Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin’s Respective Fandoms Get into Fight Over Reported Love Between Fairy and Devil CF Shipping Fans Attempting to Smear Him

So this is wildly complicated and just mostly stupid. This week the hot C-drama of summer 2022 CF fandom of Love Between Fairy and Devil nearly caused a war between the respective fandoms of leads Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu). There is a dedicated fandom of the drama CP that ships the leads together and are not fans of either star prior to this drama. This fandom reportedly was organizing events for November but got their events cancelled after Dylan’s agency said they did not have authority to hold such events per his ownership of his image and characters. The CP fans said it was due to Dylan’s next drama Forbidden Love about to air and the agency wanted to promote that CP with Chen Yu Qi (Yukee Chen).

The CP fandom also said that Dylan has not broken up with his rumored girlfriend outside the industry and it felt betrayed to be led otherwise and told that now when their services were not needed to hype up Fairy and Devil. Afterwards Dylan’s solo fan group said this was a smear, it never happened, and the so-called CF fan who spilled the tea was actually a fan of Yu Shu Xin who went deep undercover in the CP fandom and is using this to smear Dylan because their actress’ follow up drama Romance of the Little Forest with Zhang Bin Bin was not a hit so Yu Shu Xin needs to hold onto to Dylan and the popularity of Fairy and Devil to keep herself relevant until her next drama airs sometime in 2023 which is the next Chinese Paladin drama Sword and Fairy with Xu Kai. Then Yu Shu Xin’s fandom said this was not true and it was not one of their fans and it’s actually a Dylan Wang anti-fan stirring up all this trouble. And in the end, the Fairy and Devil CP fandom got really rocked by this and is still nursing its scars.


Dylan Wang and Yu Shu Xin’s Respective Fandoms Get into Fight Over Reported Love Between Fairy and Devil CF Shipping Fans Attempting to Smear Him — 43 Comments

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  2. These scars are so big lol. It amazes me how these fandoms can get so ahead of themselves. This is not the biggest issue in the world. The show is a hit, enjoy it, share it, recommend it to other people and close the chapter.

  3. Dylan Wang fans have been screeching at everyone lately. They are flying a bit too high, he is nowhere the star they think he is. Hitting that ground called reality will be painful.

    Better spend that energy to beg their gege to take some acting classes.

    • Before this his fandom got into fight with BaiLu’s over billing order. BaiLu and Dylan Wang have upcoming drama and because he is the second billing his fandom barked loudly and started a smear campaign over BaiLu. Even after his management clarified that they are fine with the second billing that had been finalised last July/June, his fandom bared their fangs to his management.

      His fandom started getting cocky just because of CLJ unexpected hit. I have nothing against Dylan Wang but his fandom need to be muzzled and some part of his CPF need anti psychotics.

      • That whole Bai Lu situation was so embarrassing. I was cringing just watching them have their fits over the billing. He had one decent show, his acting is still not nearly good enough yet they think he is god. It’s laughable because he isn’t even close to the status of top star and yet.

        I acknowledge the guy is obviously trying to improve so why don’t they just settle down and let him work on his skills instead of creating these problems, I will never understand.

      • Sorry but may I please ask what is this first and second billing thing? I’m not chinese and I don’t know how to read Chinese so I’m not familiar with it. Does it mean whoever gets first billing gets more money than second?

      • @LW It originated from Japanese entertainment industry, the translated chinese word is 番位 fan-wei. You can think of it as who gets more credit for the drama/movie’s success and also shows who has a higher/more important position in the drama casts. 1st billing 一番 yi-fan is the highest position. C-ent industry only gives credit to actors/actresses based on the following:
        Movies – 1st, 2nd and 3rd billing
        Dramas that aired on TV first or at the same time as web – 1st and 2nd billing
        Dramas that aired on web first – 1st billing only

        Take The Untamed, for example. It is a web drama, Xiao Zhan is 1st billing and Wang Yibo is 2nd billing, hence the industry will give Xiao Zhan credit recognition for The Untamed but not Wang Yibo. However, Wang Yibo’s side has been trying to brainwash people that both actors shared 1st billing, aka 平一番 ping-yi-fan, by using the term 双男主 (two male leads) so that he can steal some credit.

        An example of actual Shared 1st billing is Xiao Zhan’s drama Ace Troops where he shared with Huang Jingyu, it aired on TV at the same time as web. If the 1st billing is shared, the drama’s weibo post, drama posters and drama opening/ending credits will put the actors’ names side by side and explicitly state in alphabetical order.

        Hope this clarifies.

      • @LW

        Billing is the order of the credits shown in a movie or a drama. So in the opening credits, on posters etc you have first billed as the most important, then second etc. You can have more than one person with first billing, in that case it’s called flat and the names usually shown in alphabetical order. Yes, the first billed person is usually paid more as that is the bigger, more influential star.

        It’s actually important for other things too. If a drama wins an award, this is then attributed to the first billed person (plus director, screenwriter) but not the one with the second one.

        In China, due to this, there has been a history where people were lured to film dramas, then after it was all over, without their knowledge, the second billed would suddenly become the first billed and they would be cheated. It actually lead to court cases and finally, after the Ace Troops fiasco (where Xiao Zhan was pushed out of first billing and Huang Jingyu replaced him thanks to the capital behind him) the Chinese authorities introduced a new law that says what billing is in the contract must stay that way till the end, to prevent this kind of scamming of actors. It’s good because it really was a nightmare.

        Anyway, DW is second in billing and she is first, which is perfectly normal as she is a well established actress, with many lead roles under her belt while he had one semi-succesful snow.

      • @lol @lilith
        The only Dylan Wang’s drama that watchable for me is Cang Lan Jue and Rational Life. Main reason is his chemistry with FL (Esther and QinLan). So don’t say that Dylan doesn’t needs Esther. Dylan had huge budget drama but flopped before Ever Night 2. His chemistry with his CP was non existent. Dylan Wang is not a versatile actor, yet but he has plenty of rooms to improves and he knows it. He needs lots of factors to made his roles happened, one of the factor is a good FL.
        Look at Miss The Dragon, I decided not to watch by clips alone. His Rational Life is fine, once again because of great FL.

        While Esther might not be the most beautiful actress or the best actress out there but she has never failed when it comes to chemistry with her leading men. She makes her ML shine. She didn’t gains much from CLJ because majority of the viewers are young women who went gaga with Cinderella Syndrome over the cold handsome BF material DFCQ of Dylan Wang.

      • @Lady Bird, His previous dramas’s production and visuals (clothes & makeup) aren’t good. Yes, he’s not a versatile actor, but to say that Esther made Dongfang Qingcang shine is ridiculous, and discredit Wang Hedi’s own hardwork and efforts. Why can’t she make her own drama character shine instead like Yang Mi and Zhao Liying do? She is the 1st billing in this drama like them, right? The answer’s simple, she is unable to grab the audience’s attention and love on her own, unlike Yang Mi and Zhao Liying.

      • @Lady Bird, His previous dramas’ production and visuals (clothes & makeup) aren’t good. Yes, he’s not a versatile actor, but to say that Esther made Dongfang Qingcang shine is ridiculous, and discredit Wang Hedi’s own hardwork and efforts. Why can’t she make her own drama character shine instead like Yang Mi and Zhao Liying do? She is the 1st billing in this drama like them, right? The answer’s simple, she isn’t able to grab the audience’s attention and love on her own, unlike Yang Mi and Zhao Liying.

      • @Lady Bird, His previous dramas flopped because the production and visuals (clothes & makeup) aren’t good. Yes, he’s not a versatile actor, but to say that Esther made Dongfang Qingcang shine is laughable, and discredit Wang Hedi’s own hardwork and efforts. Why can’t she make her own drama character shine instead like Yang Mi and Zhao Liying do? She is the 1st billing in this drama like them, right? The answer’s simple, she is unable to grab the audience’s attention and love on her own, unlike Yang Mi and Zhao Liying.

      • @Lilith I see now ! That’s why on HYD Matsujun only won best male acting in a supporting role award for his role as Domyoji cause he is second billing to Inoue Mao who won best actress in a main role award and she is more credited for the drama success! So China somewhat adopted that system

      • @lol
        Actually some of my reply is for @lilith I just combined it. Sorry to caused misunderstanding on your part.

        Dylan Wang’s makeup and styling was great in Ever Night 2, much better and realistic than CLJ not to mentioned the great production with huge budget yet without a good FL, the drama was a flop. His only bad styling drama was Miss The Dragon. I didn’t say he needs Esther per se BUT he needs good FL since I also mentioned QinLan because he can’t carries a drama alone YET. So my point is give the credit where the credit is due. He works hard yes, but you dismissed all the hard works of Esther even though she works hard too.

        Just like Esther can’t be like Yang Mi and Zhao LiYing yet, Dylan Wang before CLJ together with Esther also can’t be like HuGe and Deng Chao.

      • @Lady bird

        DW is never going to be Hu Ge because he simply doesn’t have the natural talent that HG has as a basis. Even in the early days of his career HG had a presence on screen, a certain kind of charisma and his acting was raw but it was there.

        I really think fans need to be realistic. Acting is a skill and to an extent, it can be polished even without that basis. DW can grow into a perfectly serviceable actor. There is nothing wrong with that either! Not everyone is Pacino but plenty of people went on to have fantastic careers. In fact, one of the reasons they did was because they found a good niche for the skills they had. Realistic expectations are always a key not to be disappointed later and a key to real enjoyment.

        Anyway, he wouldn’t be the first actor in China to do this. Look at Yang Yang. His range is very limited, though he improved as well and he has found a very good niche for himself with the dramas he has been picking, that are exactly in his wheelhouse. DW should find his own, continue to work and he will be fine.

  4. Please, it’s well-known that BG CP fandoms are created by female actresses’ teams. Female fans are, by nature, attracted to handsome males. What CP fandoms do is to brainwash the female fans that the handsome actor belongs to the actress and get the female fans to treat the actress as their avatar instead of directly fantasizing themselves dating the actor. Another way is to make the female fans start treating the actress as their daughter, this way, they will see the handsome actor as a son-in-law instead, so when the CP fandom gets broken up, they will side with their “daughter” instead.

    All liuliang actresses depend on CP fandoms to gain dedicated female fans then later attempt to convert them into their solo fans via smearing the male actor such as saying the guy became unfaithful or the guy is making use of the actress (probably will say the actress is oh-so-naive-and-innocent). You already see this with Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi’s CP fandom, they make Wu Lei seem like the bad guy. Their logic is that the guy is being unfaithful when he’s going along with official promotions for his new upcoming drama with another female actress, but when it comes to the girl, she’s just being professional.

    • you couldn’t say your words without smearing Zhao Lusi. lol Lusi has a hold on some people, I swear. It’s idea that women in entertainment whether it be in China or elsewhere can’t be famous and successful without hanging on to men is so stupid and sexist, it’s laughable.

      You say Zhao Lusi is relying on CP fandoms to be successful is a laugh. After the success of Tiger and Rose she ran so fast from Ding Xi that I thought they were on bad terms.And yet people like you saw her hanging on to him. They see her hanging on to Yang yang, Xioa Zhan and now Wu Lei for success. I think it is a testament to her rising popularity that some fans of her co-stars can’t seperate her from their favorites. I am sure in a few months Chen Zheyuan fans are going to say she needs chen zheyuan (barely popular actor) for popularity if her show Hidden love is successful and every other co-star after that. Wu Lei had Delraba has a co-star in long ballad and barely anyone cared. Netizen were talking about Zhao Lusi and her co-star in Ballad and she was in that show for like 5 minutes. lol Oh I forgot they had her dating Liu Yuning as well.

      The bottom line Yu shu xin doesn’t need Dylan Wang. Dylan wang needs Yu Shu xin. She doesn’t need to hang on to his barely there acting skills to become popular and hang on to fans. I new of her name before I knew of his. Yu Shu xin can do it on her own. Not every project will be a hit, but Yu Shu xin will be fine. Stop projecting on her and other female stars this need to hang on to men for success. Thank you.

      • Can you fans come up with better retorts? Whenever someone burst liuliang actresses’ bubble, you all only know how to repeat the same old words such as “sexist”, “has a hold on some people”, “XXX actress doesn’t need XXX actor” etc, when it’s obvious that it’s the actor that gained more popularity. Zhao Lusi did attempt to ship CP with Ding Yuxi at first but ran off quickly after seeing that he didn’t gain any popularity, and in the process smear him with rumours that he already is dating another actress. ALL liuliang actresses nowadays do this, it started from Dilraba becoming the top liuliang actress after her variety show ship with Luhan sank when Luhan announced his relationship with Guan Xiaotong. It might have started earlier with the 85er actresses as an accident but the industry probably didn’t realise the potential of this tactic until Dilraba’s case.

        Dylan Wang doesn’t need Yu Shuxin, his Dongfang Qingcang would have become popular even if LBFAD’s female lead is not Yu Shuxin, whereas Xiao Lanhua totally didn’t gain any attention at all.

      • @lol, @cool and others-> Get your facts straight, he gained fame during his stint as Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden. Though I’m fairly new to C-entertainment, I’ve known him since his debut on this drama (he was 18/19 years old). I didn’t watch it (still didn’t because I’m too old for those kind of plots tbh)but it was extremely popular at that time and everyone were talking about it (even outside Chinese ent.)

        2022 was the year I decided to give a chance to C-entertainment. Being a K-dramas girl for years, I didn’t expect I would come to like costume dramas tbh. I’ve always despised them in the past thinking it was cringey with its ugly make-up and awful dubbing. Like I said above, I started watching chinese dramas this year due to a K-dramas slump. First, I watched LLTG (not wuxia) that I tremendously enjoyed and became a Wu Lei/Lusi fan then (though I wasn’t keen on watching it at first) started LBFAD (without much expectations) and fell in love with it. Dubbing is still hard to digest for someone who aren’t used to this kind of ‘method’ but Dylan Wang greatly surprised me there and make me changed my mind about those dramas.

        I’m not blinded by my love for him either. Acting wise, he’s still very green but he keeps improving with every projects imo(I cut him some slack since he doesn’t have an acting background to begin with)
        He’s charismatic, has screen presence and is handsome. He definitely has this IT factor.
        I also watched ‘The Rational Life’ and he was good. I recommend for anyone who are still skeptical about his growth as an actor. Plus his chemistry with Qin Lan is top-notch.

        LBFAD was a huge hit and its thanks to the whole cast. Esther, Dylan, Ling He and everyone involved in the production did a fabulous job in bringing such a gem to audience.
        Belittling someone else achievement is not doing any good to your fandom and your favorites.
        That’s such a childish behaviour.

      • @panda_eyes

        It was a huge hit? You sure? With that Datawin score?

        Ah the comedy I encounter here cannot be found anywhere else lmao

    • I saw this lilith everywhere talking shit about zhao lusi. girl just cant stop mentioning the famous zhao lusi. what an obsession. oh and now esther yu too? your gege are all nice and good but the FL are bad is ittt? lmaoo

    • I don’t know any of the actors in question in this discussion, but your comment about the fan dynamics is so interesting. I’ve observed that yes, most shippers are female fans and side with the female side of the couple. And when that ship ends, they can get as angry with the male side as if they were the one in the relationship and the guy cheated on them. (In reality, it’s an acting job, and now they are acting with someone else?) Some of the worst internet behavior I’ve seen (up to and including borderline criminal harassment) is from female shippers towards those fans who don’t support their ship. And even once ex-shippers become solo stans, I sometimes see people who have almost some kind of identity confusion between themselves and the person they stan. So…if anyone here is a psychology student and is looking for a dissertation topic…er, I think there is one here.

      There’s nothing wrong with cheering on another person, or a couple that truly like each other in real life, as long as you realize that reel and real are two different things. But fighting with strangers online over the love life of a person you have never met should perhaps be a warning that there is something unhealthy in your outlook. And confusing your identity with that of the person you stan is not healthy, either.

      • Agreed. I absolutely dislike RPS ships, it’s so obvious that they are fake and the amount of delusional stuff their fans spout is truly eye-opening if you hear them for the first few times, over time you’ll just roll your eyes every time you see them on the web.

      • @Lilith

        If we could ban RPS I would be the happiest person in the world. That ahs brought so much misery to actors/singers that I honestly don’t know how anyone can argue it’s in any way innocent. There is simply too much evidence from Larries to SPN to Kpop and cdramas just how much damage they cause to real people. I despair.

  5. I hope Dylan has a way to tame down his fans. Best to appear humble than being a PINB (Pain in the Butt). This won’t get him anywhere far. And I hope he can fix his teeth too…

  6. That is way too complicated for me to follow, lol.

    Sometimes, actors have great chemistry on screen and have like, nothing off script. This is because they are great actors and the script is well written. A win for professional skills! And all of those #endgamemarried hashtags are built on literally nothing. (This is common)

    Sometimes, actors don’t have very good chemistry on screen, maybe because they aren’t so great at acting, but more likely, the script and the fictional characters just aren’t very well written. Then it’s a surprise when you see the actors getting along well and having public, happy interaction long after the drama is over. (I wouldn’t say this happens a lot, but I’ve seen it a few times.)

    In a few rare cases, actors have great chemistry on screen and it turns into a whole relationship off screen. It does happen, but it’s very uncommon.

  7. LOL a fan went “deep undercover”. This is hilarious. Also, I really hope no one actually expects a person to break up with their real life gf because you ship them with another actress in a fictional drama while they were in fact ACTING. This is so ludicrous.

  8. Sounds like everyday in C-entertainment to me. Every single fandom fights on Weibo. It is when you see The Untamed CP fans fight with Wang Yibo fans in real life even after 3 years that is the most shameful.

    • BJYX are Wang Yibo fans, just under another name. Wang Yibo even recognized them as his fans. They have been leeching for Yibo for three years very, very successfully. That whole thing was a publicity stunt that got pulled off Weibo the second they realized that it wasn’t going well. Try posting that video on Weibo now and your account will be suspended.

  9. Can somebody please explain to me what this 1st billing and second billing thing is? Does it mean the 1st billing person actually gets more money than the second one? I never heard of this before.

  10. @Lilith & @Lol

    Thanks for explaining it to me. I never knew how much of a big deal this billing thing is until now.

    BTW, I know both Dilraba and Yang Yang is very famous but who was top billing in “You Are My Glory” since both is popular?

    • I think this drama doesn’t have a specific 1st billing, there was some hoo-ha about this back then. The drama’s weibo post and ending credits listed 6 actors and actresses and specifically stated that it’s ordered by age. The drama poster and opening credits listed both Dilraba and Yang Yang on the same frame, right and left side each, so I’m inclined to believe both of them shared 1st billing.

  11. Yeah! We Dylan fans are flying too high and maybe we will stumble and fall in future since that’s life. But don’t worry we are never going to give up. We just shake off the dust and try again. Thanks for the concern though.

  12. Yup, the names of both leads are written side by side if you see the official poster of YAMG, and this also applies in ADoS of Lou Yiufei and Chen Xiao.

  13. The f at that lilith and other L idtent. Seriously, if you haven’t watched lbfad shut up about it. The amount of hate directed at both WHD & YSX is abominable from non-fans. The drama is great, the actors are great. LBFAD is the current standard and I don’t see why you should belittle great acting & chemistry from so-called newbies when it’s obvious you’re biased. Another BS and stir-the-pot article. *eyeroll*

  14. TBH I’ve only seen Dylan Wang in LBFAD but I’m familiar with his debut in MG. I’m more familiar with Esther’s work and I must say that so far with all the MLs she’s worked with, she’d never had or relied on hard core CP fans to support her works. I think she only had a CP with Didi. I don’t know about Ryan Ding because I haven’t watched Moonlight because it’s not my cup of tea. I watch her works because I like the characters she play — quirky, happy, ditzy FL.

    As a true Dyxin fan, I celebrate their great chemistry which contributed to the popularity of LBFAD but at the same time I won’t force them to be together but will be happy if they do. Like how I supported Xing Zhao Lin and Liang Jie’s works together but I don’t bash their other co-stars or work.

    Based on YT posts, most Dyxin shippers have their own world and will not comment on another ships post. What’s scary is that other ship – maybe because it’s an older ship, and have more people– but the way they bash Esther’s looks, her being a rich kid, etc just because she has great chemistry with Didi is scary, crazy.

    I think as true fans, we should accept that our faves are humans and have room for improvement and deserve to live and love the way they want. So yes, Didi and Xinxin are both not the best actors out there, but they know their weaknesses and are always striving to be better so lets support them without bashing other stars.

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