Xiao Zhan, Dylan Wang, and Crystal Liu Top the 2022 Actor During Drama Airing Baidu Search Rankings

Baidu published the top 10 actor search numbers during the airing of a drama this weekend and it’s showing how often an actor or actress was searched for during the run of his/her drama. The requirement is the search has to be the name of the actor or actress and not the character name from the drama. Topping the list is Xiao Zhan during the airing of The Oath of Love. Second place goes to Dylan Wang during the airing of Love Between Fairy and Devil. And third place is Crystal Liu for A Dream of Splendor. After that fourth spot is actress Zhao Jin Mai (Angel Zhao) in Reset, then Tan Jian Ci for crime drama Under the Skin, following by Zhao Lu Si in sixth for Love Like the Galaxy. Seventh place goes to Bai Jing Ting also for Reset and Wu Lei in Love Like the Galaxy takes eight. Rounding out the top 10 is Chen Xiao in ninth for A Dream of Splendor and Bai Lu in police procedural Ordinary Greatness. A few surprises not to make the top 10 include Yang Zi, Dilraba Dilmarut, Cheng Yi, and Allen Ren in as there was buzz around their dramas. I think this list shows that top liuliang stars have their own fanbases who know where to find news about their airing dramas and this list is for the new fans that start searching for the actor and actress after watching their drama.


Xiao Zhan, Dylan Wang, and Crystal Liu Top the 2022 Actor During Drama Airing Baidu Search Rankings — 19 Comments

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      • Xiao Zhan topping the list is no surprise. He gets them both from his fanbase and passerby, and he can carry a drama on his own no problem. I was surprised about Wu Lei’s position. He definitely made a big splash in LLG. Yang Yang didn’t make it to top 10 either. But then his dramas this year weren’t really buzz worthy. I would have loves for Chen Xiao to be at higher position. He’s charismatic and great actor. I watched his drama with Crystal liu coz of him.

  2. More searches for Zhao Lusi over Leo Wu, not buying it. He made LLTG popular she was lucky not suck in that drama like she did in her other dramas!

  3. Im convinced the only ppl that like Yangzi are her fans she may have Liuliang but that’s it. A decade of not improving has lost her child potential and the broader audience.

  4. Is Reset any good? Never heard of the drama but both leads are in the list.

    Also Dylan on list but no Esther makes me happy, I cannot watch Fairy because of her annoying fake acting and cutesy voice. She has a puncheable face.

  5. It’s nice to see the actresses get search interest so often the male leads get all the attention and credit. Crystal Liu really improved with Splendor and deserves the recognition for the performance.

  6. As expected of Xiao Zhan, he tops most lists. Wang Hedi aka Dylan Wang has been fluttering my heart after LBFAD, I’ve been binging on his past variety shows for the past few weeks. Don’t know why, but he gives me The Mortal Instruments’ Jace Herondale vibes.

  7. Lol, I was one of those that searched them in Baidu. For this, I watched Reset, The Oath of Love, A Dream of Splendor, and Love Like the Galaxy. Reset Cdrama has a different genre from these dramas I watched but I also and totally enjoyed it, no love story but it brought the best out of the 2 characters.

    • Then what do you believe in? Weibo? Weixin? At the end of the day they are all platform for searches data. And baidu is china main search engine as much as google are to us. So what’s not to believe? 😅

    • They are search engine, so whether you believe it or not, there will always be statistics that will be created from the people who were searching the names, meaning like Google, it is most likely correct.

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