jTBC Weekend Drama Reborn Rich Rockets to 16.102% Ratings in Episode 7 as Song Joong Ki Shows Hand to Grandpa Lee Sung Min

It’s such a pleasure to live watch an excellent drama, it’s why I can’t quite K-dramas despite most disappointing me. Episode 7 of Reborn Rich (The Chaebol’s Youngest Son) hit an astonishing ratings of 16.102% thanks to upping the ante again with Song Joong Ki revealing that he’s the biggest shareholder in the investment company that’s been cockblocking Sunyoung Group and by default his Grandpa’s orderly scheme. But the road isn’t easy for Do Joon even with knowledge of the future and Grandpa is also not completely destroyed by his favorite grandson turning rival. There are so many layers and allegiances changing along with current needs. The weakest point continues the be the “romance” of which it’s a stretch between Do Joon and his law school classmate and a waste of good chemistry between him and his future eldest cousin’s wife. What I love is the intensity, the stakes, and the rearview mirror ride-along for the vaulting of South Korea’s economic development in the pivotal decades what turned it into the developed nation it is today.


jTBC Weekend Drama Reborn Rich Rockets to 16.102% Ratings in Episode 7 as Song Joong Ki Shows Hand to Grandpa Lee Sung Min — 10 Comments

  1. I love the excellent pacing of the episodes, each episode’s ending cliffhanger leaves me wanting for more. Disappointed that there’s only 2 episodes this week.

  2. Wow daebak this drama will hitting 20% rating and park ji hyun will next han soo he!!She hot,beautifull and can acting.Sorry shin hyun bin acting just meh bland and doesnt have sex appeal like park ji hyun.

    • I think Park Ji Hyun’s role is intentionally that of a femme fatale, while Shin Hyun Been’s is that of a by the book goody two shoes, to provide a contrast between the two major female characters (plus the aunt who is just a spoiled chaebol b*tch), and thus the acting is adjusted to that. found it a bit funny tho that Park Ji Hyun, who is 28, looks older than both Shin Hyun Been and Song Joong Ki, who are in their late 30s

      • yup. seriously, what a dumb comment from @sophia re: sex appeal. how can you compare a serious character vs an intentionally sexy one and say the other has more sex appeal lmao, no sh*t sherlock 😂
        expect more overhyping comments like that in the next posts lmao “next han so hee” 😂

  3. It seems like there’s no chemistry between Song Joong Ki and Shin Hyun Been. Their scenes feel like meh, zero, empty, nothing. They don’t match visually, SHB looks way older than SJK and it’s like something’s also lacking in her acting. I hope the drama won’t focus much on that loveline because it looks and feels forced, TBH.

    • What do you mean by ‘quit kdramas’
      ? I’ve never watched on that I didn’t enjoy (apart from Silenced, which was very traumatic). The fact that every actor I have watched is so versatile and believable in ant roles they take on puts western actors to shame. I never watchanything but kdramas now. ❤️❤️❤️

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