New Fri-Sat Dramas Gold Spoon with Yook Sung Jae on MBC and Namgoong Min as the One Dollar Lawyer on SBS Start Off the Ratings Race

The dichotomy couldn’t be more opposites with the title of the newly arrived Fri-Sat dramas on prime time. On one hand there is Gold Spoon (The Golden Spoon) on MBC going up again fighting for the little guy One Dollar Lawyer on SBS. The first ratings are out and Gold Spoon has 5.4% with One Dollar Lawyer in the lead at 8.1%, and premiered last week tvN drama Blind on its 4th episode this Friday got 2.460%. None of them are hits this early on but in terms of buzz I’m surprised that K-netizens are talking more about how Gold Spoon is surprisingly good in story and how fast it’s going and the acting of the cast. One Dollar Lawyer the positive comments are not surprisingly nearly all about Namgoong Min and his performance coupled with criticism for female lead Kim Ji Eun‘s acting. Alrighty then, imma go check them both out this weekend and make my own assessment.


New Fri-Sat Dramas Gold Spoon with Yook Sung Jae on MBC and Namgoong Min as the One Dollar Lawyer on SBS Start Off the Ratings Race — 6 Comments

  1. Haven’t seen One Dollar Yet due to my legal drama fatigue for this year but Golden Spoon was shockingly good. Fast paced and tightly written but even the very young cast full of mostly rookies delivered excellent acting. Yook Sungjae was always good but he’s putting out Daesang worthy performance in just one episode. Jung Chaeyeon and Yeonwoo didn’t have much screen time but they were both good in what little I saw of them. I don’t know if it’s the writing or the directing but this drama deserves all the praise even though it’s only one episode in.

    • One dollar lawyer is good enough thanks to Namgoongmin charming performance. This time I have to agree with knetz the lead actress is lacking. I don’t have problem with her performance in Veil but in this drama she show her weakness and I guess she is not suit for this kind of roles.
      I’m surprised with golden spoon. Watching it with low expectations but turn out it was so good. Looking g forward for Yook SungJae and Lee jungeon performance in this.

  2. I actually really liked Golden Spoon, I thought we were getting a fluffy idol drama but it’s surprisingly dark for this kind of genre and there’s a desperation to it that hooks the viewer. I’m pleasantly intrigued and can totally understand the buzz, just remains to see how the rest will turn out after a strong start

  3. I confess I’m a big fan of BTOB, a popular kpop group in Korea (they are in their 11th year, and their harmony is like Boys II Men), and Yook Sung Jae, the male lead of Golden Spoon is the maknae (youngest) member of BTOB. I enjoyed his acting in Goblin, and his singing on King of Masked Singer, so I’m excited to watch this on Disney +.

  4. I watched both dramas, marathoning both in two days to know wc drama I would stay to watch. The drama Golden Spoon is about revenge and it is also interesting BUT One Dollar Lawyer has a very attractive plot, hilarious cast especially the lead and its support cast. Actor Namgoong Min never disappoints me. He has the knocked to turn a serious drama like this that precisely focus on legal into light and very funny one. I only finished the two eps but I couldn’t wait for the next week what would transpire to the young lady lawyer who is recently their intern. Wohoo, thanks to drama gods, aside from Youth MT, there will be a drama to look forward to in the coming weeks. This will be like the baseball drama series. This will go to top for most buzz worthy dramas that has high ratings, no doubt for this.SBS wins again.

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