Coupang Play Increases 600K Subscribers Since Premiering K-drama Anna with Suzy and Vaults to Third Largest Streaming Platform in South Korea

Call it the Suzy effect much like Park Eun Bin is rocketing the formerly unknown cable network ENA to superstardom thanks to her new drama. Streaming network Coupang Play is having a banner month thanks to K-drama Anna starring Suzy, Jung Eun Chae, and Kim Joon Han. It got great reviews for the directing by the female PD and also for female lead Suzy’s acting. The platform announced that it has increased subscribers by 600,000 in the past month and attributes it viewers signing on to watch Anna. With this increase Coupang Play now becomes the third largest streaming platform in South Korea behind Netflix and TVING.


Coupang Play Increases 600K Subscribers Since Premiering K-drama Anna with Suzy and Vaults to Third Largest Streaming Platform in South Korea — 20 Comments

  1. I watched the first 2 episodes and I didn’t like this drama. Nobody is really talking about it like EAW and Park Eun-Bin, it has never been in the buzzworthy dramas list. EAW is lucky to be on Netflix, it gives them so much more audience.

    • WAW Ep 5 just hit double digits in Seoul 10.3% and 9.1% & nationwide. It’s not luck anymore. People just love it! Phenomenal rise.

    • Buzzworthy is only for dramas in tv and cable broadcast that’s why you don’t see Suzy in it. However, Anna’s novel intimate stranger is rising in sales up to 708%. Wedding events, clothes and hotels that Anna used became trendy. This is also indicators of the drama’s success.

    • First of all “nobody is talking about this drama” it was a hot topic in all Korean fourms ,. Trending everyday with praise comments from Knetz, critics,and journalists …… second of all ofcourse it’s not included in the buzzworthy list because it’s a TV CHANNELS DRAMAS LIST LMAO…maybe if you did some research before speaking

    • Huge difference with network series vs an OTT mini series (6episodes in 3 weeks in newbie platform but its buzz really amazing…many are talking about it that the novel became #1 bestseller, Coupang doubled its stock value, even gained 600k daily users and became #3 OTT despite being newbie launched only on Dec 2020. The articles even trending for days while its preview.

      It was even became most viewed in OTT after Attorney Woo and Tom Cruise’s movie.

    • Yeah, I also didn’t really like it. EAW, on the hand, got me hooked on the first episode. I also feel like people are over-hyping Suzy’s acting, but she did improve tremendously from her previous works. As for Eunbin, she’s absolutely killing it and I see no competition for her once awards season commences.

      • Anna is full of symbolisms and with depressing tone so it is understandable that it might not be for everyone’s taste tho…overall, the directing, cinematography and the actors are really good like Kim Ju Han, Suzy, Jung Eun Chae and Park Ye Yong.

      • Suzy was praised by film critics,actorologist, actors, drama bloggers and not just knetizens btw. It’s not like any international fans have the ability to nominate best actress next year lol

      • If Suzy’s fans and K-netizens praise her, she’s called over-hyped. If credible film critics and journalists praise Suzy, she’s still considered over-hyped. People’s bias against Suzy never ends and it shows. No one insinuated that Suzy is a better actress or is getting more recognition than anyone else, but it was non-Suzy fans as always who brought up another actress to try to downplay Suzy’s achievements. PEB is killing it in EAW, and Suzy received her own buzz and acclaim for her precise and nuanced performance in Anna, which is a feat in itself considering the series was only available to stream on a previously unknown OTT. Anyways, EAW fans can look forward to Suzy’s OST since the director requested her to sing for the drama after having working together in Vagabond. That’s the Suzy effect for ya!

      • @Gibi not a Suzy fan, but everything you said is true. Commenters here love doing that, I think some of them aren’t even admirers of the actress they’re hyping, they’re just using her to downplay whichever actress they want to downplay. As a fan of the Kim duo, it’s hilarious seeing others here use KSJ to downplay those two, when they’re not even in the same age bracket and are most likely getting different type of offers lol. And as you say, people are using PEB to downplay Suzy. Just saying I totally understand how frustrating it is. People here just can’t praise an actress without dragging another down, which is super sad

      • @jennie @gibi looks like PEB is their new go-to girl to use to drag other actresses down lmao next month it’s another actress, whoever has a hit drama next lol

  2. Coupang Play is offered to the subscribers of the online trade platform Coupang as a part of the service.
    It is actually great that it rises in popularity as there will be a new drama announcement soon 😀

  3. Congrats to Suzy for a successful turnaround! Although the drama’s reach was limited by its platform, it’s nice to see Suzy finally establishing herself as a proper actress and getting applauded by film critics for her performance. Her hard work and perseverance paid off.

  4. This drama seems like it’s right up my alley and I’m curious how much Suzy improved. Wish it was on Netflix 😔

  5. Congrats to Suzy and to Coupang Play. She got gold mine in this script. She improves her acting also. This drama suits her.

  6. Sure some of it is from Anna but not all of it. The other major reason for the spike is because Coupang Play is hosting the Tottenham vs k-league exhibition games.

  7. ^Lol, anyways Coupang Play’s own CEO specifically credited Anna and Suzy for the rise in their stocks. It’s also the number one show on their platform for two+ weeks. Congrats Anna, Suzy and Coupang! 🥳

  8. ^Lol, another person trying to minimize Suzy’s impact with misinformation. Tottenham vs. K-League didn’t begin until just a couple days ago. Coupang Play’s analysis was conducted last month in June, and their own CEO credited Anna for the increase in their users, citing it as their most popular content. It’s the #1 show on their platform, clothes Anna wore have been sold out, and the novel the drama was based on became a best-seller with sales rising by 708%. So once again, congrats to Suzy and Anna! 🥳

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