Junho, Kim Tae Ri, Squid Game, and D.P. are the Big Television Side Winners at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards

The annual Baeksang Arts Awards was held this Friday night in Seoul and the 2022 edition totally dropped some surprises and some expected wins. In a first, the winner of the Popularity Awards Junho and Kim Tae Ri also won the Best Acting prizes in their respective categories. Junho took home Best Actor Drama for The Red Sleeve Cuff and Twenty Five, Twenty One netted Kim Tae Ri Best Actress Drama. K-netizens seem most surprised Junho won over Lee Jung Jae for Squid Game, and that if he didn’t win for SQ then he would get the Daesang which one year went to Kim Hye Ja but here it was Squid Game the drama that won the television side Daesang. The Best Actress side I think was a toss-up between Kim Tae Ri and veteran Kim Hye Soo for Juvenile Justice. The Best Drama award went to D.P., SQ’s PD Hwang Dong Hyuk took the Best Director prize, and Best Script went to the writer for Juvenile Justice Kim Min Seok so the Netflix dramas definitely scored here. Cho Hyun Chul won Best Supporting Actor for D.P., Best Supporting Actress winner was Kim Shin Rok in Hellbound, it was Koo Kyo Hwan getting the win for D.P. as Best New Actor and his counterpart was Kim Hye Jun winning Best Supporting Actress for Inspector Koo.


Junho, Kim Tae Ri, Squid Game, and D.P. are the Big Television Side Winners at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards — 65 Comments

  1. I could rant about how KHS and KNG were robbed. But it won’t change a damn thing. So congratulations to all the winners. 👍

  2. Wow, biggest congrats to Netflix for nearly walking off with all the awards.

    At this rate, Money Heist and Sound of Magic plus whatever else is in this year’s Netflix lineup lineup might very well be next year’s Baeksang nominees and winners.

  3. Awww love Junho in TRS and Kim Tae Ri in 2521. Hope they get to do a drama together. I think Kim Tae Ri exudes Hollywood vibes with her confidence. I hope she gets to work in foreign films.

  4. In my entire kdrama life, there only performance that I am absolutely sure that deserves all the recognition compared all other contenders, Lee Junho, Yisan, King Jeonjo. He is so amazing in it. There is no way anyone could beat that performance.

  5. It was obvious KNG and ISW were out of the competition after Junho bagged the PD award for best actor. It rly was a toss up between JH and LJJ, but only bc of seniority let’s be honest. Happy for JH, his performance was revelatory and pretentious drama fans are always gonna be prejudiced bc of his idol background but it’s well deserved imo.

    • hah yeah seen so many pretentious drama fans trying to discredit his achievement just cuz they’re salty their fave lost to an idol actor lmao
      Congrats to Junho! Make em weep :p

  6. Congratulations to Junho! Really one of the best performances I’ve seen out of korean entertainment in years. Absolutely well deserved. I thought they might give it to LJJ bcs of the SG craze but I’m happy to be proven wrong. On to even bigger and better things for Junho now. He’s brimming with talent. Wish him all the best for future roles.

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  8. He really was awesome with Yi San.

    And it is amazing, that in the movie category Sol Kyunggu bagged the award. He was one of the veterans and mentors Junho had in his debut acting career. Seen a few snippets of SKG interview this year and he has praises for Junho’s Yi San.

  9. Junho and kim tae ri looked cute together. Congratulation on winning the popularity and acting awards!!

  10. I’m not talking about His idol background though. In terms of performances of IDOL, IU in My Ajusshi give more memorable performances, But she only get nominated. SHowing how Female Lead Actress has more competitive. Kim Hye Soo is not robbed, and Kim Tae RI deserved The knowledge. All the female lead who get nominated deserve to be a winner. But unfortunately, we have to choose one, and Kim TAe Ri is the one who is get choosen by jury.

    But I’m really glad Junho win it, it will break Idol prejudice. I think in terms of chalenging roles, his roles in Just between Lovers is more challenging, what with he has to potray someone who is trauma in the mix and show vulnerable more often. In here, he has to show charisma and Screen presence as a KING and aura of intimidating, and he excel in it.

    • No offense but I feel like you’re rly undermining Junho’s performance in TRS. He portrayed Jeongjo at three different stages of his life and did it seamlessly, it was practically a biopic. As the crown prince he was traumatised and abused by Yeongjo’s treatment of both his father and himself. The parts with his grandfather were some of the best scenes in the show. His portrayal of the king wasn’t just nuanced but he also humanised Jeongjo and showed how lonely it was on the throne having everything except the only person he truly wanted. Couple that with the fact that it was an authentic saeguk that comes with its own set of difficulties most actors can’t master, Junho’s award was fully deserved. To narrow it down to just screen presence and charisma is glossing over everything else that made his performance award-worthy.

      • @EM, Junho is really good, especially in the first half… I kind feels he deserved the award. But kind underwhelming in the third act. it’s not about delivery since he is master it. more about the depth of the character he potray. Lee Se young is overshining him overall especialy in the third act.

      • She will goes on depth again. Wait isn’t she the same lady who love actresses like SHY or Ji Soo who couldn’t act at all

      • @missjb

        No, it won’t and shouldn’t break idol prejudice. Not all idol actors are equal. It just means that LJH can act. Other idols will have to prove themselves, then they’ll also be embraced.

        His new fangirls on here who knew he existed but didn’t give a damn about him before TRS yet are acting all Saul-Paul now can type as many clapback essays as they want to what I’m about to write next…. But that idol prejudice is what exaggerated his good performance. All the praises were in the tone of ‘gasp! I didn’t know an idol could act like this.’ If an already trusted actor delivered his exact performance, no one would be as blown away because it’s expected from a trusted actor. But because he’s an idol, it was blown out of proportion. Some of the other nominees had way more incredible performances but idol prejudice and popularity helped JH win.

        And for some weird reason, flashy acting/characters are more valued in K-dramaland than subtle, understated acting/characters which is actually harder to play. You do an ugly cry in a drama and the stans go, ‘give him/her an Oscar!’ As if it’s hard to do. LOL. Anyways, cheerio!

    • disagree. lsy was pretty underwhelming throughout. She had a few moments of shining but nothing award worthy

      • Yeah I almost dropped the drama twice bcs of the actress. The relationship between the old King and Prince kept me coming back.

  11. What I love about Junho’s acting is that it is not only his facial expression , even his body language changed according to the character.

    Lee Joon is another capable idol actor.
    But he can’t do ‘Junho’ yet in ‘Bloody Heart’.

    I have never seen Junho act before and I seriously have idol actor prejudice. And he made me into a fan .
    That speaks a lot.

  12. Congrats to the winners. After the first episode of 2521, I knew Kim Tae Ri would get a Baeksang nom, and now she even won it. I said it before that Squid Games will not sweep the awards and glad it didn’t.

  13. Junho imo deserved it because his role as yi San left a mark in kdrama history. Squid game was given Daesang so LJJ was out of competition.

    However kim tae ri wasn’t the best choice. They really went all out for popularity ig. Like some of the best actress worthy performances weren’t even nominated in the first place. And out of the 5 , my pick would definitely have been kim hye su. Her reviews were so damn good meanwhile kim tae ri was criticised for her forced acting in the first few episodes. So how did she manage to win is beyond my understanding.

    • KTR was wonderful as NHD once the first one or two episodes passed. Did you watch the show?

      People need to give characters time to settle in and not be so fast to write actors off as oVeRrAtEd. I’m happy KTR turned opinions around and won this year because her NHD was marvelous.

      • No she wasn’t that great in 2521. One of her weakest performance of all time.

      • @hhh, I’m at loss for what to say then. I have watched all her works and 2521 is right up there.

        This is the only place I have seen so many complaints about KTR’s acting. She was getting praise all over DB, Reddit, and Twitter during 2521’s run.

    • @Yzma – KTR’s win is actually getting mixed reactions from the knetz. Alot of people are saying her acting sucked in 2521 while other saying it was the character and not her acting.

      I’m surprised the Korean reaction is still this mixed. I agree she was off at the start, but I do think it took time to get used to the character and I loved her by the end and was rooting for her to win the Baeksang.

  14. My fave actor bogummy is back. … You look amazingly good and did your MCing fantastic… Waiting for your next projects… Hope, soon🙏🙏

    • Yay here for bogummy too. We might need to wait for a month for his casting news but always praying for the best for him. He’s so handsome last night.

  15. My definition of a great performance is when I couldn’t imagine anyone else in the same role, so I would totally agree with LJH and KTR wins.

    For example, LJJ is good in Squid Game, but his performance didn’t define Squid Game’s success, meaning replace him with another actor and SG will still be the same.

    And yay to PBG’s return, beaming with a bit of a rounded cheek that is totally healthy !

  16. So disapointed for Kim Nam-Gil, he deserved it. His acting in Through the Darkness, this character were incredible. Even Jung Hae-In showed something very different from the usual ML. JH was good but he didn’t bring anything different.

    I would have been nice if One The Verge of Insanity won the writting, because the the story was really great for a simple story like this when Juvenile Justice used the usual strings.

    I was very for D.P., it was the best Netflix drama for me and they deserved they 3 awards!

    • @Sayaris,I agree, i’m happy for Junho because he was really good and i love Red Sleeve and i know that you liked better The King’s affection BUT Kim Nam Gil’s acting in Through the Darkness was above . It was so nuanced . It was like i was watching a documentary with the real profiler . That speaks a lot .

      • His character was so unique and KNG was perfect in this role. The fact it was inspired by a true story and real murderers. This drama was one of the best investigation dramas.

        Honestly, I didn’t like the writting of Red Sleeve but I liked Junho’s performance. But his best scenes were the ones with Lee Deok-Hwa, who would have been a good winner for the second role actor. He was the one who most shined for me.

  17. No matter what international fans say, Junho’s Yisan was phenomenal for Korean viewers. What he did was remarkable and no one could every replicate that.

    That is why Korean media in TV, prints and online named his performance as Yisan Syndrome. And I agree 100%. Junho performance stands out over the other nominees because of it’s authenticity & full immersion. It felt so real and he embodied the character perfectly.

    • Oh shut up with the ass-kissing! JH doesn’t care about anyone here. He’s too busy celebrating his double win. If people want to rant, let them rant till they feel better and move on. This happens with EVERY award winner. He’s not unique.

    • Ah, it’s that misty-eyed commenter. And naive too. You think everyone who wins an award deserves it? You must not know about award politics. Poor thing.

      • It’s kind of cute that you think an idol actor of all people would have a sway over acting award politics when the entire industry treat acting idols as second class lol

      • I mean, it’s Baeksang, man, it’s undeniably more prestigious ang legitimate than some network awards lol.
        That’s why Kang Ha Neul won for When the Camellia Blooms when the other candidates at that time are miles more popular than him and from bigger agencies to boot lol
        Junho deserves the win, period. The others were great too, but he’s the one who left an impact with his Yi San role and people are still talking about his performance after the drama ended. It’s okay to have your own bet, but let’s not be delusional here

      • LMAO Award politics in baeksang done by an idol actor??? All these conspiracy theories to cope are hilarious

    • We are not always agree with Every award decision. does it make our opinion less credible just because we aren’t agree with the decision? their final decision will definitely devide opinion because we aren’t robot who agree the same think.

  18. Junho’s performance knocked every one else’s out of the running. He was sure to win this after bagging the PD award tbh. Agreed that the only competition he had was LJJ, & that too only due to seniority, not performance. What international fans don’t realise is that a good sageuk performance is always far more difficult and challenging to pull off than the majority of modern day roles. And Junho didn’t just give a good performance, he gave an excellent, career defining one. Truly deserved that trophy, and he’ll continue to succeed and collect more. The guy just has that je ne sais quoi. It’ll be fun watching his international naysayers eat their words when he does some popular netflix show that they actually watch and bandwagon on, instead of just running their mouths without even having seen trs like most of them are doing now.

  19. Congratulations to all winners. I have to say though that KTR ‘s overacting performance in 2521 was the one that made me drop the drama after 4 episodes and lost any interest even though when they announced the cast I was so excited to see the drama just for her . I loved KHS in Justice Juvenile but we all don’t see things with the same eye.Then congratulations again to all.

  20. Let people be salty as I am salty too. I do believe, aside from the Best Actor award, PD Jung Jiin should have won the Best Director.

  21. Hahaha… Wow. During the airing of Red Sleeve, y’all were using Junho to discredit and undermine other actors and their achievements. And now he’s on the receiving end. The karma is just finger-lickin’ good. Hahahahaha

    • During airing, it’s always Junho who’s been discredited .. idol actor blah blah while the co-star has decades of experience blah blah..

      Well, all the actor in The Red Sleeve did great. In particular, my fave acting duo were Junho and Lee Doekwha. Their scenes together were spectacular.

      I thought TRS would have won 3 awards; Best Actor, Best Director and Cinematography. Well, One win out of 7 nominations is better than nothing at all.

      • I’m not discreting Junho. Just there is people among the nominee who is better than him in terms of performances… But this win make indication idol stereotype that they can’t get the awards. I kind accept it. rather choose him than Im Shi Hwan..

    • If the ‘karma’ you’re talking about means he snatched every awards available, of course it’s finger-lickin’ good hahahaha

  22. This year’s nominees were mostly meh anyway. They had to leave out some of the greats to give the youngins a chance. While the other greats were too great not to nominate.

    The judges just sat there like, “you know what, the seniors have nothing more to prove. They’re legendary. They’ve won so much already. So even though their performances are far superior, let’s give the young ones a chance this time.” Period.

    • I feel every award show does this. The seniors are clearly more experienced and nuanced in their performance but at one point they have to give the youngsters more recognition. Hence, that happens generally everywhere.

      • Welp, looks like your beloved veterans failed to bag the awards this year.

        There’s some weird butt-kissing of age going on here. Actors should be judged by their performances, not by their seniority.

  23. People should also be reminded that Lee Junho also won Best Actor at the 34th Korean PD Awards.

    Junho win is the first time I’m confident that it’s indisputable.

  24. Who is the woman is the 6th picture, in a black dress ? (Just before the picture of Suzy).
    She reminds me of Kim Min Hee but I last time that I saw some pictures of her (3 months ago maybe), she looked old and sad, I couldn’t recognise her.

  25. Congratulation to all the winner. I haven’t watched TRS yet so I have nothing to say about LJH. As for Kim Taeri, she portrayed Na Heedo well. Not her best performance, I find Go Aeshin to be better, but she still deserves her award for her range (she nailed every emotions) and her dedication to also learn fencing. Shine brighter to all.

    And especially to park bo gum who looks hot last night. Can’t believe military changes him that much lol. And his smooth voice only getting deeper. Can’t wait to see what kind of project he would do next. Hopefully some mature role with grey/dark personality. It would go well with his post ms body and voice. Wishing only the best for him.

  26. I’m still shocked why LSY not get any award from this event. Red Sleeved the most super talented actor & actresses in giving their roles and emotion throughout the scenes. Congratulation to LJH!!!

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