Wu Lei Fans Get Upset at Zhao Lu Si Fans After Love Like the Galaxy Official Weibo Posts Inaccurate VLinkage Data Swapping the Two Leads Pole Position

Watching this go down is like being a trio of best friends and watching two of them get into a knock down drag out fight and you don’t know who to help because you like them both. And this one was bound to happen as whenever there is a hit drama then vocal fandoms police every little detail. This week the official Weibo account of production of Love Like the Galaxy posted a slew of compiled data celebrating the drama’s success across multiple categories. Streaming numbers, articles written about it, topping country viewership charts, buzz data, etc. Wu Lei fans noticed that the VLinkage data posted swapped his character Ling Bu Yi’s top of the chart buzz ranking and gave to to Zhao Lu Si‘s character Cheng Shao Shang. Since VLinkage released this already it was clear the posted one by the production was incorrect. The two fandoms are now going at it, with his claiming that the production is doing this to help her and her fandom saying this had nothing to do with her and is not done at her request or involvement.


Wu Lei Fans Get Upset at Zhao Lu Si Fans After Love Like the Galaxy Official Weibo Posts Inaccurate VLinkage Data Swapping the Two Leads Pole Position — 38 Comments

    Some fans go all out for their idols (way out to the outskirts of the universe, methinks)and it can turn ugly. Sad that it has come to this petty level because the drama was really good and there is no need to blame anybody for a simple mistake.

  2. Mrs.Koalas topic on fans’ cat fight reminds me of random fight between Junho’s fandom & Seyoung’s fandom.

    This fight happened after Junho’s congratulatory video over grand prize win of TRS at Korea Communication Commission Broadcasting Award, had broadcasted.
    It was very ugly, and personally it made me sad to see the fandoms of two stars of my beloved dramas were in war.

    Fans of these days.

    • Wait what? Their fandoms are fighting? I love both actors 😭
      Fanwars are always weird, but it’s extra weird to me when it’s fanwar between fandoms of a drama couple, like, aren’t we supposed to be shipping them 😭

  3. Sigh…. Let’s wait and see how many Zhao Lusi haters will flood this comment page…

    Reminds me how Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi fans fought over them… also, Yang Zi and Kris Wu…

    But in Zhao Lusi’s case, she always get blamed no matter what she did or didn’t do…

  4. I can imagine zhao lusi waking up in the morning and thinking “ I wonder how many things that have nothing to do with me, they are going to put blame on me for today?” lol

    But for this incident I am sure Wu Lei and Zhao lusi don’t care because why would they. Fans can fight it out because they seem to enjoy it, but the leads of LLTG are cool with each other and ultimately that is all that matters.

  5. This is why I can’t take the claims against Zhao Lusi seriously and haters saying no one wants to approach her for work anymore and everyone but her fans dislike her because… media and fandom wars. ONLINE.

    Good thing these celebrities and majority of people actually have real lives and worries outside.

  6. lol koala, this is not a big matter. theyre not going down or wtvr. the fanwar is not even that severe and bet Lusi and Leo dont even bother about this stupid issue.

    on the other hand haters cant stop thinking about zhao lusi day and night dragging her whenever possible while she stays unbothered and rich

  7. You know youre on the roll when netizen started to drag you in everything. nonsense. they really acting up like a jealous 5 years old kiddo

  8. This is sad. Both fans should work together in keeping the good atmosphere that the series and its leads created. How can they work together again if fans will do this now. I think ZL is on top now definitely because she worked hard for it. Of course her managing team would do everything as well to get her where she’s at today.

  9. Fanwar, what a mess! let the fans fight it out between them., I don’t really think that the two leads are thinking the same ways as the fans.,

    The drama was excellent and I’m sure many of us truly enjoyed it. it was actually one of the best I’ve seen this year., as a fan of both leads, I for one, don’t really care about all of this.,

    I would love to see them work again another project as they had such fantastic chemistry and showcase great acting skills .. the drama was a great 👍 summer success 💕

  10. Here we goes again.
    Now this is also add in the list.
    First stealing data from Yang Yang, now Wu Lei.
    But fans will still screwming it is not on her. Okay, whatever. It is already shattering good aftertaste that LLTG had🤷‍♀️.
    And another slipping hand happenned, but don’t worry her fans already said it is a pure coincidence again.
    She is innocent. Just everybody against her.

      • Whatever makes you happy.
        It turns out today your fave also illiterate. Mix up country and party foundation dates. So laughable😅🤣🤣🤣

    • Ms Lili is definitely a die hard Lusi fan who lingering around weibo 24/7 reading all zhao lusi tag so that she wont miss a single news about her LOL. the A plus effort she puts in tho. ms lili let me tell you this, youre so LAUGABLE i hope you know this. its obvious you so jobless and that made you brain shrink I guess lmaoooo

      • Why I need to do it? When every big yxh out there posted abt this and mocked her for it? LOL. Atleast I am well aware what is going on in Cent opposite for your Deluli world 🤣🤣🤣

      • Hahahaha.. True! If she is aware just like what she said, she will know that the post was from Love Like The Galaxy official account and not from Zhao Lusi’s account or team. Why blame Zhao Lusi? Is that Zhao Lusi’s fault if LLTG account post it ? Hahahahaha.. I can feel Lili’s hatred & insecurities. I bet her idol is the Water Queen & the one who stayed in ex EXO member’s car & stayed there for hours..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • What delusion, lusi is busy with working on dramas she doesn’t have time to wrangle with illiterates like you, have you probably looked into a mirror..the gossip mongers who keep lingering on lusi tag to fake any news on her are the ones who are illiterate..chew on that

    • As far as I know, its not Zhao Lusi’s team posted it. Its Love Like The Galaxy account posted that data. Why blame to Zhao Lusi? Why not blame the Love Like The Galaxy official account moderator?

    • @Lili – do you make any money by bullying ZLS? If not, I suggest you make your money elsewhere. If yes, I hope you got paid well. No one cares about what you say!! ZLS drama schedule is fully booked. LOL.

  11. This is always happening. This has been the wave after a successful drama;both fans of leads will go their ways to tell everyone that’s their actor or actress are the one carry the show. Why can’t these fans admit that it always take two to tango. Da*n it, both are important! Haissst!!!

  12. Actually its Love Like The Galaxy official account fault. They posted it. And as far as I remember, Zhao Lusi didnt post it in her weibo.. So, why they blame Zhao Lusi?

    • Because that person is a hater. You can already tell by the hater’s joy that yxh accounts are mocking ZLS apparently. Everyone knows yxh likes to spread gossip/rumors or to stir up shit. The fact that yxh are believed and worshipped by these people tells you all you need to know about how brainwashed they have become by malicious media.

  13. They both deserve to have the spot light, because they are awesome actors,plus the rest of the actors were great to. I’ve seen their acting in other dramas and they are amazing 👏

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