Famous Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean Stars Smack Faces as Look-a-likes

There are probably a whole lot more look-a-like female stars among the Chinese, Korean, and Taiwanese contingent that I follow but I was really pressed to prepare this post when I saw the picture of C-actress Zhao Li Ying opposite the never-aging wonder K-actress Jang Nara. Never thought of them as lookalikes but once you see it then you can’t unsee it. Others are well know look-a-likes in their own industries, such as Yoon Eun Hye and Jung So Min as well as Ruby Lin and Jolin Tsai, with the latter two even playing a lesbian couple getting married in the lovely MV for Jolin’s equality in love for all single.  Check out the montage below and let me know if some are not smacking faces or if I’m missing any other notable look-a-likes.

Yang Jin Sang and Han Ga In

Jiang Qin Qin and Sun Li

Vivian Hsu and Tia Lee

Tong Li Ya and Dong Xuan

Jung So Min and Yoon Eun Hye

Zhou Dong Yu and Kim Go Eun

Cao Xi Wen and Liu Tao

Ruby Lin and Jolin Tsai

Li Xiao Lu and Zhou Xun

Cyrstal Liu and Liu Shi Shi

Yang Xue and Angelababy


Famous Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean Stars Smack Faces as Look-a-likes — 29 Comments

  1. I always thought Bai Lu pre-debut(when she had more baby fat) looked a lot like Jung So Min when she had baby fat as well (Playfull Kiss days).

    BL also has some angles that reminds me of Liu Shi Shi as well!

    • I don’t think Yang Jin Sang looks like Han Ga In. Its Bai Lu and Han Ga In that look alike. At least I was shocked by the resemblance in Bai Lu’s drama Once and Always.

  2. Zhao Liying was apparently a Jang Nara fan back in the days. Crystal Liu and Liu Shishi look nothing like each other. That was actually just media play at the start and eventually people got brainwashed. Bai Lu and LSS do look alike but LSS fans don’t like to hear it lol. I can’t see the resemblance between Jung So-min and Yoon Eun-hye either.

  3. I’ve always thought that Wang Zi Wei from A Love so Beautiful and Moon Ga Young can pass of as sisters. They look so alike.

    Park Bogum and Lee Hyunwoo gives off the same vibes. I also used to get Uhm Tae Woong and Lee Sun Kyun mixed up. EXO’s Sehun and Yoo Yeon Seok also look resemble each other.

  4. Not surprising, celebrities are products to the entertainment industry, what the entertainment industry wants are replaceable products. Once a celebrity has passed their “expiry date”, the replacement will take over and continue making them money. But of course, this is just wishful thinking of the industry because you can’t completely replicate a person’s aura and talent, the public usually don’t buy it.

    • True ,but i never seen someone looking like Catherine Deneuve, Sophie Marceau , Julia Roberts,…They are unique . Entertainment industry nowadays is like fast fashion . The new actors have few chances to have long careers . Last time i saw a documentary in which they stated that DI Caprio was the last “younger” big star that Hollywood produced ! He is the last dinosaurus .

      • I was speaking about a career of more Than 30 years with a constant filmo . Chalamet is young , no one can say if he will be there in 2050 . The same for Adam Driver,… I’m not speaking about popularity either but about the Giants . Still remember when E ddie Redmayne was filming ” fantastic beasts ” he stated that watching J Depp filming a scene was like taking a master class !Nowadays entertainment industry is always producing the new star and after a few years at best , they make new ones .

  5. lol. o thought i was the only one who thought jang nara looks like zhao liying.. hahhaha. when i knew nothing abt cdramaland, I’ve seen zhao liying clips in historical costume. my thoughts back then was “oh..apparently jang nara also has starred in chinese drama like yoona did?”. but now I’m familiar with cdramas now and recognised many c-actors and actress.

    well for me, the stars who are always look alike are: jang nara-zhao liying, lee boyoung-liu shishi, and kim soyeon-tang yan

  6. I got confused a little bit between So Min and Eun Hye, I thought when I watched coffee prince the female lead is the same as the fl in playful kiss XD

  7. Some of these people don’t look alike. Personally, I get confused by Tong Yao and Zhang Ziyi, Li Qin and Sun Yi, Bai Baihe and Wang Luodan.

  8. I legit thought tong li ya and dong xuan as the same person.

    jang Nara and Zhao Li Ying resemblances is so uncanny. Their similarity is like sister. You can see how different they are and how similar they look like at the same time

    • Zhao Li Ying definitely caught my attention because she looked a lot like Jang Nara especially when they wear makeup. Not only features, but their foreheads and shoulders look alike too? You’re right – they seem like sisters.

  9. I remember the very first time I ever saw Zhao Li Ying in a drama and had to do a double take because I didn’t know Jang Nara was active in chinese dramas only to realize it wasn’t Jang Nara at all ?

  10. Lin Xin Ru is so beautiful and she does kinda like alike Jolin Tsai. Seeing her make me miss Zhao Wei how they always work together. LSS and LYF kinda resemble too.

    • You mentioned Zhao Wei make me miss her too. Love when Ruby and Zhao Wei always collaborate together. They’re my favorite. So naturally beautiful and great actor.

  11. For me, I often mixed up Shin Hye Sun with Kim Ye Won (Revolutionary Love and Suspicious Partner), Ko Bogyeol with Kim Taeri and Min Hyorin with Jo Yoon Hee. Male actors who look similar are Rain-Lee Junho, Yook Sung Jae-Seo In Guk, Kim Min Jae-Yeo Jin Goo, Joo Won-Kang Dong Won.

  12. To this day I can’t believe Seo In Guk and Sungjae aren’t the same person, and I was today years old when I realized Seo Kang-joon and Lee Jae-wook are different people. The latter especially is really talented and has a quite promising future despite the young age. Yeo Jin-goo and Kim Min-Jae are also very similar, as well as Nam Jo-hyuk and NCT’s Doyoung – I think it’s the cheekbones+chin. Park Bo-young and Park Sieun have to play sisters in the future.

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