Popular C-actor Xu Kai and Rising Actress Yu Shu Xin Cast in the Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Chinese Paladin 6 Titled Sword and Fairy

I’ve only recently gotten the appeal of some of the rising and popular young actors from the past 5 years, since after 2015 I really stopped watching C-dramas and without watching it’s hard to like or dislike anyone. So it’s basically with the era of Chen Xiao, Lin Geng Xin, Li Yi Feng, Yang Yang, Zhang Han that I left off. So it’s with Ren Jia Lun and his angry merman (and earlier even hotter angry royal constable) that I’m learning about that gen of male leads, which brings me to Xu Kai. He legit looks so baby-faced that I couldn’t fathom taking him seriously as a male lead and yet here he is a few years into headlining big name dramas so might as well check him out soon. That soon may be in his next project – he’s just been cast in the very high profile C-drama adaptation of Chinese Paladin 6 the 6th gen of the xianxia video game where the first gen became CP the drama with Hu Ge and Crystal Liu and the third gen was CP3 with Hu Ge and Yang Mi. CP6 was announced in November 2021 but is just casting now, with the title being Sword and Fairy and the female lead will be rising still relatively unknown singer-actress Yu Shu Xin. Filming is slated for this year with a 2023 release date.


Popular C-actor Xu Kai and Rising Actress Yu Shu Xin Cast in the Highly Anticipated C-drama Adaptation of Chinese Paladin 6 Titled Sword and Fairy — 23 Comments

  1. Esther Yu is hardly unknown, she’s been the lead in quite a few popular dramas and has an upcoming drama with Dylan Wang. She won me over in Find Yourself as the typical second female lead she made the character worth rooting for. Also anyone falling into the charms of Allen Ren needs to watch Miss Crow With Mr Lizard. Despite the nonsensical plot and title all 4 leads are charming with off the charts chemistry.

  2. Ren Jialun being so baby faced would never have guessed he was married and had a child but he is young only 33. Wonder why he married so early.

  3. Xu Kai was fabulous in Arsenal Military Academy. So charming and effortless and alive. I slogged through some very slow episodes towards the middle/end for him and Bai Lu.

    It helps that I love Republic era style- clothes, cars and buildings are all pure eye candy.

    • AMA is the reason I feel in love with Cdramas! Who would have thought a Republican Era drama would become my gateway drama! Xu Kai and Bai Lu made every episode worth watching but the supporting cast was great too and the plot was interesting!

    • I really liked him in Arsenal Military Academy. I don’t watch fantastic historical Cdramas, so I only can watch him in modern ones.

  4. I started watching Chinese dramas in 2017 on a very superficial basis (meaning only what’s popular) and even I know who Esther You is….so I think she has enough works under her belt to be a ‘known’ actress.

  5. Esther Yu is unexpectedly charming. She’s cutesy in variety shows, but really professional in BTS interviews. I loved her in Moonlight with Ryan Ding and look forward to the upcoming Love Between Fairy and Devil (I hope it’s better written than The Blue Whisper meaning it followed the novel closely). Her magazine promos with Dylan Wang for Bazaar and Neufmode are so pretty.

    • Which brings me to the point, why don’t we ever get magazine spreads for C actors in this blog? They are much much better than the Korean ones. Please can we have some of the gorgeous eye candy from all the fashion events and magazine spreads for C actors? The one with Esther Yu and Dylan Wang have been especially gorgeous.

  6. Am I the only one who finds Xu Kai and Song Kang to be extremely similar? From their career trajectory to insane popularity. Imagine if they ever appear at the same place at the same time the fandom screams would be insane.

  7. Xu Kai is one of the more traditionally good looking up and coming 95-ers. And yes, I echo all the other commenters in that Yu Shuxin is very well known. In terms of recognisability, she might be better than Xu Kai.

    • That’s ridiculous. Xu Kai is much more well-known due to Story of Yanxi Palace which was a huge hit in both China and Asia despite being only a second male lead in that drama whereas Yu Shuxin has yet to have a hit drama.

  8. I like Esther’s acting, especially since she uses her own voice instead of voice actors (I don’t really like watching dubbed dramas). It’s weird because for how “exaggerated” her acting can be, I find it very natural and charming. Her last few dramas were good as well.


  10. Excelente actor.. Me encantó mucho actuación junto con la actriz Cheng Xiao..su quimica fue espectacular.. Me enamore de ese.. Drama.. Y desesperada por la 2 parte…esa sonrisa tuya

  11. I think some of you are a tad too sensitive. It is true that Yu Shuxin is relatively unknown as an actress in China, she doesn’t have a hit drama under her belt compared to other young actresses like Yang Zi and Zhao Lusi. For 95er (1995-1999) actresses, the most famous one is probably Zhao Lusi due to The Romance of Tiger and Rose and Who Rules The World. Even with these 2 dramas which aren’t considered hit dramas (TROTR is only at small breakout level and Who Rules The World is average), Zhao Lusi still hasn’t hit B-list yet, so how can Yu Shuxin be considered “known”?

    • Exactly!!!! Speaking of which I absolutely love her and believe she’s BEEN due a big budget leading actress role

  12. lol it’s funny that you mention Chen Xiao because imo Xu Kai looks so much like him. he’s like a younger, taller version of Chen Xiao. wasn’t surprised to learn he’s also a Yu Zheng actor.

    • Xu Kai is much more handsome than Chen Xiao, much taller and bigger. However Chen Xiao has better acting skills than Xu Kai’s

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