jTBC Wed-Thurs Drama Thirty Nine Sees Massive Jump in Ratings to 7.414% in Episode 3, Viewers Attribute Success to the Strong Acting of Three Leading Ladies

After marinating for a week, the domestic viewers have spoken and it’s a resounding “More, please!” with regards to jTBC midweek drama Thirty Nine. The ratings for episode 3 rose over 2% to a whopping 7.414%, putting it right alongside weekend success Forecasting Love and Weather which broke 7% as well in its episode 4. Much has been written about jTBC having a lackluster 2021 year with it’s dramas none breaking 7% and most in the 2%-5% range so 2022 is definitely off to a strong start. The reviews for Thirty Nine in episode 3 remain with the same sense that the acting and chemistry of the three leading ladies are the strongest aspect and the script remains the weakest link. But it’s not bad enough to be disruptive and good enough to be buoyed by the star power and strength of the actresses.


jTBC Wed-Thurs Drama Thirty Nine Sees Massive Jump in Ratings to 7.414% in Episode 3, Viewers Attribute Success to the Strong Acting of Three Leading Ladies — 18 Comments

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    • Yup I’m leaving my brain at the door and just enjoying the acting. The drama is either making me laugh or cry but atleast it makes me feel something.

      I’m happy a women centric drama is doing well because it paves the way for more.

  2. The story is boooring. There are so many rich themes to explore with the late 30s/early 40s age period but instead the writer focuses on the unconvincing romance and an extramarital affair. The focus on the three ladies is very uneven.

    Ratings are gonna stagnate or regress at this rate. They should’ve just copied Nothing But Thirty’s plot.

  3. Atp i am only watching because I like yejin. The writer actually lived upto her reputation of not being able to produce a well written drama. She got such a talented cast and came out with this??? Surprised that the ratings went up. I guess sometimes star power and skills can indeed save a sinking ship.

    Yejin probably wanted to star in an age related drama surrounding women and she worked with the writer in a previous movie too. Can’t believe this is going to be her last project before she takes a break because of marriage.

  4. i am not liking the direction this show is going towards. How can a writer be soo good at movies but equally bad in dramas. She should never set foot in dramaland again. This will be her 3rd failure if episode 4 doesn’t differs much from yesterday. Maybe today they can focus more on the women and not use their friendship as a tool to promote the love stories.

  5. People practically deemed this a failure last week. A lesson that it’s best to calm down and wait for the second week’s ratings.

    I agree that this writer is not great but her dramas seem to attract big names and get decent ratings. I like parts of Thirty Nine and then there are parts I’m not thrilled with.

  6. I’m really enjoying it! Mainly for the actors and their superb chemistry. I am hoping that once everyone knows about Chan Young’s fate, the story focuses on living in the here and now.

    • Weekdays don’t have that many dramas usually but they have to compete against variety shows. Still it is the 3rd highest rated weekday drama for JtBC so far and it’s only 3rd episode. The star power is definitely the saving grace here.

    • There aren’t any other dramas on Wed/Thurs right now. I believe TV Chosun’s popular trot and/or music shows air on Thursday. In any case, Wed/Thurs has been the toughest slot for dramas in the last few years, which is why the Big 3 gave up on it.

  7. I think people are finally getting over Snowdropgate and the outrage from the Olympics is somewhat simmering down. I didn’t think jtbc would permanently suffer because of their clownery but using a fun rom-com and Son Yejin’s starpower to get out of their self-inflicted rut were much better choices than their past ones.

    I’m personally enjoying the drama despite the up and down mood shifts because (obviously) Yejin is at the top of her game and the rest of the cast compliment each other very well. It’s heavy watching at times but it’s supposed to fall into that “melo-healing” genre so makes sense.

    The ratings will undoubtedly be bolstered by Binjin’s wedding, which I think will happen around the end of the drama, but I’m glad to has good legs from the beginning. Goes to tell you that starpower is key, yes, but talent and finesse is what people are looking for nowadays. Full shade towards intended parties.

    • Honestly everyone is so good in this. And I’ve discovered Kim Ji Hyun who is fantastic and so different than previous roles.

      Jtbc can thank SYJ and PMY for their ratings slump finally coming to an end.

    • Star power is important, but we’ve seen so many cases where star power failed to bring in ratings. The audience has to like the product too. This drama has gotten a lot of complaints since it started, but apparently, the audience as a whole is enjoying it.

      • Exactly…its really a balance of both things. Star power is not enough. But here the Star power + great acting + chemistry + appealing premise works, even if the execution isn’t always great.

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