Yang Zi and Dylan Wang Reportedly Cast in Upcoming Period C-drama with Liu Yu Ning as the Second Male Lead

Why am I not surprising this pairing is happening, it’s like the game of couple swapping in C-drama casting was bound to land on these two popular stars. C-ent is reportedly that Yang Zi and Dylan Wang (Wang He Di) will be starring in an upcoming C-drama produced by Tangren Entertainment called Feng Yue Jin Nang (风月锦囊). Best literal translation would be Romantic/Beautiful Satchel as the Wind and Moon first phrase together has that connotation. She’s a whip smart girl born inside a brothel and learned to survive there, later disguising herself as a boy to enter the magistrate’s office to work. She encounters the cold capable magistrate and a helpful young magisterial guard and finds herself solving cases with them and swept up in a love triangle with two great guys. Playing the second male lead is reportedly Liu Yu Ning who is currently filming A Journey to Love with Liu Shi Shi as the male lead so not sure if this casting will materialize. I think the Yang Zi-Dylan pairing is legit and let’s wait to hear confirmation. As for the two, they have worked together before in the reality variety show Chinese Restaurant.


Yang Zi and Dylan Wang Reportedly Cast in Upcoming Period C-drama with Liu Yu Ning as the Second Male Lead — 21 Comments

    • She is a decent actress that’s for sure. Her characters are hit and miss. She is easy to build chemistry her male co actor. So the romance part for me will usually give off natural feeling, sweet and comfortable. But her emotional scenes, that is where she usually miss for me. She tends to overact in these kind of scenes. Just being able to cry your heart out doesn’t mean it’s good acting, there must be some emotional involvement and some crying scenes require some restrain and not whole body movement, sobbing and stomping.

      • Yang Zi needs to revisit her career projectory to maintain an acting career long term. Nowadays her costume dramas are dreadful, her most recent modern drama Oath of Love she took a backseat in the acting arena over her male lead who is fairly new in the industry. That just means she is not progressing the way she should at this point in her career. Recycled character/acting is the best description I’d give her. I don’t know about this pairing. I don’t sew it at all.

      • Every time Koala post a Yang Zi related article LOL I already know her haters will come here to say the same bs. At least be more creative!
        @Lilychii I knew you were just your run of the mill hater posing as someone who is trying to give “critical feedback” when you mentioned Yang Zi’s emotional acting. You could’ve just used the commonv”she does too many costume dramas” like any average haters(have only completed 5) & it would’ve been more passable lol! But none the less, I will entertain your inaccurate & hilarious claims!

        First of all, you seemed to either lacked a complete understanding of the characters that she portrays or YOU SIMPLY WATCHED A 30 sec clip of her crying compilation & fronting like you have actually seen her ANY of her dramas!
        Your claims to her overacting in emotional scenes, using whole body movement, sobbing etc. Since you’re not using any specific examples (typical of any haters) I don’t know what scenes you are specifically referring to. However, as a former child actress, she has always been known to be able to adjust her emotions according to the plot & character. For example, As Jinmi in ‘Ashes of love’,a naive goddess with an unfeeling pill, when she first killed her beloved & when she learned that she was tricked & killed the person that she loved the most! Yang Zi’s visceral reaction to killing her beloved was very appropriate to her character in the novel. Someone who only knew of what it meant to love someone, when she wrongly killed her beloved.

        As Yan Dan, Yang Zi displayed a different kind of emotion. A very restraint kind of sadness, mixed with hatred for being unable to forget the person that she wasn’t supposed to love. So your claims that she lacks nuances in her emotional scenes couldn’t be more obvious that you clearly haven’t watched any of her dramas & is just A HATER!

    • At least Yangzi makes the effort to use her voice to dub her lines in the dramas she acts in. As for acting, it is always subjective.

    • Yang Zi actually does have alot of acting talent. The problem is she’s taken an entirely commercial / liulang route with her career over the last few years. She isn’t a good fit for these lightweight xianxia and historical dramas.

      Her best acting was in 战长沙 / Battle of Changsha and 欢乐颂 / Ode to Joy. She suits modern dramas with more substance.

  1. First pic of yangzi lol… i cant.

    I have very loooowww expectation of this drama. LYN as 2nd lead after being the ML for LSS? Hmm… hard to believe. But then, everything can happen in dramaland.

    Yangzi and her recycled character…hmm

  2. You guys should try out acting and see how dang hard it is. Don’t put down anyone.think about it if the tables were turned and you were in her shoes being criticized how would you feel. It’s a hard profession to perfect for critical people.

    • Actor and actress should accept criticism on their acting to progress forward and make improvements. Constructive criticism especially will always be helpful to them in the long run rather than being praised blindly without taking their actual acting ability into account. There’s no “you should be in her shoes” here, she’s a working actress with audience to please. Everyone has their own job to complete, and this is her job. Praise should be made when due as does criticism. Without malice is the key.

    • I totally agree with you on this. The fact that they keep criticizing her acting yet they are still watching her dramas is kind of funny. I like Yangzi.

  3. It’s absolutely funny that I see a fan of an ex ex ex ex ex co-star of Yangzi being critical of her acting in The Oath of Love when it was her scenes between her & her dad that was the most emotional and the best in that drama. The male lead of The Oath of Love even had a teacher to teach him recite those lines & he still sounded robotic. (The teacher was given credit in each episode as the credits went up).

    As for Yangzi picking up this drama, let’s wait and see.

  4. How is this not different from Maiden Holmes? I know Yang Zi is still in her 20s but I always felt like she’s been in the industry for a very long time that I think her roles should progress to more mature ones like the ones that Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Liu Yufei are taking. Also the supposedly second male lead doesn’t turn the second male lead syndrome for me aura/look wise. The best 2nd lead casting is probably Zhang Linghe in LBFAD because he’s on the same level of handsomeness and aura as the ML, but he didn’t go psycho.

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