2PM Member and Idol-Actor Chansung Announces Wedding to Longtime Girlfriend as They Are Expecting Baby and Will Leave JYP

If the holidays are known as the cuffing season in the US, it’s the marriage/wedding/baby/divorce season in Asian entertainment. So much such announcements lately! Another one joins the pack with 2PM maknae member and idol-actor Chansung announcing via a handwritten letter to his fans that he will be getting married early next year to his longtime girlfriend. He also shared that they are expecting a baby together arriving next year. He will leave JYP Entertainment after 15 years with the agency so that likely means he will be leaving 2PM though he didn’t specifically state that. I feel like 2nd gen idols getting married is exactly this time frame so hopefully his fans are fine with it and also everyone get ready for more weddings/marriages with the idols that are back from the military and in their 30’s now.


2PM Member and Idol-Actor Chansung Announces Wedding to Longtime Girlfriend as They Are Expecting Baby and Will Leave JYP — 11 Comments

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  2. Why would he leave 2pm. JYPE do not trademark groups name not unlike other many Korean entertainment companies. 2pm belongs to 2pm. So just like Taecyeon who’s no longer with JYPE, Chansung will continue as 2pm.

    I have been reading about them lately because of Junho in The Red Sleeve, I found out among the idol group, they are the group who have real tight relationship like a family. They are a since, since their 3rd album have control of their music. 2pm is pretty much independent and produced their own music. Since all members are composers and I read 3 members are experienced producers, so I believe they will continue to make music and promote and perform as 2pm. So it is just a matter of finding common free time for group activities, since individual member is busy with own schedule. 2pm Fighting, I am rooting for you. Since knowing 2pm, they are the idol group along with g.o.d. whom I will go and pay to see them in concert live. Why? Because they sing live.

    Anyway, Chansung-ah chukaye. Congratulations you have done well.

  3. The maknae has grown up. Can’t congratulate him enough and give/send him prayers and blessing as he start a new journey as husband and father. He will be awesome. He has tons of patience being the maknae of beast idols who does so many crazy stuff, as well as being the #1 babysitter for bratty Junho for years. He cooks, he does all the big and small things around the house. And he loves children.

    2PM has got his back. Taec has given his support and even go as far as block some people who said bad things about Chan. It will be fun and interesting to see how the members will be as uncles to the first baby PM.

    And as MistyEyes has stated, he did not leave 2PM, he just left the JYPE.
    Taec is still part of 2PM even when he left JYPE and so will Chansung. They have their own solos activities and 2PM activities will also be part of the priority. The planning and scheduling would be hard, but they will make it work cause they are 2PM.

    • Omg I love your comment that Chansung has been “#1st babysitter for bratty Junho for years”. Indeed, being the maknae in a group with Junho and Wooyoung makes Chansung maturing beyond his age lol.

      And yes, it is like 99% he will continue to be the maknae of 2pm. All members have expressed their will to stay together no matter what, plus JYP pretty much gives them freedom with their music.

      Wish you a happy new start for the next journey Chansung,

  4. He may not have explicitly said he is leaving 2pm. Probably becos nothing is confirmed yet for his next plans other than getting married and having the baby.. but it would probably be more difficult to align / cooperate between Taec’s agency, Chansung’s new agency, and the rest of 2pm… That’s 3-way alignment. Provided his schedule isn’t too busy, it is still probable. And also provided the rest of the 2pm members in JYPE continues to stay with JYP? Otherwise, we are likely to get lesser shows of them together as a band..

    • Isn’t that expected even if they all stay in JYPE?

      They are at the stable point of their career. JYPE no longer have the large profit share from the group and even all the music are produced by members themselves. So from the group business perspective, 2pm have to source and negotiate for any funding required for their venture.

      I wonder if a 2pm company has been set up as subsidiary of JYPE. I think that’s the wisest thing to do and fair for both parties. Anyone knows?

  5. So many announces of marriage coupled with a baby…

    I’m happy for him. I thought Taecyeon will be the first when he announced he was in couple with a non celebrity. The maknae was faster :p

    It’s nice to see the second generation settling and just enjoy life 🙂

  6. Double congratulations to him for his marriage and arriving baby.
    It’s so great to see more idols be brave and come public with their private life. I hope this becomes more of the norm rather than the exception in Korean entertainment.
    Celebrities are human beings like everyone else and their relationships shouldn’t be called “scandals”. They should be able to date, marry, and have kids freely without their fans raising he11 about it and losing their sh1t.

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