First Trailer for C-movie Yesterday Once More with Chen Fei Yu and Zhou Ye a Remake of J-film My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

The promos for this C-movie keep saying 2022 but it’s like less than a month left and I don’t see a release date in theaters yet. Yesterday Once More starring Chen Fei Yu and Zhou Ye as wholesome young lovers dealing with time as their invisible enemy is a remake of a hit Japanese movie My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday, the title which gives away the central premise even more. Stories like this similar to The Time-traveler’s Wife is about basking in the onscreen romance of the two years and bringing tissues knowing it’s going to be sad but at least they loved. The latest promo is very short but cute and shows Chen Fei Yu doing the “warm guy” persona compared to his usual cold and gruff type roles.

Teaser for Yesterday Once More:


First Trailer for C-movie Yesterday Once More with Chen Fei Yu and Zhou Ye a Remake of J-film My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday — 28 Comments

  1. Chen fei yu and his dad are the ultimate hilarious duo of the c-ent these days.

    The way they bend backwards to make him happening from the beginning is total entertainment for me.

    The way he can afford to not continue second season of ever night is astonishing for me at that time. Of course I am not aware of his background at that time. So, yeah that makes sense.

    And, the moment bl dramas made the waves he made way into immortality. The whole thing fall flat due to censorship and ban. And I noticed he was credited first biling over luo yun xi. Now that’s funny. I was like make it less obvious.

    And latest the weibo night award. I just thought if only he was DFQC , is he ever going to share any award with anybody at any show?

    I hope father son never stop their antincs . That way they can continue the clownery and I get entertained.

    • As someone who’s liked Chen Feiyu since Ever Night, I do share the sentiment in your last paragraph, i.e. more opportunities for me to watch him, either in dramas, movies, award shows. I’m glad the antis are equally entertained. Bring them on!:)))

    • do you know that your post is so entertaining? coz as a passerby who just getting now chen feiyu, you do look and sound like a bu*thurt jealous antis 😂

  2. I am just interested to know if Chen Feiyu is some kind of poster child for rich kids that people love to hate on? I have never seen such hatred towards any other actor/actresses who have also used their parents’ resources.

    Anyway, the trailer looks good. I was impressed by his recent acting in Lighter and Princess so I am going to watch the movie. I hope it is available on some platform as it releases!!

    • No, he’s not. Don’t let the very vocal commentary of those who hate him cloud otherwise. Other than when he debuted on TV with a lead role in Ever Night, which obviously was due to his connections to get that kind of major role as first gig, the rest is just the usual actor building his resume stuff.

      There are worst rookie actor debuts that he did in Ever Night, he was actually not bad but did seem young and more green than the role should have had. But what he has is the stuff that can’t be bough – height and natural handsomeness. So all he needs to do is keep getting better at acting and doing more projects to grow, same as all budding young actors.

      There are wayyyyyy worse nepotism babies who can’t act, sing, or even look good onscreen. Jaycee Chan right off the top of my head. Or Ang Lee trying to make his son Mason Lee happen. The thing with Chen Fei Yu is that his detractors desperately want him to fail so they go out of their way to rag on him, but he’s actually pretty decent. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Like, if I saw him onscreen with no clue what his background is I would still find him charismatic and an actor that I would want to watch.

      • Your last para 100% is me. I saw him with no clue about his background and originally was watching Lighter for ZJY but ended up staying for CFY. He’s got so much charisma and his visuals are just the type to get me hooked. I’m shocked to see all this noise about his background because even if you take it all alway he has it in him to be a liulang star like WHD and XZH. I also realized after watching Lighter that I had seen him in Gold Panning too which I remember for the overall good acting by all the casts who were let down by a dull plot. Boy has a lot of potential and it’s crazy how young he is.

      • Oh I don’t really pay attention to all that. I just watch what interests me. I was just curious why people seem to rush to hate on Chen Feiyu. From what I have seen, his only crime seems to be born as the son of celebrity parents…which I don’t know how he was supposed to prevent.

      • If Chen Fei Yu went from small roles to supporting roles then to lead actor over like say 3 years then I think there would be less backlash. But he literally got a lead role at 18 in a big project from nothing in his resume so I understand the WTF reaction from viewers. But once he showed he’s actually good then it should quell the backlash and doubting is my opinion.

    • It’s because his team has been dragging other celebrities recently in order to increase his publicity and solidify his fandom of newly gained fans. Wang Hedi and Xiao Zhan previously during the Weibo TV and Internet Video Summit and more recently Wang Junkai (TFBoys). It reminds them of Wu Yifan when he still had massive backings, plus Chen Feiyu does look similar to him. And Lighter and Princess really isn’t as big of a splash as they tried to market it out to be.

      C-netz are also tired of seeing rich kids parachuting into their entertainment industry and starting out as main leads right away. You can think of it like how K-netz dislike celebrities given special treatment to enter prestigious universities. And what’s more, these rich kids have been buying up hot searches on social media and plastering their names everywhere, people are simply tired of it.

      • I did some research. The WHD and XZ business is too messy. The posts are buried way too far for me to scroll and see how it started but Wang Junkai is pretty recent and from what I gathered, one of the big Wang Junkai fan accounts published a post on weibo praising Chen Feiyu and that angered their followers. They quickly deleted it and posted a hateful post about Chen Feiyu to appease their followers. That angered some Chen Feiyu fans and then someone posted a screenshot of the fan accounts’ DM where the fan account confessed that they forgot to switch their weibo accounts before the post about Chen Feiyu. To avoid apologizing, they startes dragging Chen Feiyu.WBD and XZ mess made appearances here. People even seem to love cursing his parents. All of this is on weibo on both their tags if anyone wants to look.

        …so really, in this case neither of the actors seem to be at fault. Rather the fans are being toxic. Why can’t someone like more than one guy? This makes me think that other things are probably exaggerated as well.

        Anyway, I don’t really care for background and stuff. Most industries have actor’s kids breaking into acting as well. Do they have advantage? Sure but did I watch and enjoy Lighter because he is some bigwigs son? No. He’s also young and has a long career ahead of him. If he continues to improve himself and does good work ,he has a fan in me.

        Also it’s shitty for you to bring up Wu Yifan, given that he is a convicted rapist. It’s one thing to dislike someone but to have absolutely no bottom line? You should be ashamed and if you are not, it’s a pity because you are not a good person at all.

      • @sandstone Way to gloss over the incident with WHD and XZ, it’s a fact that marketing was done by Chen Feiyu’s side. As for the incident with Wang Junkai’s fan account, it’s because this is a “big fan” who makes money off a celebrity and their fans, so in a way, they are supposed to be “loyal”. If a “big fan” wants to stan another celebrity, they should cut ties cleanly with their current stan or become a normal fan.

        What’s wrong with bringing up Wu Yifan? It’s a fact that C-netz found the both of them similar to each other in terms of having ultra strong backings. Chen Feiyu also marketed himself as looking similar to Wu Yifan when he first debuted.

        You are very rude, I hope the rest of Chen Feiyu’s fans aren’t like you.

      • @Lilith

        No one is glossing over anything. I just don’t think your words alone are trustworthy as seen in Wang Junkai situation. You are clearly biased against Chen Feiyu and want to paint him in a bad light. Weibo night happened on Nov 29th. Right now, unless someone has direct links to the initial and catalyst posts, I would get lost on either of their tags on weibo.

        In my research the only thing I found was fans in all WHD, XZ and CFY supertalks talking about defending their favorite actor and all of them blamed the other, which in my opinion is inconclusive. In the actual trend tags (or ones I could find) itself, it was 90% scolding for Chen Feiyu and his family (some posts about his mom were particularly cruel). Interesting marketing by his team there. Personally, I found it awkward that Chen Feiyu didn’t greet Xiao Zhan but I don’t know the history between them.

        Your view on fan account…whether what they did was right or wrong, it’s like saying “Chen Feiyu sucks because someone saw his drama and liked him”

        As for being rude, all I did was write what I found out on weibo and my objection to your mention of a convicted rapist and I stand by what I wrote. If you find that rude, so be it. No regrets.

        Finally, I am not a representative of any fandom.


      • @sandstone To you, anyone who doesn’t support Chen Feiyu is biased against him. I have been pretty objective in posts related to him so far, posting factual information and what c-netz had said.

        His team’s marketing plan is to increase discussions about him and gain attention. They succeeded. If c-netz side with CFY on the weibo night, he gains positive publicity, if c-netz side with WHD and XZ, he increases his fandom’s unity as his new fans will band together to defend him.

        I don’t get what you are trying to say regarding the fan account. But this incident was also blown out of proportions through marketing.

        You are rude because your reply to me included derogatory remarks such as “shitty”, “no bottom line”, “you should be ashamed” and “not a good person” when I was just relaying information.

      • @Lilith

        No, to me someone who is not explaining situations clearly and truthfully and casting negative light on Chen Feiyu is one biased against him.

        For Wang Hedi and Xiao Zhan situation, I don’t see how that trend brought benefits to him but you can have your own conclusions. I will have mine.

        You were not relaying any information by bringing up Wu Yifan. You did that for one reason only. If you have guts to play dirty, at least own up to it. Like I said, I stand by what I said. If you think it rude, so be it. No regrets!

      • @sandstone What is the truth? No one online will know for sure unless they are part of the celebrities’ team. We can only form our own conclusions after analysing the information available. I guess you only want “explanations” that says Chen Feiyu is a victim? You seem to be so sure of the “truth” as well. Your previous replies to me are a total overreaction for someone who claims to be “not a representative of any fandom”. I guess water armies technically don’t belong to any fandom as well, since they aren’t fans.

  3. I really find it weird that some comments are very strong against Chen Feiyu. This made me curious, enough to make me watch his dramas. Booooy…. the guy is charismatic! He may not be the best there is but he can act as compared to other newbies.

    I first watched him in Ever Night and is currently watching him in Lighter and Princess. I think there has been a notable improvement in his acting and more movies/dramas can further hone his acting skills.

    Just like everybody else, he could not choose his parents. And I likewise see no problem in parents helping their kids at the onset of their careers. After all, parents want the best for their children. And this guy, I think, is doing his best not to embarrass his parents by working on improving his craft.

    Too much negative comments on Chen Feiyu made me curious enough to check out his works. I didn’t k ow about him before but now I’m beginning to become a fan😁.

  4. I didn’t know Chen FeiYu, but after reading about the hatred he’s getting, my curiosity is spiked. Gonna go check out his work.

    • Of course they are. Living fans make a person a star and he is not one. Not even close. WHD easily goes over him and then think HG, XZ, YY, GJ, etc etc etc who are tiers above. But he has been around for a while and isn’t taking off so they are getting desperate and resorting to underhanded means. Not the first, not the last I guess.

      • And? Is his career decided right now alone?? You all act like all these actors were popular since day 1. They all had their journey. XZ and GJ didn’t even hit big till their late 20s. GJ even has a list of long flops before and after SHL. 5 dramas after SHL, none of which did well. WHD also wasn’t as popular before CLJ. YY I believe has always been popular or was when I got to know him through Love O2O. Anyway, the point is that Lighter did better than his previous dramas and as long as he picks good projects and shows good acting, he will be fine.

        Desperate? Lol. Did you even see who topped the bought trends list this year?? FYI the guy is one of the guys you mentioned. Not Feiyu but keep on with that.

        I swear I see the same 3 people in every Feiyu article. They claim to be haters but they just can’t keep away.

      • Oh my goodness! I just finished Lighter & Princess… and… I.LOVE.IT.

        Arthur Chen was single handedly definitely the reason. Look, I dislike nepotism as well, there are so many gifted performers out there who don’t get recognition because they don’t have financial support or backing. BUT, nepotism can only open up opportunities. Whether they gain popularity is up to the person.

        Arthur Chen can act! He has the x factor. And i love his voice. It’s so strong and fierce for someone who’s only 22 years old… at some stage in L&P, his voice sounded like Liam Neeson… makes him sound like an old soul.

        Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for his future works! He’s gained a supporter.

  5. Tired of seeing this guy everywhere. His fans keep posting the same thing over and over again that I’m wondering if it’s really true they are water army.

  6. Chen Feiyu Arthur Ah Se is so adorable handsome to be actor .his acting is Ok not bad.whether he has his parents support or not time will tell as starting his parents can make but sustenence feiyu should make….All the Best feiyu..Be a Good human being always….Keep it up…

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