Kim So Hyun Shares SNS Update with Fans Showcasing Simple Elegant Summer Style

Well this is a nice surprise, I haven’t seen much of K-actress Kim So Hyun in recent months but this week she updated her SNS with lots of pretty pictures. She shared a close up and two additional pictures showing her hanging out at a cafe. She’s wearing a simple black tank top with tan linen pants, a very pretty summer look. She doesn’t have a new project lined up as far as I’m aware but if it’s intentional and she’s enjoying this year 2022 so far then I’m happy for her.


Kim So Hyun Shares SNS Update with Fans Showcasing Simple Elegant Summer Style — 48 Comments

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  2. Missing her sm😭. Glad she posted non-background photos and she’s gorgeous as always. Hoping the next article about her will be about her leaving her current agency… until then I’ll keep waiting for her next project.

    • What is the agency’s fault? Based on KSH’s interview, it is her intention to be on a total hiatus – no dramas, movies, CFs or even photoshoots.

      • Lol she probably posted these pics after getting a text or call from her manager basically telling her to and got them done in 15 minutes and went back to enjoying her day. Anyway, good for her on taking time for herself and really resting, I like that.

      • No her Y Mag interview said she would take a break from acting not a total hiatus. The break got extended because of poor management and whatever internal mess her agency is dealing with.

      • Good Rumbu for acting like you know the internal affairs happening. She said she is having a break and it is indefinite. So, we cannot say it is extended because she did not say when she will stop her break.

      • @myranna are you even sane? Did you not see her IG post in Jan when she said she will be back very soon with a new drama? Clearly her break was never meant to be this long. Even her manager posted on IG about the constant disappointment and frustration. Don’t pretend to be a fan when you’re not.

      • You are insane. Her definition of soon might be different from your definition of soon.

        You are not just used to So Hyun taking a long break. Please understand her. She is working non-stop since her childhood. Let just criticize her agency once there is really a valid proof that there is mistreatment.

      • Don’t want to argue or anything, but didn’t someone here just said that culture depot is getting dissolved on some recent post? If that’s the case, then I don’t think her agency is intentionally mistreating/underpromoting her, they’re just going through some mess we’re not privy to, so even though they probably want to manage her properly, they can’t at the moment. That’s how I see it, anyway

  3. I hope her current agency prove my negative thought abuot them are wrong and give her best project ASAP!

    Well, i cant really blame them about sohyun hiatus, because it seem her intention. I hear she continuous her study in Hanyang, she also in her last year and look like very busy with graduation project.

    • Isn’t she still in her 2nd year since she took a leave of absence after her 1st year? She’s been gone from college for 3-4 years now. Would love to see her graduate soon but think it’ll be a few more years before that happens. Can’t believe this beauty turned 23 just last month. Been watching her since she was 13 but already it’s been 10 years. Her new agency does absolutely nothing to promote her which is sad. Wish she would have Cfs at least but don’t think she cares for endorsements. Acting is her passion so hoping she’ll pick something new soon.

      • No, she isnt in her 2nd years. She accept in Hanyang around 2017, 2018-2019 some of her classmate upload photo with her (sometime with JGR 😂), even in 2020 she still support her departement project theather in IG story (if i remember right).

        In last month in 2021, i hear from kfans that see seem doing winter project with her classmate. And in July there OP who see her in Hanyang.

        So she probably in her 3rd-4th years, not 2nd.

  4. Wowza! She looks gorgeous! KSH has always been elegant and chic but as she grows older she’s really coming into her own! Drop dead gorgeous! Her visuals are far too underrated and I’m not sure her time off is intended or not since she did indicate in Jan than she would be back soon but nonetheless it’s doing great for her overall well-being! She’s literally glowing and her body line is insane! Missing her like crazy!

    • yeah I’m literally jealous of her face and body, talk about being naturally blessed 😭
      I wish she’s in more CFs because her beauty is just so pleasant to the eyes (jealous of her soft, dainty features), but I respect her decision if she’s not into all that. and yes, self-care is so important especially that k-celebs are so excessively scrutinized. good for her!

      • She just landed a new endorsement deal with JM Solutions which is a cosmetic company. Never heard of it before but they’ve had LBH, HHJ, KGE, KTH and JHI as brand ambassadors so that’s a pretty huge line up of A List celebs for one brand. Anyways we can be happy she isn’t retiring so that’s sorted for now.

    • I agree with everything you said, but how on earth is her visuals underrated? Whenever she’s mentioned, people won’t shut up about how beautiful she is, which is understandable lol. She’s known for her beauty in korea, she was even the youngest in the top 30 Most Beautiful Entertainers of ALL TIME list by KBS. Netizens, both koreans and non-koreans, also acknowledge her beauty, and the characters she play are always the beautiful-but-doesn’t-know-it, super desirable girl who the boys fight over. IDK, I was just surprised that someone will say her beauty is underrated when her beauty is always mentioned when she’s being talked about. She’s literally known as one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation lol

  5. First of all, she looks so gorgeous as always, so fresh and looks like her break is doing her good! 😍
    Anyway, one KSH fan account on Instagram posted an update about some korean netizen spotting her at Hanyang University just recently, so I think school is a factor in her break (but feel free to correct me in this). Also, her caption for this beautiful Instagram post, when translated in english, says, “The aftermath of hard work”, so I think she’s really just enjoying her break after a long time working. I’ve seen the essay-long comments on here about her becoming “irrelevant” or whatever just because she doesn’t have any projects lined up right now, but I still say it’s definitely intentional on her part. It happened in 2020 too, which is the year following 2019 (where she had two dramas, Love Alarm and Tale of Nokdu), her fans even called that period in 2020 “So Hyun draught” lol
    I’m seeing a pattern here where she takes like two dramas in a year, then take a 1-year break. I think she’ll probably start taking projects next year, just as she took a rest in 2020 then came back with two dramas in 2021.

    But the bottomline is, people need to stop talking like some expert or industry insider, going around predicting who’s going to be relevant and irrelevant. it’s a very unpredictable industry, after all. For example, some dramas that people think will be a hit turned out to be flops, and on the other hand, we’ve had some unexpected hits this year. Plenty of veteran actors also got some kind of career resurgence after one hit drama. Let’s all just wait and see. After all, KSH is beautiful, talented, and young, shouldn’t be difficult for her to get a good agency soon and she has plenty of time to start fresh. Let’s all just calm down lol

    So happy with this post! 😍

    • Yes yes! Lol I know what comment thread you’re referring to, the comments there were so over the top and overdramatic literally saying this girl has no future in the entertainment business anymore 💀
      They literally creating ridiculous theories when in reality, girlie is just enjoying her vacation. The fact that she’s not as active in social media as she was before proves that she just want some break from the limelight and just recharging lol

  6. Wow, so beautiful! My dumb ass thought it was Kang Ha Na at first lmao
    not a fan, but happy to see her just chillin and taking her time to rest

  7. Amazing how much her IG followers keep growing, it’s 12.3 million now lol… and that’s without any drama currently airing!
    Just queen things 😎

  8. Finally after 6.5 months we have an article for KSH on this blog. It’s sad not to have a constant barrage of news for your fave. Love that she’s taking her me time seriously because look at that glow. Her features are gorgeous and she’s always been stunning but now it’s next level. Love how she’s not cutesy but mature yet youthful. Her style is fab never knew she was the fashionista type but she’s got this whole look down 💯

  9. Good grief, comments here make it sound like she is the female Won Bin. But even Won Bin does CFs. Some fans just can’t accept that their fave has no offers.

    • I’m pretty sure she has enough offers because even C list celebs with 1-2% ratings keep getting drama offers. There’s enough work to go around but the bigger problem might be she’s getting same kind of roles with little to no variety. That’s why she’s probably decided to walk away until something worthwhile comes along. With regards to endorsements Sohyun has never been CF orientated. She’s more like Kim Namgil and Yoo Ahin who almost never do endorsements because they want to be known as actors not CF King or one of those shallow moniker. This is why Sohyun is the youngest nominee for Baeksang Best Actress and also why she won a Top Excellence so quickly and with high critical praise. She knows she’s achieved accolades much faster than she intended so she wants to take the time off until something offbeat comes to her again. It’s hard to top something as excellent as her last role. Besides 2 years off in a 14 year career is no big deal. She’s clearly swimming in luxury looking at that Celine bag and Iphone plus the Samsung flip in her bag. Never seen her this luxurious before but then again I have to remind myself she owned a Coach leather jacket at 18. Girl probably owns a building or two for all we know. She’s clearly making bank even on hiatus.

      • That didn’t take long for a butt kisser to write an essay why she isn’t getting work. Just hopeless.

    • I agree with you Lily

      Some people can’t accept that she is not getting any work

      Kim se jung has captured rom com & there are many new talents that are going to overpower the Kim trio

      • stop using kim trio already lol. kim saeron isn’t even in the same league with the kim duo. probably has been cancelled already. just use kim duo next time.

      • Lol. The fact that you always compare KSJ with the Kim duo just means that the duo is still the standard.

      • Stop token stannig sejeong. When people were bashing sejeong,you were nowhere. Now you’re bashing other actresses using her name,so sejeong will get hate.

      • @tulip “Token stanning”, that’s such a perfect descriptor, thank you 👏
        I’ve said it in the suzy post, but seems like people here have a favorite actress of the month that they like to use to bash other actresses lol
        First, they were using han so hee to downplay suzy, then kim sejeong to bash the kim duo, and now seems like PEB is their new girl to use to bash suzy and the kim duo and downplay their achievements. So tired of it

  10. After reading all of the comments, these are my opinions where I believe :-

    1. She is busy with her university study that’s why she isn’t taking any dramas.
    2. She still got some drama offers but she rejected it behind the scene.
    3. Her agency is sucks. They mistreated her and only focused on one person. I can’t believe some of her fans still defend this agency. they like to act as a saint people, believing blindly that it’s sohyun decision for EVERYTHING that had happened.
    4. There is indeed something wrong with her agency. If not, why would the director, JJH and SJH left? why would the website is shut down? 1 of NIW fan japanese speaker (u know who she is) said the page was hacked and all of the fandom were in a chaos. my thoughts is, how sure is she that the page was hacked?

    I don’t believe:-

    1. She doesn’t want to get any CF like some of her fans claimed. why would she?? sometimes fans are too pathetic for delusioning themselves. They just can’t accept the bitter truth. having CF is good for her career. yes she is KBA best actress, and BAA best actress nominee. but so what? if the agency doesn’t manage her well, these awards are pointless. like tell me, how well the agency treat her so far? 1 mv and 2 magazines, but some fans already feel content lol.
    2. She’s in a total hiatus because she wants to. i don’t think so. I believe the agency internal problem also played a role for this decision.

    and stop saying:-

    1. “Based on KSH’s interview, it is her intention to be on a total hiatus – no dramas, movies, CFs or even photoshoots.”

    hey stop creating a story! there’s no such she had said in her interview to be in a total hiatus lol.
    2. like she doesn’t want to do any cf. how do u know? how do u even know? u aren’t her. just accept the bitter truth that she doesn’t get cf offer yet. well i believe, as long as she’s in cd, she’ll not get any cf offer. actually, I’m not even sure cd is still exist. who knows if studio dragon want to rename it to a new name.

    ok that’s all.

      • you are more pathetic. I’m just assuming, while u went straight to tell a blatant lie, quoting something that didn’t even exist. u don’t have to be industry insider to assume what’s going on lmao. but i know you aren’t even her fan. stop pretending to be super kim sohyun fan like u always did in many previous articles. so fake. even a non fan will easily notice how u always triggered a fanwar.

      • Girl you are blinded and pathetuc by your stupidness and hatred. Whatever you say, at the end of the day, all what you said is just a speculation. Not a fact. So, you are a loser.

      • tell that to your face lol. none in my statement I’ve insisted that my opinions are facts. unlike u who are trying so hard to refute others’ opinions, and behave like u are the mrs rightest. as if you also didn’t try to speculate things. what a hypocrite. if anything, u are the one who always put sohyun and other actress in trouble in this site. u think others don’t know? well, whatever. it is pointless to reason with u.

  11. Wow so LADY now. Gone the days of being a young lady. I miss this actress. Hope to see her soon with Bogum in a drama coz they are really good on screen. Or even in any drama that she will portray another challenging roles.

  12. I know that she has said about taking a break but I am sure even she did not think this would be so long break. There was also news where it said she was reviewing some project and that was like 6 or 7 months back. From whatever I have seen, her agency is not doing a good job. When she was in a break before there was still photoshoots and updates but this time there is nothing. This has been happening ever since she joined CD and two actress and CEO has also left the agency. She is still young and not established so she has to keep working as we see many rookie actors every year. So, I hope this will end soon and we will hear some updates regarding her next project soon. Also, I hope she will leave CD if they are not doing proper job. I really miss her and hope to see her soon on screen.♥️

  13. She looks amazing, happy and healthy. I’m actually glad for her to focus on herself but at the same time it doesn’t seem like she’ll ever have the same peace of mind if she goes back to acting. The industry is tough and competitive and in order to not get behind you need to promote constantly. People often reference senior actors going on break and still retaining their career but that’s the whole point. Senior actresses after reaching a certain age and attaining enough success can afford to go on long breaks. Even TaeJiHye and SYJ promoted like crazy in their 20s before slowing down in their early 30s. I don’t think KSH is cut out for the constant competition and seems to be the kind that wears out quickly. If she takes a 2 year break after every project without ever hitting it big then her value will continue to depreciate. I wish she would focus on her mental health and announce her retirement instead. She’s earned enough money to last her for the rest of her life. Even without CFs I’m sure her dramas paid her more than enough and she probably has stocks or buildings or other assets to keep her going financially. The more I see of her during her break the more it feels like she’s happier away from the screen and the industry as a whole. This is the happiest I’ve seen her look her entire career and her skin is glowing, her eyes aren’t puffy for the first time in forever and her body looks healthy. I hope she graduates from university doing all the fun ordinary things she wants and maybe continues as a theater artist which seems more her speed. I have my doubts she’ll ever return to acting on screen especially since we are more than half way through the year and she neither has an agency nor a manager but seems completely unbothered. Either way, this year we are unlikely to get anymore news about her especially not casting news. Since she didn’t even cameo in even of the follow dramas by the PD of RWTMR it seems only obvious she won’t return to acting again. Its sad as a fan who loves her work but for her as in individual its a happy thing to live a simple and ordinary life.

    • Omg please don’t talk about her retirement already.I don’t think Sohyun can ever leave acting. From whatever I have seen from her interviews, she really loves acting and she has said that feel like herself only when she is acting. So, it is kind of funny to say that she will leave it at this stage of her career when she is finally getting some appreciation for her performances. Heck I would even say she is finally starting. Maybe, there is something going behind the scene or maybe we fans are just over reacting dk but I am sure she will come back soon hopefully. I have been her fan since 2015 so it is hard to imagine not seeing her on screen ever.

      • @Pusa @Kyle you both make very good points and we can all agree our frustrations are stemming from any lack of news and updates from her side. Even on IG we barely see her which is why this post has everyone speculating. One side I’m happy to see her because she looks happy but on the other I’m sad she still doesn’t seem to be working. Recently somebody posted on Twitter that her agency CEO changed and the new head is one of the co-CEO of Studio Dragon which is good on paper but someone else also said it is likely the agency will get dissolved after all the contracts expire. Currently only thing we know for sure is that Jun Jihyun and Seo Jihye have left the agency along with the old CEO and the website has shut down. From the IG update it doesn’t look like Sohyun is bothered by any of the changes. Maybe this means she has left the agency with everyone or she has signed a new contract or it is possible she has left the agency and has no intentions of continuing as an actress which is why we have not heard anything about her contract or becoming a free agent. I agree with @Kyle that she was only just getting started but it also saddens me that in just a year her entire media presence has disappeared and nobody is speculating her absence except for us fans. What also puzzles me is that after she left Sidus why was she not flooded with cf offers? She only got Hanyul an Baush-Lomb in 2018 and 2019 but nothing else and who gets just one new cf a year? Its ridiculous that first E&T Story barely promoted her and now Culture Depot doesn’t promote her even barely. If as fans we feel so disappointed who know how disappointed Sohyun must have felt in the last 5 years. I can believe that she might consider retirement even though it would be awful to never see her on screen again. When actors take long breaks without any other activities I always worry they will quietly disappear. The same happened with Baek Jinhee who disappeared without a word after being very active for many years. We are all frantic because this “break” has gone on longer than anyone imagined without even a single activity to fill the void. If by the end of the year there is still not a single casting news, cf or magazine appearance I think we can safely assume she has left acting for good.

      • She kept changing agencies which is where she went wrong

        Sidus treated her best
        She should have not left sidus

  14. Everyone fighting over her hiatus and here I am wondering why the cafe is completely empty! Not even a barista or cashier in sight! Who served her the coffee? What a weird cafe!

  15. I want to know who KSH pissed off to get completely blacklisted by the industry. Even Netflix won’t pick up any of her new dramas nor do they promote her old dramas anymore. Worst is they offer everyone but her another Netflix Original and pick up their dramas for simulcasting. Her career has tanked because she pissed off the wrong person while everyone else is thriving.

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