year’s Baeksang Popularity Award winners both Kim Sun Ho and Seo Ye Ji have fallen (falling) hard on reports of relationship misconduct.


Dominos Korea, Canon, and Foodbucket Delete Spokesperson Kim Sun Ho’s CFs From Official Instagram Accounts, K-netizens Discuss How Both Winners of the 2021 Baeksang Popularity Award Ended Up with Relationship Bad Behavior Scandals — 117 Comments

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  2. Their fans wanted them to work together. I think this is the perfect time for them to star in a drama where both the lead characters are toxic gaslighters tormenting their lovers.

    And then instead of popularity they will get the actual acting awards at Baeksang. Art imitating life?

    • I’m reserving final judgement until the official statement but this man literally made a career out of playing nice guys down on their luck. Atleast SYJ’s last role was about a psychopath with toxic relationship tendencies. And to think I’ve liked him since ‘100 Days Prince’ ?‍? If Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin come out with a scandal, I’m truly done with K-Ent lol the amount of shitty people getting exposed every other day is making my head spin.

  3. I am really confused. How can you force a person to have an abortion? At the end of the day, she still went through with it, and it was her own decision (unless there was physical forcing in play here, which I did not pick up from the anonymous post).

    If her allegations are true, it proves he is a shitty person and I guess she’s out to expose him. But I really do not know what her end goal is here.

    • Read her full post on pann and then u will get her motive or reason behind why she felt like exposing him. No woman would risk it by aborting her baby knowing that she may not become pregnant ever again. Emotional manipulation is not unheard of . Similar thing happened with Kim Yong Gun , but his mistress sued him instead . Here, the girl got blinded by his fake promise .

      • She only wants revege,very obvious she never cared for the pregnacy,she wants to damages him,to me she’s not a victim,she’s guilty too, at 30 years she’s old enough to know what to do?

    • Its gaslighting and manipulation 101. You can force people to do anything as long as you can convince them its ‘their choice’ and pretend like they arrived at the conclusion ‘all on their own’. This is seriously toxic stuff and people like this exist everywhere and always go unnoticed for the most part. It could be your parents, friends, spouse, partner or teacher. You never see them for who they are until they show their true colors.

      • Dude is no doubt a piece of crap but he promised her marriage if she aborted. She went for the ring on her finger even though she was told she had a weak uterus and would have problems carrying again. That is in no way being “forced” to have an abortion…that was still a choice. I totally get why she exposed him in this manner. Good for her.

  4. Salt has great connection with journalist. It’s strange that people aren’t able to reach them. If it was completely baseless they would have denied immediately.Ibfact instead of salt, it is his fan club which is threatening people with legal repercussions.

    The current no.1 trending article on naver is abt his name reveal by a reporter turned youtuber who said that salt knew abt the problem with his ex. Anyways I don’t have much expectations from his agency . Their clarification can be useful for his fans only as their defence will get even stronger .
    Still remember how gold medalist took 2-3 days to issue a dumb statement like “it’s common lovers’ quarrel”. Watch salt blaming it all on the girl and say that the girl dumped him first .

    • If this is true, then I expect their statement to be in the line of: the abortion was a mutual decision, and the break-up was a mutual decision.

      I mean, what else could they say? It will be a he said, she said thing.

      2D1N is still ongoing right?

    • The fact that salt knew about it the whole time and chose to cover it up while signing him on for cfs, dramas and movies makes them super shady. It makes you wonder what else have they covered up and for who since this is obviously not their first rodeo.

  5. In end it was a hookup gone wrong. Should’ve used protection . Happens in real world too. Career shouldn’t be lost in such cases. Unless it is kim hyun joong type scandal.

    • He deserves to get serious lashings if his whole career is based on being mr . Goody on screen.
      And no it wasn’t a hook up gone wrong. He promised her that they will get married two years later. She wanted to keep the baby but he came up with various excuses to manipulate her into aborting it.After doing that he just dumped her .

      • THANK YOU! The way his delulu fans were worshipping him and acting like he’s a saintly virgin, especially in some of the old HomeCha posts. Meanwhile he’s just a two-faced piece of sh/t whose true colors have finally come to light. Where the hell are they now? They should come and defend their scum oppa.

      • I promised my ex bf we will get married. Months later we brokeupbcoz i realzed i m not up for it.
        She is an adult who took decision not 15 yrs old teenage mom. If she wanted kid, no manipulation could change it. Sorry my country isnt that conservative to ruin career for such things

      • U all marry the frog u first kissed i guess. Gonna take my chance and kiss 100 before i find the prince charming rofl.

      • Ady, what a hypocrite you are. In the previous post when you thought it was Kim Soo-Hyun, you were happily criticizing him as disgusting and just like his father. And then later when you were corrected, you said women deserve better than POS men. Now you’re backtracking and defending this guy??? Real hypocrite.

      • We all r hypocrite btch. My first reaction was on impulse. But when i put my mind to it, i realized world is not black and white. She is not some innocent kid who didnt know what is wrong amd right. Just when he hit fame, she is putting him at blame. Is he faultless? No. But that doesnt change the fact she aborted by her choice and people dump and breakups. Maybe u stick to cinderalla land that love happens ones

      • Oh, good. You know you’re a hypocrite. And stop projecting your pathetic love life on this situation. Given some things you’ve admitted to in previous posts, I’m not surprised at all. And you still can’t spell for shit. Go work on that.

      • Rofl girl i understand u r sheltered and i dont have to spell right to burn ur hairy arrseee rofl!
        U r one too. Get off ur high horse. U 2 face btch

      • @Ady

        “When I put my mind to it” —

        ? you… have a mind? Really? I can say it with absolutely authority that you are mistaken.


      • @Ady

        You twat. Of course you’ll defend him. He’s a Ho like your Ho. You said your culture isn’t that conservative? What a joke. Yet it’s conservative enough that you said you and your bf got an abortion out of fear of being disowned by your parents? It’s funny how you’re always slut-shaming women when you’ve had an abortion. What a brainless bucket of contradictions.

      • @LMFAO

        Oh snap! You went there. I was holding back. But yeah, for someone who likes to throw stones at others, it was real dumb of her to expose her glass house. Quite the nincompoop, that Ady twerp. ?

      • Yeah bcoz his family was too conservative and i had my career lined up u dumbwhoree.! If u cant get simple logic, it is lack of brain u fckng cuuntwhoree and lmao patting your back by ur own other id lmfao. what a sluut

  6. Horny fans of this plastic hag are getting a taste of their medicine after slandering countless actors like NJH, Suzy, SJK etc. Disgusting fans of a disgusting rat.

    • Thank god,song joong ki didn’t win most popular actor in baeksang award. I don’t want him get another scandal after escape from divorce. I just want him win best actor on baeksang award and blue dragon award.He just passed his popularity in DOTS era he just need stable career not popularity.

  7. You know its true when endorsements start to get cancelled because those penalty fees are no joke. They would never risk a lawsuit in case it turned out to be false. There must be sufficient evidence for them to pull the plug this fast.

    • Yeah, the deafening silence from his agency is very damning. If the accusations were false they’d be defending THEIR revenue generator.

  8. Anyone wants to sum up all the Korean celebrity scandals we’ve had so far? Here I thought pandemic meant less scandals and controversy but this year is one scandal after another nonstop.

    • 1. Seo Yea Ji-Kim Jung Hyun scandal resulting in Time drama shut down
      2. Kim Yong Gun’s mistress sued him for coercing her to get abortion
      3. Choi Min Hyuk visiting restaurant cum brothel that violated covid sop
      4. Lee Seung Gi outed by Dispatch for dating a C list actress whose stepfather swindled countless clients of their investment money
      5. Now this KSH abortion scandal

    • 1. SYJ-Kim Jung Hyung scandal resulting in Time drama cancelled.
      2. Kim Young Gun’s mistress suing him for forcing her to do abortion.
      3. Choi Min Hyuk visiting restaurant/brothel violating covid restrictions. resulting in him being removed from variety show.
      4. Ha Jung Woo and others being investigated for drug use, drink driving, etc
      5. Lee Seung Gi dating an actress whose parents swindled investors.
      6. KSH abortion scandal.

  9. I never like his looks but I đin’t really know why. It’s just like I didn’t like Lee Byung Hun & Park Shi Ho from the start (without knowing anything about their personality & way before their scandals). I’m starting to think I have a talent of judging people based on their looks LOL.

    • Omg, I have had the same epiphany. xD I am usually a good judge of character in real life, but I thought seeing someone through a screen would be different.
      Nevertheless, something always didn’t sit quite right with Kim Sun Ho for me. Usually, his type of smile would one I would like, but something just felt off. (I realized now that he rarely smiles with his eyes and in many photos the smile feels posed rather than genuine)

    • He’s not that good looking so I never understood why he had rabid fans. I think people just fell in love with character in Start Up, the whole underdog thing really resonates with some.

      And obviously if this story was not true his agency would have said something by now. So it is true, it’s just a matter of how they will come out and spin this now.

  10. My guess on the lack of response from Salt would be they’re desperately running around trying to do damage control. Wouldn’t be be a bad idea to try and settle with the ex gf, offer her a handsome settlement for her silence and all the evidence. Whatever they come out with depends on whether they can settle and the girl’s cooperation. Reporters weren’t able to get in contact with his management but surely these companies erasing his presence from their pages are not so silly to jump the gun without contacting his agency first. I just came across a past interview where he claimed an ex of 3 years left him while he was in the army even though he got on his knees and begged. Now it just makes me think he was trying hard to paint his image as a puppy, foolish guy in love for sympathy. No doubt he had a good boy image he was trying to hard to build. Wonder if the girl had a conscience to wait until Homecha wrapped to come out with this seeing as she could have disclosed her story even sooner while the drama was still airing for the most damage. I wonder how many other stars are nervous seeing this latest scandal. Once again I’m reminded how dirty and fake the entertainment world can be.

    • A former reporter said on his YT that the agency knew of his issue with the ex-gf way before this came out. But I guess they underestimated her and thought she won’t make it public, hence they did not try to settle. They could have had settled back then and enforced an iron-clad NDA.

      • Not condoning his actions, just stating the above from a business aspect.

        This is why relying heavily on a clean image will be detrimental in the long run. With this I do commend Han Sohee’s rise and subsequent maintenance of her rise, whether by chance or consciously, she acknowledged her past and tried to steer discussion on acting growth, etc. Those tattoo pictures, smoking, drinking and even her Mom’s embezzlement could have diluted her rise, but she or they were smart in handling this, hence her fame now is less reliant on a goody two shoes image.

      • The problem is Korean society expects celebrities to be moral role models and force these celebrities to fabricate a goody two shoes image in order to thrive, and then act like surprised Pikachus when celebrities turn out to be messy in real life.

        HSH had to force fit herself into a girl-next-door box when the girl is not that.

    • @peanut gallery

      When asked on her pictures with tattoo/smoking etc, HSH was able to respond honestly but still toeing the expected line, kudos to her or team on that. I think she acknowledged that those pics were authentic and along the line of – I am me back then, and I am me now. And confirming the need to remove the tattoos especially in this field. In a way thpse past pics, her acknowledgement of them helped in not boxing her in that super clean image. And maybe it also helped that she doesn’t have any variety or talk show appearance, as there is less perception of fronting an image. That is the tricky part with KSH as well, the variety image was that of a super kind and gentle guy.

  11. Have to say, I’m not exactly shocked? He def gave me the ick gives very very early on. Talk about a complete smack down for his fans who treat him like a Jesus reincarnate ? or maybe this won’t matter to them. His fans are absolutely delusional even way before shit hit the fan.

    Anyway, I feel for the girl. That’s so sad and I hope there’s a way for her to have a child in the future somehow. That’s heartbreaking. This jerk deserves all the flack in the world. Ugh disgusting.

  12. I don’t know why people still think so highly of the entertainment industry, especially SK. The competition in the entertainment industry is immense and cut-throat and all the celebrities who managed to gain some fame either have a very strong background or sacrifice a lot for connections. You won’t find innocent angels in there.

    • IKR? don’t trust my idol is clean either. Just being a fan of their work ethic and talent rather than their personality because what they are showing on screen is just a surface.

    • Its not just korea. Everywhrre around in world is like this. Why likes of jlaw slept with harvey? For fame and 20 million pay checks . The moment he got busted, her career went downhill. Entertainment industry is dirty everywhere

      • ….why is your response to this scandal involving a male actor’s bad behaviour, slandering a woman? One who’s been purposely on break since 2017 since before MeToo broke at that, and who’s famous for a franchise that Weinstein had nothing to do with/was produced by a whole different studio.

      • Rofl break r excuses bco, she was flopping hard . Rofl. She was demanding big pay which studios refused to pay and everyone knows harvey pushed her. Studios listen to him. But if u think she came to top with her lame skills then stay deldu. It was example . Noone is saint here. She is known as his keep.

  13. What A shame. He is such a good actor. I’m one those people who don’t care about their personal life outside of Acting and their job Unless he act something criminal, like , rape, corruption, Embezzlement, etc. Because I won’t expecting those behind the scene act all saint.

    So I will still welcome him if the rumor turn out false, or he admit his mistake and come back with a clean state (Married her for example).

  14. I don’t know if it’s true or not as i live in France . I just read this now . If it’s true, another one who is good at acting as he shows a very different image . But nowadays ,from my point of view scandals seems to not hurt as much as they used to . Isn’t Seo ye ji cast in a movie ? I just do feel for the persons who worked with him and the way that it’s going to impact the success of the drama . See My queen case .

  15. Good boy isn’t so good after all. Always got a bad vibe from him despite his goody two shoes image. It all seemed so forced and calculated. Those k celebs with skeletons in their closet must be running scared now. The dominoes are falling one by one and no one, no matter how popular or IT status is spared.

  16. So hard to get into a relationship when you have a showbiz career in South Korea, or to be human for that matter and make mistakes. It’s so easy to destroy a career over there. I feel for the woman if what she said is true – but having an abortion is ultimately her choice (you know what the slogans say – my body, my choice), so I hope she can learn from it as well and learn to stand her ground later on. She’s stronger than she thinks.

    Made me think – Robert Downey Jr was a junkie but look at how he turned around his career. Brad Pitt when to a rehab clinic for alcohol addiction, and countless of Hollywood stars, And yet, they’re still very famous in South Korea.

    • Brad Pitt and RDJ are Hollywood celebrities, so South Koreans don’t “own them” and they get judged by Hollywood standards, which are way more lax.

  17. These nugus break out to IT status and think they’ve conquered the world. They don’t know that maintaining that newfound fame + success is when the real battle begins.

    But hang on, if the part about him badmouthing his co-stars are true, then I can imagine the shit he talked about Suzy and NJH. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • LOL at the comments here.. why cant we wait for the agency’s statement or at least evidence before judging him? I am really confused how they can believe someones post in a forum when there is no proof or evidence.. is like me saying here im pregnant w his son.. im nt siding him, if he really did that yes its bad and he deserves it. I just hope the agency will quickly clarify, them being silence will only add more rumours.

      • @jubilee sorry i wanted to post as a new comment, maybe i pressed wrongly n came out in yr reply

      • If you think about it, if none of the rumours was true, his management company would have responded long ago. It’s over 24 hours since the post appeared online already, so obviously, at least some of the claims were true and they are either trying to settle with the girl, trying to come up with a good explaination, or just wait for it to die down. Also, I dont think advertising agencies would act like that if there were no basis for the rumour.

      • The cancelled cfs is evidence. No company in their right minds would cancel contracts one sided when they know they’ll be sued and the amount they’ll have to pay in damages then will be even worse. Somebody already pointed it out when endorsers back out you know its true. They’ve done their risk assessment and its obviously not in his favor.

      • You must be clueless on the level of money that is involved here through endorsements. 3 huge companies just pulled their names away from him. If this isn’t true, they would face lawsuits that they’ll likely lose along with terrible brand rep. The fact that his agency has super glued their mouths on this, and the fact that his endorsements want nothing to do with him. Those should be evidence enough. We are talking thousands. These are in the millions.

  18. Me and my Korean co-worker talked about Hometown Cha-Cha a couple of days ago and she kept mentioning how Kim Sun Ho is such a nice and kind guy. I wanted to say that it’s probably just his public image, but I just kept it to myself. And now this news! I understand the backlash because he basically banked on his good, clean cut image, and if this allegations are true, then he just destroyed the foundation of his new found fame.

  19. I have to say I think it is time for people to stop acting like you know these stars. You do not know them. They are human and make mistakes. No one is perfect and I do not expect perfection from anyone.

    The worse gossip to me is tell all books written after someone’s death and post break up revelations because they come from a place of bad intentions whether true or not. I am not shocked or amazed by this information. Hopefully they can both heal from the consequences that flow from their decisions.

  20. Went to sleep and woke up to no denial and CFs getting cancelled, which is pretty much a confirmation of truth. This might be the biggest k-scandal of 2021.

    I see a whole lot of people are dancing with malicious glee over his downfall and saying stuff like “I just knew it about him!”. Please people. If you’re that good at face-reading or body-reading, go apply for the CIA.

    • Pretty much. This isn’t some petty fanwar which people forget in their whole “I knew it!” trip.

      But it would not be an issue at all if he wasn’t trading on that “nice guy next door” image for cfs and if he hadn’t got greedy to try and preserve his new fame ( K-ent fans expecting even 30+ year olds to have the image of a single and available imaginary bf/gf etc is a problem but in and of itself it’s not so extreme since even his HomeCha costar Shin Min Ah has been in a relationship for the last 6 years with Kim Woo Bin who was a new star himself at the time).

    • Basically admitting that they hated a celebrity for merely existing before, and now there’s a reason to feel validated on disliking the celebrity previously for no good reason. I bet there’s a long list of other celebrities who haven’t been revealed to be messed up yet, or maybe never will, but they dislike because of “vibes” as well.

      • B-i-n-g-o. As much as I’m throwing peanut shells at this scandal, I’m rolling my eyes at all of the self-proclaimed soothsayers who feel vindicated because they “always knew”. It is the same group of posters who are always particularly vicious towards “nugu” and rising actors.

        “Vibes” my arse.

    • Ikr. I wonder why anyone is not naming celebrities who do not have any scandal rn but those who already did. I do believe vibes are a thing but it’s hard to gauge through a screen and personas.

    • Also I agree about the ‘soothsayers’ though. I admit there are some actors who I wasn’t a fan of cause well, I didn’t like their acting but I’m not delusional enough to claim to know their character or can tell they’re bad people based on only ‘I don’t like their face’!

    • (PS – that doesn’t mean this rumour isn’t 99.999% likely to be the truth though. The cancellation of the cfs all but confirms it).

    • The possibility of having bad vibes turn out to be the truth is the same as having bad vibes that turn out to be a misreading of a person.

      The people who got it right about Kim Sun-ho all along should evaluate the follow actors faces and let me know what they think so i know not to fall any more in love with them:
      Jo Jung Suk, Gong Yoo, Park Seo Joon, Do Kyung-soo, Lee Yi Kyung, Kim Woo Bin, Nam Da-reum, Park Bo Young, IU, Kang Hanna, Seo Hyun Jin, Son Ye Jin, etc.

      • ???

        While we are holding a “vibes” reading session, can I also add Kim Taeri, Jeon Yeobeen, Bae Doona, and Cho Seungwoo to the request list?

      • Can I add LMH, JCW, Kim Soo Hyun, SJK, JKY & HB into “vibe reading” session please? Anyone with face-reading, body-language, astrology, tarot card talents please give a free fan consult? Some of the above are Koala’s favs. Imagine the horrors if some dirty dark secrets came out.

      • Actually a computer or phone hacker can get tons of sh*tty secrets easily. Then ask for money & dump them bit by bit like Pandora, Panama papers, Wikileaks style. The SL agencies will have a field day fighting off scandals. Lol.

      • Piggy-backing off this request list, does the psychic consult extend to stocks? If so, can I get a reading on if I should buy Netflix shares now or later? Can you look at the CEO’s face and tell me?

      • All of them don’t have bad vibes but I’m not familiar with do kyungsoo so only him I’m not so sure

  21. I read his fan union is the first one to release a statement and will take legal actions ? His twitter stans were asslicking SALT only for them to be dead silent when it mattered the most lmao

  22. I just marathoned a few episodes of 1n2d over the weekend, and wowza if all these about Kim Seon Ho turned out to be true. He was one that has consistently praised the production, staff, etc. 1n2d, really can’t catch a break. I do wonder if KBS also did put a clause on the contracts of the 6 on 1n2d, considering their history with their former talents.

    • Variety shows in general are made up of controversial celebs. Knowing brothers is the worst example but it still hasn’t been cancelled and continues to be popular. People are more than willing to turn a blind eye to scandals as long as enough time has passed.

    • That is the saddest part for me since I’m a fan a of 1n2d and would watch it. I remember Bang PD’s interview where she mentioned it took them a long time to cast for S4 coz they had to do extensive background checks. But this is surprising as Dindin also had an interview where he picked KSH as the one guy from the show he’ll be comfortable introducing to his younger sister (hypothetical scenario question), and he was one of the vocal one reminding the guys not to cause trouble coz they need to stay long for 1n2d. Too bad……

  23. Another nugu actor fall from grace after one hit drama.Hohoho if you want have sex just condom to protection from aids and your gf to be pregnant.lolol.I can see how his ifans defending him like crazy lol.

    • His ifans still grasping onto straws claiming the allegations don’t add up because girl said his brother accompanied her to the surgery and he’s an only child. Being a Kdrama fan they know very well know dongsaeng or hyung doesn’t have to mean blood related brothers.

    • Wouldn’t it make more sense for guys to get a vasectomy and reverse it? condoms can fail which is why you it’s best to have a second form of birth control in case something goes wrong and you want to be absolutely sure that a pregnancy can’t happen. The more rabid of the ifans and kfans are going to defend him. same as with any idol or actor or actress who has gotten into a scandal.

      And how is he a nugu actor when nugu means “who?” as in being unknown. He’s known in theatre circles before he started dramas, joined 2D1N in 2019, and he’s become a big name since late last year. People aren’t going “who is this bloke?”, they’re going”i love him.” or “ah i know him. he’s getting popular” or “This overrated sonofabitch again. I’m sick of hearing about him.”

  24. Can’t stand him if he ever getway with this and start acting as a goody two shoes again it’s disgusting how he kill an innocent child and manipulating his girlfriend for his career to take off even his fans have no moral nor ethics its just reflect their oppa behavior well his a good actor his fans bought his good boy image his basically murderer yuck!

    • Nothing to do with him but abortion is not equal to killing an innocent child… Should rape victims give birth just because they are killing ‘innocent children’?

  25. I’m confused…why is Koala the only site reporting on this? I don’t see this scandal anywhere else on Korean sites…is this legit?

    • What Korean sites are you looking at? It was all over Naver yesterday, with 7 of the top 10 articles about this. Anyhoo, his and his agency’s silence not looking good. According to the girl’s post, he even criticized his costars saying they are ugly and acting on not par, omg.

    • LOL seriously?! What Korean sites did you check? You don’t need to go far. Go to Nate, Daum, Naver. Any of those sites will have him either trending currently or in the past 24 hrs. Or simply search his name and you’ll have a TON of options to take your pick from.

  26. I’ve been a reader of this site since 2009 when Koala was still a bright-eyed blogger not looking for ad space and hits/ views, just honest writing & a genuine appreciation for Kdramas—and I can say for sure she’s never had it out this bad for a K-actor until Kim Seonho came along. Sure she’s posted many scandals before, including those of her faves, but never with this undertone of gleeful “I told you he’s a bad apple!”. We all know you can’t stand the guy since he stole your baby Joohyuk’s thunder in StartUp, but the constant bad rap he gets in your blog is just so over the top now. Just admit you hate his guts instead of masking your posts with “netizens” said this and that, when it’s really you who have a beef with him cause it’s honestly getting a bit embarrassing now ? I’m telling you, after reading your blog, run-on sentences and bad grammar and all, for more than a decade, I could definitely tell when you’re faking it ?

    As for these allegations, if they are true then it is indeed despicable of this actor to have done this. But I will wait to cast judgment until all the cards are out. Right now, no evidence = no shit. It doesn’t change the fact though that truth or not, this would have destroyed this guy’s career… probably for good. His status is not that high up there yet that he could even dream of making a comeback in a few years. This is it for him.

  27. Are we following in China’s footsteps by banning jerks, sissy men, and whatever else is being banned by China? Then it’s all hail to the mighty China for starting the bans.

  28. Ive always heard about Koreas pop idol factories and how toxic their entertainment industry can be but I didnt realize it was this bad. When someones career that KSH worked hard for the last what 14 years? Can just be destroyed because someone posted on a forum about an “actor K”. Lets wait for the official statement and proof before we judge. But for me KSH always seemed so sweet, humble and genuine. I think thats the his draw to his millions of fans. I refuse to believe that its all an act. If these allegations are true then hes an even better actor than I thought he already is!

    • @naomi don’t worry, the “K” news is not about
      Kim Soo Hyun, it’s about KIM SEON HO or KIM SUN HO for coercing/manipulating his GF to abortion, among many other shocking, abhorrable & unimaginable actions, behaviour & attitude.

  29. If its true then this is all quite despicable of him. Why hasn’t the company put put a statement yet??? All the brands cancelling on him seems confirmation of his guilt.

  30. The big picture is the understood reality that celebrities in Korea that are super popular lose popularity when they are in relationships. Sure, you’ll have a Rain and Kim Tae Hee doing furniture CFs but outside some exceptions, your popularity decreases. Until dating openly is accepted, and not being seen as some super clean, perfect persona gets kicked to the curb, this will continue. I used to compare Korean entertainment to the faux facade of 1950s Hollywood studio system, but I actually think K-ent is worse.

    Also, I will say I’m glad the gal didn’t release the news until the drama was over. The drama team doesn’t deserve that, and I think that was done on purpose.

    Lastly, I find it hard to believe the agency didn’t try to pay her off. Don’t know if she wasn’t interested or was asking too much. I used to have a few favs in k-ent but I really have tried to stop unless it’s just based on acting. I actually don’t think at all about the true personalities of Western entertainers so why am I bothering with this in K-ent? So I took my own advice to heart but I still hope Lee Joon Gi and Taemin (from SHINee) aren’t a-holes.

    • @Kat: It is not right to blame the industry for Actor K’s deplorable behaviour. Plenty of actors date publicly and have a successful career and plenty hide their relationships and have a successful career but most (as far as we know anyway!) do not lie, gaslight, humiliate, manipulate their partners. That only speaks to this guy’s poor character.

      • K-ent culture wants a squeaky clean image I assume because the general culture wants it. How many actors come out with dating news and how many are actually outed by Dispatch? How many people announced dating news because they knew they were going to get outed by Dispatch? The standard is to practically announce your engagement the same time or five minutes after you are announcing the relationship (like So Ji Sub). That’s fine but acting like all of K-ent is openly dating is not reality. Very few become public of their own free will. (CLOY couple were basically outted even before it was confirmed). It makes the celebrities very vulnerable to shenanigans by their agency as well as seen by the last year in K-ent because the agencies tend to know the truth.

        People are absolutely responsible for what they do. Everyone should be able to have relationships without worrying they will lose popularity and CF deals. Doesn’t mean this dude still wouldn’t be an a-hole but it would mean he couldn’t use those things as a way to manipulate the gal into a decision that it sounds like she already regrets. It would also mean that an ex wouldn’t be able to take down the other partner like this either because, lets face it, occasionally some person gets taken out by a scorned ex and actually doesn’t deserve it. The public just is generally not gonna know which is which. My point was in Western ent, I don’t give a damn about celebrity crap so I don’t know why I should in K-ent.

      • @ Helen Exactly!!!! Why should I care about K-ent when I don’t about Western entertainment? I don’t know myself. I think it is because I enjoyed this very niche entertainment field and it was so fun and new when I started about 7ish years ago.

        I think you meant to be snarky, but I’m honestly not taking it that way.

    • @Kat – “the big picture is the understood reality that celebrities in Korea that are super popular lose popularity when they are in relationships”

      This is true except it’s not the super popular who lose popularity so much as the still rising/not yet established celebs. Like, Jun Ji Hyun is at no risk, neither would, say, IU be at any. KSH though? Definitely. But there’s still a lot of truth in it which is why it’s extremely unusual to see any k-celeb marrying in their twenties or even voluntarily announcing dating news.

      • @Kat, @Royal We – While KSH is completely to blame here for his actions, I do think there is a separate discussion to be had about the unrealistic expectations the Korean entertainment industry and public places on its celebrities. Societal constructs warp individual behavior to an extent. I always found it puzzling that there is such hullabaloo over Korean celebrities doing the most normal things like dating as adults, as if they were committing some moral transgression.

  31. Well, the lesson we can learn from this is DO NOT blindly worship anyone. Just admire their songs/films/dramas/CFs/work ethic. Beyond that, we don’t know who they really are. All we see is the just their public image. If KSH is guilty, I have to say his acting is phenomenal to the extent he can fool most ppl into thinking he’s a goody 2 shoes even in real life. Other K-celebs better clean out their skeletons in their closets, make peace/settle amicably with all exes, anyone they’ve swindled, bullied, manipulated, etc. All secrets will eventually be outed one day.

    • For me celebrities whether idol or actors/actress are just humans like us. Whatever we see onscreen is simply the image they are trying to maintain.

      I am not shocked by this revelation about KSH since I’m pretty sure every actor out there is dating someone, whether a celebrity or non-celebrity.

      I am not defending him since I am not a fan but when two adults have consensual sex then pregnancy will always be the end result. I am just wondering why they didn’t take any precautions. After what happened to Kim Jung Hyun with his ex a few years back, KSH should have known better not to knock up the woman if he just wanted a sexual relationship.

      The ex in question is pretty naive to even believe that he would marry her in a couple of years. Usually when the girl gets pregnant guy will end up marrying the girl. Not after abortion. He doesn’t even want the baby, that was the ugly truth. She should have known then that the relationship was going nowhere.

      Now I am curious as to who the girl is. And why it would be problematic once her identity is known.

  32. Well his agency finally released a statement saying they’re…investigating…

    So either they can’t get a hold of KSH, or they can’t figure out what story to run with, or they’re trying to settle with the girl.

  33. At the rate things are going most likely negotiations with the girl is ongoing. Remember how swiftly Lee Min Ho denied dating a girl? Her agency took sometime but his came out within hours? PR 101 gold. Killed all rumours instantly.

    • KSH should learn from LMH’s in managing private & public life. SALT agency reputation is kaput already. Once endorsers leave, the rest will follow. Hard to see KSH coming back BUT one never knows. SK is still male-dominated. If powerful sponsors side with KSH, he will eventually slink back. Probably hiding behind mental health excuse, reflecting deeply, terribly remorseful, thousand apologies speech.

      • Yeah, if they pay the girl enough, she’ll probably release a statement saying she has forgiven him. This is a lover’s quarrel. What’s done is done, financial compensation settled, everything will go back to normal after 2 years of keeping a low profile.

    • LMH: the beauty of having your own agency. Rocket speed denial on dating news. He probably already prepared with the denial statement even before the reporter/media approached him. He learned well after the fiasco on LSG dating news that happened a few months earlier.

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