C-news Reports the Streaming Platform iQiyi Reportedly Has Sued Deng Lun and His Agency for Damages Incurred From Big Budget Drama The Night Wanderer Not Being Able to Air

The cancel machine in C-ent is way more methodical and linear than in other Asian entertainments, if an actor or actress is deemed to have committed a transgression of moral turpitude and beyond (i.e. actual crimes) then it’s all the same consequence – complete erasure. C-actor Deng Lun went from flying high to cancelled this past March 2022 after it was revealed him and his agency was investigate for underreporting his taxable income and he was levied a hefty owed tax with penalty. This week C-ent discovered a recently filed lawsuit by streaming platform iQiyi against Deng Lun and his agency for damages stemming from the time traveling period C-drama The Night Wanderer with Ni Ni. It finished filming in late 2021 and was slated for an end of 2022 airing but with Deng Lun’s scandal it was assumed the drama would be shelved. Now it appears iQiyi is striking the first attack in suing for damages assuming (or knowing) The Night Wanderer is DOA. That’s such a shame, the drama looks EPIC, so gorgeous in visuals with Deng Lun as a 1930’s era lawyer in Republican era China time traveling at night to meet up and romance 2016 modern era architect played by Ni Ni.


C-news Reports the Streaming Platform iQiyi Reportedly Has Sued Deng Lun and His Agency for Damages Incurred From Big Budget Drama The Night Wanderer Not Being Able to Air — 22 Comments

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  2. China is truly a different place. No redemption story for anyone ever. You make a mistake, then you better be prepared to never make a living ever again. Why can’t he pay the tax and work again?
    In America you have a chance at redemption. Americans love a comeback story. In China, Robert Downey Jr would have been erased decades ago because of his past drug issues and never get a chance at redemption. Now I understand the concept of America as “the shinning city on a hill” . I hope cancel culture is stopped so that America won’t become like China. Unforgiving.

  3. What a shame that this drama won’t air. I adore Ni Ni, she’s such a great actress. 🙁

    I still feel kind of mystified about the whole Deng Lun tax evasion scandal. He was warned in advance but still didn’t pay the missing tax and then (as he probably knew he would) he got cancelled. On the height of his popularity as well.

    • It defies logic that the work of countless people has to go down the drain just because ONE person has a scandal. It makes more sense to punish that one person instead of punishing everyone else who took part in a drama’s production. I could see pulling a show if there was massive public outrage, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

      I saw the trailer months ago and the drama looks amazing. Ni Ni just really impressed me in The Rise of the Phoenixes and Deng Lun the same in Ashes of Love. These two looked like the were going to make the ultimate onscreen couple in a drama that wouldn’t put their pairing to waste. Was really looking forward to this one. Just hope all these shelved dramas eventually get to see the light of day.

  4. It honestly isn’t fair that so many people’s hard work and dedication is down the drain because of one person’s scandal. I understand cancelling someone if they did something that prompts that, but really, past work that involves a lot of other people shouldn’t be affected by it. Can’t it just not be for future projects instead? Such a shame as the stills look fab and it probably would’ve been a drama to look forward to.

  5. It is unfair to Deng Lun to cancel him. If he doesn’t have his career, how is he expected to pay off the taxes he owes. Maybe he was not aware of what was going on. IRS garners people’s wages who owe back taxes till the debt is paid off. Why can’t the Chinese tax department do the same??? Let Deng Lun go back to work & release all the work he has done so far, then he will have money to pay off his tax. Give him a 2nd chance please. People make mistakes. They should be given a second chance to make amends, especially if they learn from their mistakes.

    • My understanding was that he was given warnings to pay his taxes prior going public with it. But he didn’t. I am sure he have the money to pay back. He owns hot pot restaurants and properties.

      I like Deng Lun, he’s a good actor. But he should have learned from Fan Bingbing and Zheng Shuang’s mistakes. I don’t agree with the cancellation but it is what it is. It’s ashame others hard work went to waste.

      • The tax bureau in any cases won’t warn someone the specific amount of tax they need to make up. And the difference to make up arose from the revision of taxation policy, which is so common. The mechanism to pay tax is not like depositing money straightly to a phone bill or anything. Taxation is a difficult course. Each assessment to taxpayer corresponds to a specific items and records. It doesn’t make any sense to me that he has refilled the main parts but left 3 mil. So I refer to consider it due to unprofessional accounting skills of the company.

      • And there is no official information verifying this drama won’t be able to air. This article is totally lying. And the screenshot he is posting was from an accusation already withdrawn. So don’t believe in that.

  6. With how arbitrary most of the governments around the world work, I wonder if all these tax evasion charges in C-Ent are really objective, or is it one way to suppress and repress some people or groups that offended them somehow. Pretty sure their government officials (and their families) are not squeaky clean either. I mean how clueless can these C-Ent people be not to pay the “correct” taxes knowing how their government is, right? The system played them.

  7. Wow, I can’t imagine someone’s career literally being cancelled like that. It does suck that the hard work of the other actors won’t be seen either. Kind of can’t blame IQIYI for doing what they have to do.

    I don’t understand what kind of people he was paying in his financial circle didn’t make the necessary reparations and get his finances in check and before it got this far! Especially if he was given chances to make right his situation before the feds dropped the hammer!

    Well I guess the other celebs are watching and learning from him and the others before him.

    Then I see Yuan Bingyan in financial trouble too 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️?

  8. How about adding up all the profits Deng Lun earned for you. It’s a travesty that he was cancelled out as he was one of the top actors from China.
    Ashes of love was one of the best fantasy dramas ever made.
    Hopefully he will have new beginnings in S.Korea.OK I’m not saying he didn’t do wrong. You could have just fined him heavily. As for the latest drama Night Wanderer being cancelled I have no words.
    So glad we live West of China.
    Many stars have done worse drug issues.. Not paying tax bill
    but the UK is a tolerant Nation and no way would stars be cancelled. Sexual reasons like rape abuse grooming then yes.
    I hope Deng Lun goes onto greater things because he’s a great actor.. Singer..❤
    but we forgive. Another actor Zhehan Zhang.. Word of Honor he went through so much grief and
    and abuse by fans after being cancelled they say having a photo took outside a Japanese
    Holy shrine. Bonkers..

    • I am sorry but this Zhehan Zhang is a completely different story thn Deng Lun. They shouldn’t even be put together.

      It wasn’t just a “Japenese shrine”. This Japanese shrine glorified all the “heroes” that fought for Japan. If you knew the history between other Asian countries at the hands of Japan during the first and second world war, you would understand. Japan was the second Germany. Japan slaughterd and massacred millions of innocent people. It was the other Holocaust during the time.

      It would close to the equivilant of a person of Jewish decent going and throwing a peace sign at a Hitler statue/shrine.

      I am not saying the allies didn’t do anything bad. I am just explaining the difference between the two concepts.

      Yes Zhehan Zhang is of the younger generation. Ignorance was more thn likely what caused the debauchle. This is one reason that we should never stop talking ahout the past. The past is painfull. The only way we can learn is from the past.

  9. Whenever I see these type stories, I always wonder what we don’t know. After FanBingBing, it makes no sense he would ignore tax warnings so either his company messed up or there is more going on and we will never know. It’s like a big name has to be taken out now and again to keep people on their toes/scared.

    (If it was allowed, the film could be licensed to Netflix that doesn’t give a crap about tax woes in China)

  10. If IQIYI can sell the Night Wanderer to Netflix, they’d make their production cost back because international viewers couldn’t care less about tax evasion. China can keep their cancel culture and we get to see a great actor and his drama.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking. He could also land more movies and series with Netflix. Netflix has now become a world of their own. Deng Lun is such a wonderful actor. Too sad to let such a young talent go to waste.

  11. I agree! He needs to work to pay back the only he owes! Don’t cancell him..if he had someone doing his taxes did he even know that was happening? Give him a chance!

  12. This is the dumbest shit. Just air the damn drama. They will still have people watch it…like me! I love Deng Lun. I’m sure he had tax people that messed it up. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him paying the taxes but the company he hired to do it. Now brands and fans and movie company’s will abandon ship? Not this fan. I will stick by him. Cancel culture in China is just stupid. Make one damn mistake and ur through

  13. Deng Lun. You are in my daily prayers. Please 🙏 learn from your mistake. I pray you will be forgiven and permitted to act again. Love a loyal fan.

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