Chen Fei Yu and Zhou Ye’s Fantasy Romance Movie Yesterday Once More Scheduled for April 28th Premiere in Theaters Despite His Recent Scandal Blip

In C-ent the scandals are either catastrophic career ending ones or more blips with more negative buzz than actual ramifications. C-actor Chen Fei Yu recently went through the latter after pictures were released of him sleeping in bed taken by clearly a bed mate after intimacy and it appears that a twenty-something unmarried man having sex is not a cancellable offense with the C-authorities. His upcoming movie Yesterday Once More with fresh-faced Zhou Ye is now scheduled for April 28th released right before the big May holiday week. He was probably saved by there being no infidelity involved (both parties were single, reportedly) and also there have been a slew of way worse misconduct so in comparison his just seems much ado about not much. I do think releasing this type of idealistic pure romance with this recent scandal seems counter programming and maybe this movie should have waited for the fall IMO.

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