Romance Drama Understanding of Love Finalizes Casting of Yoo Yeon Seok, Moon Ga Young, Jung Ga Ram, Geum Sae Rok

I feel like some actors or actresses are in one project after another while others infrequently produce new fare. K-actress Moon Ga Young is one of those back-to-back-to-back and beyond actresses and with her upcoming Link she’s now signed on for another drama the romance Understanding of Love. And before that she had True Beauty and that followed Find Me in Your Memory. I’m glad she’s in hot demand but it’s starting to blend for me when I hear of her dramas. This one, though, doesn’t sound interesting in synopsis but I like the entire cast. The male lead is Yoo Yeon Seok and the supporting leads will be Jung Ga Ram and Geum Sae Rok. The drama is set in an institutional bank and is a work place romance, so basically the bank version of Forecasting Love and Weather lol. I’m sure it’s more than that but this is all we have to go on for now.


Romance Drama Understanding of Love Finalizes Casting of Yoo Yeon Seok, Moon Ga Young, Jung Ga Ram, Geum Sae Rok — 6 Comments

  1. YYS is really good actor and glad he’s getting another lead role again. But work romance definitely needs good chemistry between the leads. Here’s hoping that this would be more like Dr.Romantic rather than Warm and Cozy.

    I guess MGY is in demand right now but this casting doesn’t seem interesting including the supporting leads.

  2. Why her male leads always 10+ years older or 1997 liners? Can’t she get a normal casting? Agreed her roles do blur together mostly because she isn’t good enough to differentiate her characters. Wonder why YYS turned down the PMY drama for this. Both sounds unappealing but this one has the most unimaginative premise.

    • I do think he’d be more likely to have chemistry with PMY—most do! Which is no shade to MGY, who’s had plenty of chemistry with costars in the past, but imho with ones closer to her own age in True Beauty and Tempted.

      • I thought she had great chemistry with Anchor-nim (Kim Dong Wook) in Find Me in Your Memories.m and their age gap is big.

  3. An office romance doesn’t mean another Forecasting Love that was bad. At least, we don’t get weather metaphors in every episode!

  4. Too bad, with PMY it would have been a more promising team up.

    It’s not often I see actors paired with actresses closer to their age. Same with actresses they always get paired with a younger guy. And the audience seems not to like these kind of pairing as well. Most apparent in two recent dramas Now we are Breaking Up was beaten by MBC’s sageuk and Melancholia only averaged 2%.

    Only Twenty-Five Twenty-One was loved, probably because the gap is merely four years and the lead Nam Joo Hyuk also had a well received drama with Han Ji Min years ago.

    I almost forgot PMY’s weather drama did well despite the 8 year gap. So I guess it really depends on the audience taste.

    Sadly, when some were finally paired with someone closer age wise the drama didn’t do well rating-wise. 2019 JTBC’ Chocolate averaged % and last year’s TVN You are my Spring did worse with 2%.

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