Coupang Play Drama Anna with Suzy Debuts to Rave K-netizen Feedback for Great Acting, Directing, and Narrative Pacing

I have the hugest soft spot for idol-actress Suzy but I never go into her new drama or movie thinking she’s going to vastly improve. Incrementally for sure, that’s possible, but a great step forward hasn’t happened yet in her decade of acting. But this may be it, her new Coupang Play drama Anna premiered on Friday and with just two episodes released is garnering probably the best netizen feedback of Suzy’s career. K-netizens are saying the acting is excellent across the board especially Suzy as the lead carrying the heavy load of all the scenes. The PD is also getting raves for her deft visuals and well-paced directing. The only complaint is that this airs on Coupang Play which means for K-netizens who subscribe to various platforms already it’s one more streamer to subscribe to if they want to watch it.


Coupang Play Drama Anna with Suzy Debuts to Rave K-netizen Feedback for Great Acting, Directing, and Narrative Pacing — 27 Comments

  1. I sneak at the raws and the cinematography is so good like a movie. The production behind this drama are full on movie crews plus Suzy’s acting is very good. I still can’t say by how much since I need to see subs first tho.

  2. The accumulated subtle surgeries over the years of hers are so so so good. I really want to know her doctor(s) 😭😭. I wish I had one Korean celeb friend, something like this could only be heard through the grapevine.. and maybe connection just to get an appointment..

  3. To be honest, this is the very first time while I was watching Suzy without even one time getting distracted by the fact that it’s Suzy playing because her performance is just so grasping and I was fully convinced with her character. She depicted this role with great precision and subtlety that I could relate and feel empathy for her. I think Suzy has become a solidified actress with this work.

  4. Coupang Play has some really good productions. Too bad they aren’t very good at promoting or collaborating with other airing mediums to get their drama across. If these dramas aired in a local network along with CP (similar to Netflix), it would really give them a bigger audience. But I get it, Netflix is international and CP is local. Still, there’s something missing with the way they’re approaching this.

    • Viu got the international streaming rights for OOD, why does Anna still have no international platform? Suzy isn’t even a hallyu nugu… kinda weird

      • I think because Anna is actually their first original series so they want it exclusively. OOD is a remake.

      • @Mikan, Anna is based on a novel, so not exactly original either if you want to go with that reasoning.

  5. Seeing the good reviews of her acting, this might be a career changing role for Suzy. Even if the show doesn’t have as much exposure as Netflix originals, I think she’ll finally shed off the image of being just a pretty face, which is worth it for the potential of her future career. I’m so glad to see her growth in acting.

  6. Let see if Suzy wins best actress in blue dragon series awards this year. The new award show is exclusively for ott k-dramas. Jisoo is nominated for best actress in Snowdrop. I guess the standard isn’t that high.

    • It doesn’t look like Anna and the its cast are included in the list of those eligible for nominations for the Blue Dragon Series awards. Probably didn’t make the cut-off just like Yumi’s Cells S2. Jisoo is eligible for nominations and is included for fan-voting purposes but the final list of nominees still isn’t out yet. Those who win the fan-votes automatically get a point in addition to the jury votes just like how it’s done with the Blue Dragon Film awards.

      • She literally look the same when wearing high school uniform in here ??the only difference is she lost weight

      • Wait wrong comment anyway blue dragon actually include coupang in their line up so she have a chance plus the drama is doing well in Korea trending everywhere so probably it might get at least some nominations especially the cinematography/directing team

      • Dramas that did well on OTTs I guess. Through the Darkness, Tracer, Youth of May, Yumi’s Cells S1, Bossam are also included in the pre-nominations. I may be forgetting other dramas also shown on broadcast

      • The OTT companies mentioned in the press release were Netflix, TVING, Disney Plus, Apple TV, Watcha, Wavve, TVING, Coupang, Kakao and Seezn. A lot of the dramas included were co-productions of cable and free to air channels and those OTTs like Snowdrop (JTBC/Disney Plus) and Yumi’s Cells (TVING/tvN). Bossam, Tracer, Youth of May, Through the Darkness, One The Woman were co-productions with Wavve.

  7. I live in Australia and only watch Kdramas. I have already subscribed to three platforms. I cannot afford another and that is so sad as i will kiss seeing Anna. I love watching Suzie act.

  8. the fact all the reviews are positive about her acting, drama ,directing and a lot a people are getting interested in this drama ,,speak volumes” …

  9. Anna is really a breakthrough role for Suzy’s career. I watched this series without noticing that its played by her. Immaculate acting for immaculate work.

  10. 2021/22 are the years second generation Idols have their prominent step ups in acting industry.

    Male Junho in The Red Sleeve
    Female Yuri in Bossam , IU in Broker,
    Suzy in Anna

    Next coming up is Yoona with The Big Mouth.I really wanna see her improvement too.

    • Yoona has shown improvement ever since Exite, shes been nominated for Best Actress at Blue Dragon Awards like three times and thats like Korean Oscars. She has more nominations than Suzy,IU, Yuri and Junho all togethet lol.

      • Yeah, I want to see her improvement in a drama.

        Unlike movies, in which main leads are supported and screen shared by great veteran actors, leading roles have a lot of screentime and the actors need to prove themselves more.

        I have followed Yona since her early drama days ,but I was not charmed by none of her performances yet.

        I described IU in Broker , but she has already proved her acting since ‘My Mister’.

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