Rain and Jo Jung Seok Strongly Deny Magazine Rumor that Each is Having Affairs with Female Golfer

Welp, be ready for legal consequences either way, when a publication says something it better be true or don’t spread it. A Korean magazine published an article that two married top stars with wives who are also famous is having an affair with a pretty female golfer. Netizens linked it to Rain and Jo Jung Seok and both actors have immediately and strenuously denied the allegations. They are reportedly furious and will be taking legal action. Rain is married to Kim Tae Hee and have two kids together, and netizens think the female golfer in question actually resembles Kim Tae Hee. Jo Jung Seok is married to Gummy and they have a kid together. This is the stuff to ruin marriages if not true, and it sucks that the original rumor said enough to try to identify the married stars in question but did not name names. Go figure it out in court then.


Rain and Jo Jung Seok Strongly Deny Magazine Rumor that Each is Having Affairs with Female Golfer — 9 Comments

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  2. I really do not believe in this rumours at all…I may get proven wrong but looking forward to lawsuit from the victims.

  3. Honestly this is a nasty type of rumor if it’s untrue. The kind of rumor that can ruin lives and affect not just these couples but the kids too. Ugh. They’re both so low key with their relationships and clearly value their personal lives. I don’t believe it whatsoever because there’s absolutely nothing that proves it.

    Boy would I be glad to see this publication get slapped with a huge lawsuit.

  4. I hope the Nets dont jump the gun and start canceling people based on rumors. The magazine either needs to come out and name the actor/s or face the consequences of attempting to ruin happy marriages.

  5. Rain threatened legal action because a screengrab of a chat was going around online forums day before yesterday where his, KTH, and the golfer’s name were mentioned. The original blind item was published way back in February and Rain’s agency admitted they’ve known about the rumor for a long time but didn’t feel the need to respond until it got personal. Jo Jong Suk was more of a surprise though.

  6. What kind of magazine write articles about rumors without giving names ? I don’t understand . In my country we have a lot of people magazine but they publish photos and names . They get tons of lawsuits . It’s a business as celebrities gain a lot of money with theses lawsuits . But most of time, what they write is true . An example : our former President has during his mandatory a relashionship with an actress . It was true, they are now married .

  7. Something fishy is going on. Why publish fake stories to get sued? Too much money and free time? I can’t suss out the reason but it could be political. Rain & JJS unfortunately got chosen to be victims.

    Interestingly, KTH has just been offered a role in tvn drama House With A Yard. Hope it’s not trouble in marital paradise if the wife comes out to act. Han Groo and Hwang Jung Eum both came back to acting when their marriages hit the brakes.

  8. Honestly, it’s the random but specific tea that ends being true to a certain extent. I just feel bad for the wives as always having to deal with garbage like this whether it’s true or not. Has the female golfer pursued legal action either because unfortunately, this is a very embarrassing rumor for her since it’s alleging she was involved with 2 different married men! I’d be raising hell if I were her and you know, it wasn’t true.

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