Thirty Nine Settles into Mid 7% Ratings in Episode 4 as the Viewers Stay with the Strong Female Characters and Performances

At this point it’s safe to get into the water Thirty Nine. Okay okay, I’m teasing but sometimes I worry that I will watch a drama and have it fall apart quickly and ruin the vibe, Sisyphus: The Myth imma looking at you. I’m used to K-dramas falling apart at the end, that’s the norm rather than the exception, but for dramas I’m excited about I almost don’t want to watch if it sucks off the bat. For Thirty Nine, last week’s differing opinions were concerning but it seems the whey separated from the curd this week and it feels like safe waters to dip into Thirty Nine. Episode 4 rose slightly in ratings from episode 3 to reach 7.540% and more importantly the domestic viewers have spoken, they are sticking with the drama due to the strong three female leads regardless of the perceived weakness with the plot. That usually means the complaints are that bad and the positives outweigh the negatives. Cool beans because a strong female-centric drama is always a nice reflective watch for me.


Thirty Nine Settles into Mid 7% Ratings in Episode 4 as the Viewers Stay with the Strong Female Characters and Performances — 18 Comments

  1. I’m tired of this being the SYJ show when JMD is the one with terminal illness. Every episode is about her and how she deals with something that is personal to someone else. This is why top billed actors should act only with each other because the drama forces the whole plot to revolve around the one big name star. I feel especially bad form JMD who is definitely the better actress and has the more interesting plot and character set up.

    • SHK fans come in here again pretending to watch the drama just so they can make such remarks about SYJ outstanding acting. She hard carry this drama and without her I doubt this drama has any viewers.

      • You must be a really insecure fan if you felt the need to drag other unrelated people into the conversation.

        Agree with @Wonie the drama is 80% about SYJ even when she isn’t the one with the illness. What have her the right to break the news to her family and some random guy before JMD even told her own family about it? Why so much focus on her emotional conflict when she isn’t even sick? JMD had no opportunity to even keep it a secret they did not give her character the agency to do anything since SYJ basically steam rolled all the decision making. How are they even friends? The power dynamics in this who trio is skewed to one person.

      • So many musty and crusty antifans really dislike Ye Jin. Skip the drama if you don’t like it. No one is insecure and no one is bother by the direction where this drama is going. It’s getting good rating and good reviews on Netflix. Only you and those antifans hate it because of Ye Jin was the main focus.

      • Well this is her best friend and it affects her, so I dont see a issue with Mijo telling her family and (almost boyfriend?) what is upsetting her so much, especially because it’s affecting her decision to take her sabbatical year overseas. She is now staying put to spend time with her frien. The bigger issue was the doctor patient confidentiality breach when Chanyoungs doc told Mijo about the cancer to begin with. Pretty sure that’s unethical.

      • Far superior? All the actresses are killing it. SYJ is as good as she always is. No need to bring one down to prop another up. The drama works of what each brings to the table.

  2. i am so tired with the plot. 1,5 episodes with son ye jin crying. cant the plot move faster? jeon mi do and kim mu saeng r the real mvp

  3. i agree that jeon mi do and kim mu saeng plot is much more interesting, and Mido is just so good at her role. I like the drama, but it’d be better if it focuses less on SYJ point of views.

  4. I think they should focus on Cha-Young character. She’s the one who is sick and who has the most interesting love story. Not convinced by the third lady’s acting and story by the way.

  5. Son Ye Jin’s character is the narrator of the story. She kind of is the lead character even though the plot definitely centres around Mido’s character’s illness. Just because the poster and teasers showed the three characters front and centre doesn’t mean the screen time is divided up equally. That’s not how it always works.

    All the actors are doing great and playing off each other so well so the ratings don’t surprise me.

  6. Episode 4 had me alternating between sobbing (the lottery ticket scene with all 3 girls) and laughing (the club scenes lol) I’m glad the show is doing numbers because its deserved based on the acting alone!

  7. I don’t doubt this drama will get this rating and I know it will be higher in the next eps. I love the story. It is all about what happened or will happen during the 39years of their lives. I specifically love the narration in every ending while explaining and including the 39. The chemistry of ladies are all good and the male leads stories intertwined to female leads are all interesting. I am rooting for the story of Jinsuk and Chanyoung. I hope there will be more positive happenings in their love story because it is damn so frustrating and sad and so as the noona love story ofJoohee and Hyunjoon. These two Johee and Hyunjoon, i think will have a cute noona romance.

  8. SYJ’s character crying because her best friend has terminal illness is a normal reaction. When she thought that they will grow old together, since they never separated and continued to be close to each other.

    SYJ’s character feels very strongly which is why she was telling CY to quit JS. So when she was told about the cancer diagnosis it felt like her whole world crumbled.

    Even Chanyoung decided to not get treated since she was told she only has 0.8%. She might not had a meltdown that very instant, but it doesn’t mean that she isn’t terrified. That is how her character is written.

    Though I can’t believe that Jin Suk didn’t divorce the wife after learning the boy isn’t even his to begin with.

    The women had some fun after going to the club but it seems more bad news since the male lead’s younger sister is now a hostess. There’s already terminal illness to deal with and now a family member working in a shady place. Even of she wants to leave I don’t think it would be easy. I wish the writer didn’t include that right away. Since having a character with cancer is already difficult to watch especially since I like Chanyoung.

    Anyway I am glad that the ratings increased.

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