iQiyi Abruptly Announces Premiere of Republican Era Romance drama Thousand Years for You with Allen Ren and Li Qin Today on September 15th

Sudden drama drop alert! Chinese streaming platform iQiyi announced the day of that Republican era C-drama Thousand Years for You (Please, My Lord) will be released today on September 15th. Starring Allen Ren (Ren Jia Lun) and Li Qin spanning the xianxia historical era where he was a general and she was a goddess and their meeting again thousands of years later in the early 1900s era modernizing China, the drama sounds so fanfic but I’m a sucker for this stuff when it stars leads I like. The first trailer months ago was serious and moody and broody but the production just dropped a wildly comedic (almost too much) trailer that plays up the modern day shenanigans when she’s a bandit leader and he’s a time-traveler come back to get their happy ending from their past that she no longer remembers. I’m hoping the comedy bits are strewn around rather than dominating the tone and the drama is as pretty as it looks in the quieter previews.

New trailer for Thousand Years for You:


iQiyi Abruptly Announces Premiere of Republican Era Romance drama Thousand Years for You with Allen Ren and Li Qin Today on September 15th — 22 Comments

  1. I just read this melon, my gosh! I said this here before, I truly liked his 2 dramas with Bai Lu, still is not able to move on from all the angst it brought me. But RJL!? That is crazy, crazy, crazy!

  2. That’s so crazy! I guess men in this industry are never the faithful type since they are surrounded my beauties. I thought he seemed like the nice one but I guess not. It’s too bad because he’s quite a good actor. At this rate, all actors should save up bc they will not know when their day will come. Hehe

    • I for one, I’m very excited about this drama. I’m gonna be watching the first two episodes tonight.

      😊 regarding the mess with C-drama actors and actresses are facing at the moment, I think it’s just a cleanup by the authorities, they just cleaning up the whole industry at the moment and hopefully our favourite actors and actresses their careers won’t be ruined 😾

      I think we need to kind of also understand that we live in modern times although I do not Approve Or advocate this type of behaviour, however I think they are under extreme pressure and I think until proven guilty we all need to stay open minded..

      just respect the authorities and
      Actors and actresses as well, they are individuals during this process And they could be misguided.. let’s all try and be open-minded and hopefully this will blow over soon and we can all start watching some fabulous dramas😊🙏 Happy watching everyone..

  3. Idk why don’t they just stay single if they are not going to be faithful for their wives. They’re not going to get as much slack. Do even people even know what marriage vows are anymore! Cheated on his wife while she was pregnant is a new low. That is even worse than what Li Yo Feng did. Sigh..

  4. I can’t believe Allen Ren would see prostitutes, he ruined many romantic dramas by refusing to kiss on screen, because of loyalty to his wife.

    Even in the blue whisper drama, all his kiss scenes with Dilli Reba were clever angle kisses near the lips, CGI and stunt actors.

    I always hated that he chose to be an actor if he won’t sacrifice and kiss on screen,
    and why the industry was going out of their way to give him roles,when there are no shortage of actors.

    Oh my God, if Allen Ren was faking to be that loyal, I feel double betrayed that he didn’t kiss on screen when his roles required.

    Guess, the only real pure and seductive actor in Chinese entertainment is Zheng ye cheng.

  5. To those saying Allen Ren is cheating and did all that prostitution, They are all baseless rumors, and you also contribute to those rumors without any fact check, you are even worse than the people who spread rumors about him. Check his work schedule and fan videos, those days that claimed him did dirty things are those days he is at work.
    Those people who spread rumors including you whoever spread stupid rumors should face criminal charge.

      • Well, they started with rumors and they were proven. He started with rumors and there are also tons of videos of him floating around proven those days mention when he buying prostitution were the day he was filming and working,
        Everything was clear and there was no hot search news on weibo.
        Better check your source and stop spreading the rumors
        I’m not his fan but I hate those baseless rumors.
        I am pretty sure I followed Cbiz news a lot more than you do and sometimes I got the news even way earlier than Miss Koala posted the news.
        So please stop 🛑 posting those nonsense comment and rumors like this.

  6. If it was true, they would not have aired TYFY. Also, there has not been a single thing about this or RJL since the rumors aired. It’s true that the more popular you get, the more rumors will arise, and it looks like that is happening to RJL. People just need to mind their own business if it’s not true and stop spreading fake news just bc you don’t like them. Please get life and go touch some grass while you’re at it.

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