jTBC Hit Drama Reborn Rich is Credited with Spike in December Subscriptions to Netflix, TVING, and Disney+

I thought Reborn Rich would be a foundational boulder type of drama lasting through the ages but it seems after the polarizing last episode its taking on the ephemeral nature of most hits after the curtain falls. But it still left records such as second highest cable drama of all time and now due to the spliced up way the drama was sold to streaming it’s being credited for noticeable spikes in December 2022 for three separate streaming platforms Netflix, TVING, and Disney+. That’s quite a feat and goes to remind just how insanely popular and talked about Reborn Rich was during its airing from mid-November to end of December.


jTBC Hit Drama Reborn Rich is Credited with Spike in December Subscriptions to Netflix, TVING, and Disney+ — 12 Comments

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  2. I’m still planning to watch but it’s crazy how much the ending seemed to take the wind out of the show’s hype. A lot of popular kdramas do not seem to stick the landing, it’s been a running problem with kdramas for many years.

  3. I’d only recommend from ep.2 till ep.15..and that’s the first time that I am not looking for SJK’s next drama at all. I loved everyone in this drama, except him. Felt like I was watching Vincenzo in baggy cloths. He is a great actor, but his performance was really bed in this. Anyway, well done to everyone who was part of it esp. Lee Sung-Min. Very well written except the first and last ep. thanks for the ride.

  4. Wasn’t Reborn Rich on Viki- not Netflix or Disney?
    I really enjoyed it although the ending was disappointing. I think Song Joong has made good decisions with his last two dramas. He is a good actor but not a great one and he does well surrounding himself with a good supporting cast. . Lee Sung-min is a great actor who
    acts everyone else off the screen!

  5. Ending was a bit disappointing, but that’s like the case with most kdramas. The drama ending wasn’t better or worse than your average kdrama ending. Still, 95% of the drama was wonderful, and it was amazing to see writing, directing, acting, and cast chemistry all come together. Oftentimes, those elements don’t align no matter how much planning a drama puts into it. It was also an amazing trip through south korea’s history for the last 3.5 decades – seeing the characters exist in and interact with some big touchstone moments in south korea’s period of unprecedented growth

  6. I am in the minority as I don’t mind the ending.
    Its seems a logical ending.
    A k-drama I have enjoyed watching.
    A great cast especially all the members of the Jin family.

  7. I hated the ending but undoubtedly Reborn rich is best and hit drama of 2022. Except the finale episode everything about this drama is A+ for me. From acting to plot to production. I will definitely recommend this.

  8. I actually really like the ending. It really nicely put all the narrative into place. Don’t know what’s the complain. I don’t think him as Doo Joon is all it’s all a dream. That’s for sure for me. one think for sure, I’m really dissapointed with Song Joong Ki performances in this. It’s uneven, mostly sleep walking through the drama, no passion. I’m just feel sorry foe Shin Hyun Been who is doing a good job for what she got and getting bash throughout the show.

    I think that passion towards acting dissapear once you have get everything you can get in this industry. Or I wonder if he is getting bored with his roles which always superhero like character. but then again he keep choosing that kind of project maybe due to his fans pressure. If his next movie and drama he keep doing the same performances, I think I won’t watch, SInce the joy watching a drama or movie is watching your fav actor doing well regardless of material they get.

  9. As a SJK fan I have to say that his character was the least interesting out of the entire cast. LSM was the best as a self made chaebol, followed by the daughter striving to prove her worth against her brothers and the eldest grandson who just felt trapped as the heir. After grandpa’s death there was no wind in the sails. It could have still coasted to the shore but the ending was like overturning the entire ship.

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