Makeup Artist to Top C-actresses Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan and Many More is Famous in His Own Right

If the C-actresses are dressing way better than their K-counterparts on the red carpet, more diverse and experimental, they are also looking better makeup wise with rarely any overly BB-creamed face. K-actresses are so foundationally shellacked it detracts from the rest of the makeup technique but on the C-ent side there is apparently one top Chinese makeup artist by the name of Chun Nan that all the top actresses love and work with. There’s his back in the picture above doing Liu Shi Shi‘s makeup at her wedding, she must love his technique so much from working on magazine shoots with him to have him do her big day makeup. He’s also a frequent collaborator with Angelababy, Tang Yan, and Ni Ni, among many of the big name actresses. I love his diverse style and exceptional talent with the brush tailored towards different looks.


Makeup Artist to Top C-actresses Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan and Many More is Famous in His Own Right — 7 Comments

  1. That Nini magazine cover, that’s the picture of ideal Chinese beauty! Pale icy skin, black hair, red lips, sooooo pretty! ???
    Damn, I really like Chinese beauty standard that gives the impression of cold icy beauty rather than the warm, girl next door type of Korea.

    Btw, do you know that Liu Shishi is from minority group? I wonder if she has any relatives who are still praticing islam.

  2. chinese celebrities are definitely better dressed and styled in general. i wish korean stylists and makeup artists would step up their game, especially now that korean content is more popular globally.

  3. I love all of these makeup looks. Flawless application. C-stars always bring on the wattage and glamour.

    I was very confused by the second picture. I thought it was the K-actress who plays the fencing coach in 2521 and it took me awhile to realize it’s actually Victoria Song.

  4. C actresses are better dressed and styled because big brands are more willing to sponsored them because of the gigantic market behind those actresses.

    K red carpet fashion made C red carpet fashion say, “Hold my lipstick.”

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