Park Min Young Through Her Agency Responds to the Dispatch Dating News Outing the Shady Rich Boyfriend Claiming She has Already Broken Up with Him

It’s just bad timing for Park Min Young that this dating news came out at the time when she is premiering a new drama. She’s not new to the industry and has has her share of dating gossip and tabloid news good and bad, and this one is particular one is pretty bad but nothing to end a career over so if it came out during a lull in promotion it would just blow over. Alas she has to respond and her agency did so a day after the Dispatch report outing her dating relationship with a rich CEO involved in shady financial transactions and most currently in the cryto currency realm. Park Min Young has said that she is already broken up with said CEO and her sister who is reportedly involved with one of his companies has resigned her position. After the Dispatch report there are new stories that many top A-listers have invested with him but that’s not a crime other than rich people will always keep finding ways to get richer.


Park Min Young Through Her Agency Responds to the Dispatch Dating News Outing the Shady Rich Boyfriend Claiming She has Already Broken Up with Him — 10 Comments

  1. I had teary eyes when I read about her broken up relationship on Thursday. It was the best news ever. Don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want she get involved with his shady bussiness and tarnish her reputation. She’s a good soul.

  2. Not totally accurate, Koala

    Her sister is not already resigned but is said to be about to submit her resignation. Just to make it clear

  3. It’s her life and none of our business.

    However, when I read the news about this issue, tbh I’m skeptical with the broke up claim as Hook just made that statement hours after the news about her sister held a position in one of his companies (which is very damaging to her). It’s just not click to the logic.

    If they really do break up, then why not swiftly made a broke up statement right after Dispatch article came out? No need to wait until all the flack directed. Also, according to dispatch and the pictures relased, they were meeting each other families just last month and suddenly after a day, they broke up? and not to mentioned, Hook itself is connected to the guy. Is it that easy to ‘dump’ him?

    • Sorry but it makes zero sense.

      It’s like you are looking for excuses blindly without processing about the facts first.

      According to dispatch, the guy has connection to her current agency, Hook and that’s how she got signed into the agency. You think he has to resort to such way to revenge her? again, he agency has connection to him. And the news is harming HIM more than her 😅. And what you think that meeting 2 families last month is all about? Are they elementary kids who just had flings that they can so easily part ways after meeting each other families just last month? And her mom and sister still have named under his company?

      How I wish some people can do some critical thinking/analysis before writing laughable comments

  4. Honestly, I think she knew what she was doing, PMY is far from stupid or naive. He’s rich and their family knew each other.

    But as his shady side has been brought to light, she broke up to save her career.

  5. The million-dollar question is why her sister is still part of the company (just about to resign, since Dispatch outed him?). Didn’t PMY know of his fraud convictions when she got together with him, did she conveniently break up with him since Dispatch outed his shady background? It’s a mess but hope she bounces back with something that uplifts her personal image.

  6. Despite attention being on him for his belly and his Hermes Orans ….

    While I totally enjoy her in Dramas – Park Min-young’s taste and style; and not just in men, is questionable.

    Overdose of blatant ostentatious Dior + Chanel tote on top of it all too?

    FOB (fresh off the boat nouveau riche) dressing vibes. They kinda match each other in that direction

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