tvN Revenge Melodrama Eve with Seo Ye Ji, Park Byung Eun, and Lee Sang Yeob Releases Old School Poster and Previews

The evolution of K-dramas really took an accelerated turn these past three years thanks to the involvement of international streaming platform Netflix driving shorter episode dramas and a more diverse offering that can only be done with investment. Stuff like The Silent Sea, Squid Game, Hellbound, and All of Us are Dead really took things to a more cinematic visuals and more edgy stories. So it’s a bit throwback when I see the poster, stills, and previews for upcoming tvN drama Eve, it harkens to those revenge melos of the last two decades that seem so convoluted and dare I saw it now seems kinda cheesy. It’s hard to believe one hot sexy seductress character like Seo Ye Ji‘s female lead can seduce a billionaire played by Park Byung Eun to divorce his wife and throw his life away just for her, in this day and age he would have no problems getting as many women as he wants. But then again, Eve could deliver in story line and acting to make it work much like the successful revenge melos of yore such as Secret, Graceful Family, and Nice Guy.

Eve previews:


tvN Revenge Melodrama Eve with Seo Ye Ji, Park Byung Eun, and Lee Sang Yeob Releases Old School Poster and Previews — 24 Comments

  1. Another skanky korean drama. Likely will make the wife look bad, so to give the husband permission, reason, and approval to cheat. I hate this kind of show.

    • Skanky drama indeed. Just like the lead actress. These are the only kinds of roles she can play. This is just KMY 2.0 with the psycho elements, glittery makeup and flashy fashion but she still looks basic AF. Like trash fave, like trash fans.

      • You are all fired up because you wanted her cancelled but she wasn’t. Must be a bad day at home being jobless like me if you’re still here littering the posts with your angst.

    • Oh how you people will watch when this comes out…….
      Also no one is defending the husband. He needs to get his ass whooped.
      I’m all up for this series
      Koala please cover it more

    • @Nana Ohhhh the shade. Watch the drama and see that it’s 13 year plan revenge in making. Surely if YJ has such a problematic personality she would have never been cast.

      • You sound naive and foolish. Like your co-fans. Better change your name to “stupid for days” or rather “dumbass for years.”

      • Wow now you’re offended over some emoji? 🤡
        Damn, SYJ fans really are oversensitive AF 😂
        If you’re gonna defend some actress who doesn’t know you exists, at least defend someone beautiful, talented or a successful A-lister, not some fl*p D-list scandal queen like your SYJ 😂
        Keep getting offended though, it’s entertaining 😎

      • Whatever and ohhhhh flop D scandel queen…tell that to TvN and Studio Dragon if you’re so agitated over the casting in ‘Eve’. Don’t bring her fans into this. I just posted so keep it contained. So please try again and since you take great delight in posting emojis; last laugh is on you cos regardless how much you despise her -she’s returning on the 25th May. So sit back and enjoy the ride and I’m hardly offended at all:just like to see you get your knickers in a twist; which you have cos you keep posting. Geez you must be of the troll/hate brigade that posted ten times over that she was cancelled. If you can give then just be prepared to take. It’s that easy. Enjoy the sunshine.

  2. She looked scarily skinny in the poster. Her looks based on the poster would not make believe that an uber rich guy would divorce his wife for someone like her.

    She doesn’t look young and pretty. Kinda looked worse than the wife. Maybe on screen it would be different.

    If this becomes a hit, it only means local audience really like to watch about affairs. Samples are World of Married and Marriage and Divorce

    • Yeah, it’s really not believable at all. In reality, super rich men invest in younger, more beautiful young women, not someone who looks dried up like SYJ lmao. At least Han So Hee’s Da Kyung is young and beautiful, so it’s believable in World of the married.
      It’s only delusional female SYJ fans who think she’s some “goddess”, my male friends didn’t get the hype with her when she was being hyped during IONTBO. Seems like she mostly appeal to women, maybe because of the super contrived “girl boss” thing BS lmao
      Now before some virtue-signalling feminist come at me, I’m not being sexist towards older women, there are plenty of aged 30+ women who look absolutely fantastic, but SYJ is not one of those lmao

      Come at me @Sunshine for days, you being offended is hilarious and entertaining 😎

      • Offended? Don’t flatter yourself. You do the maths; you’re not happy at YJ being cast in a drama that will premiere this month so get angry with TvN and Studio Dragon they’re the ones that pursued her for the role. Spending your time on this blog being mean is not conducive to your wellbeing.

      • Look at this dummy being so naive because she doesn’t know the disgusting backroom dealings that happen in the industry. Especially for a scandalous toxic manipulative gaslighter who’ll do anything for fame.

  3. You read like you’re angry and mad but okay I’ll take one for team if I change my name to what you listed how about you follow suit and change to ‘bitter and twisted’ or ‘imbecile for life’. Keep smiling sunshine!

  4. For the ppl who are saying that SYJ is so skinny and not pretty,u foolish ppl are you beautiful than SYJ are you ppl taller than SYJ I really² Know the answer you dumbass ppl😹,as we are SYJ and yes we are sensitive but look at you ppl you really don’t have any manner and respect,SYJ is doing great in her life,she is not like you dumbass ppl she has all kind of talent but do you have any,dumbass ppl af😹,and what you Were telling @🤡🤡🤡 she is fl*p actress no dear she is not she is creating her acting career better and better

  5. I am so fed up with this b*tch’s dumbass fans. Her fans are ready to defend this psycho woman no matter what. They claim she’s very great actress. No dear in that healing drama she totally played herself
    I bet she didn’t have to try even to act😂😂 Even if she is pretty, I would understand this hype pf her fans to her. But looking these teasers and posters, I just saw a skinny woman who is starving and needs help. And her face also changed a lot. If u look closely u can get what I mean. Regarding her skills, we all know she isn’t the same level with Shin hye sun or Kim tae ri.

  6. Zzzzz yeah read,heard it all before. You’re personally affected by her so much you need to criticize her physique and looks. KP allows the attacks and hate posts for clicks so of course she is going to be defended. Not dumb just loyal. However Im not surprised that this site continues to breed contempt and is spiteful when YJ articles appears its taken the lead off Allkpop readers who seem they can’t be bothered commenting.

    • Zzzzz yet you keep pathetically monitoring the post for new comments so you can defend that ugly demon you worship. Why do you even bother coming to this site if it “breeds contempt and is spiteful” against her? Nobody’s forcing you to come here.

      Also, screw off with that ‘poor me, they hate my fave and use her for clicks’ whining like a snotty little brat. This post didn’t even have that many comments because people don’t give a sh!t about her. It’s your silly and irritating whining that’s making me reply now and I won’t waste any more time on your hopeless self.

      And FYI, she’s not special. Koala blogs about everyone in the industry, even the rotten stinking apples. Much bigger and more talented stars than she’ll ever be have gotten negative comments on here. Go check their posts which can pull in over 100 comments and more. Your girl is not unique or relevant.

      She doesn’t care about you. She doesn’t know you exist. And she won’t bang you so go and study for your exams, kiddo. Goodnight!

      • Gosh they are out all out in force on this site-changing user names too I might add. I wouldn’t know anything about the Korean entertainment industry but it sounds like you’re an expert on it. Mind you best you be keeping your anti sentiment to yourself because YJ belongs to a reputable agency and top revered actor (which is his agency that he set up) so best be thinking about the remarks/allegations you are making. KP writes a reasonable article on the drama and of course it just gives flight to the rage antics of a few to ruin it. Angry and upset is all you are about.

      • I am allowed to attend this site but at least I am not vicious like you. Furthermore kiddo? Really not only are you vindictive; you’re calling out my age? Is that your psyhic power. The amount of negativity that you give off you must be jobless like me. At least I’m honest. Go work on your emotional wellbeing it will work wonder.

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