jTBC Drama The Interest of Love Kicks into Gear as Feelings Finally Get Acted on at the End of Episode 8 Leaving the Second Half Excitingly Complicated

Watching jTBC Wed-Thurs romance drama (if you call it that) The Interest of Love has been an exercise in waiting for the ball to drop. Like, literally waiting and waiting and waiting for something to happen beyond staring, longing, passive-aggressive frustration from all four main leads, so draggy to the point I was like JUST JUMP HER! And then the end of episode 8 happened and I was like, FINALLY! I must preface that I don’t like a single character in this drama but I love how everyone is flawed, difficult, and never able to just say or do things directly. Yoo Yeon Seok likes Moon Ga Young but screws things up with one moment of faltering, she likes him back but is too emotionally and socially fearful of trying, then comes Geum Sae Rok as the latest iteration of the conniving second female lead but with her own cheated on trauma, and then we have the wet rag of a second male lead Jung Ga Ram who is by all accounts a good man but oh so dour, dull, and lacking in drive. These four have been interweaving and doing dances around each other that is at times fascinating and mostly frustrating. Then comes the end of episode 8 when the two leads make up on the ice rink and now I feel like the drama has stakes. Because they let their chance go with each other when both were single then this is now a cheating drama and boy if they thought being together with their social differences was hard the first time around I can’t wait for the pain to start. Because Yoo Yeon Seok and Moon Ga Young are radiant with their longing and pain, and even more gorgeous making out together. But yes, they are cheating and that’s very very bad.


jTBC Drama The Interest of Love Kicks into Gear as Feelings Finally Get Acted on at the End of Episode 8 Leaving the Second Half Excitingly Complicated — 12 Comments

  1. I think writers want to point out about married with loveless marriage and choosing a partner looking for the same social status and ignoring the heart is not always a good choice. At times it led to cheating and most of the time hurting people around them in the long run. It might work to some people who use to loveless marriage like 2Fl parent.

    • I know they are cheating, but they love each other from the beginning…it’s horrible for me to wait a whole week for the next episode. Not really enjoyable, rather painful …

  2. I’m watching it , and both are delivering very well the longing, the turmoil of their feelings . As an international watcher, they would have been together since episode one . I understand because it’s about korean society standards . But it’s just a mascarade as one of his friends is cheating his newly wife with a former lover, the director has two ” wifes”, …Diktat of a society in which all is about apparences and behind it’s ugly ( cheating, loveless marriages, …)

  3. I think you mean episode 10…. but in any case, I really feel for Geum Sae Rok’s character. sure they try to make her seem like she tries to buy her way into ML’s heart, but overall she has nice and sincere intentions which matters not as ML still cheats on her coldly and ruthlessly. ML doesn’t deserve her, that’s for sure – he deserves a lonely ending. PS. for those who say he doesn’t love her and loves FL – well in that case he should not have entered a relationship with her to begin with, or breaking up BEFORE going after FL agian

  4. i think you mean episode 10. I really feel for 2FL, her pain and anguish over ML’s cheating was superbly delivered by the actress. Hard to wish ML any happy ending after seeing episode 11…

  5. Skipping todays ep. It looks to follow source material’s direction, which descends into absolute ludicrousness. Ahn Soo Yeong has to be one of the most frustrating FL ever or just simply dumb. Just gonna watch the last ep and thats it. After tonight’s ep, i think 80% of viewers will drop this drama. Not scriptwriters fault… the source novel is beyond dumb.

      • I do not blame you if you want to stop watching… I only watch it further, just to see if anything good can come out of this mess….I can’t sleep after watching each episode, pure agony. My mind is tossing and turning to find a solution…

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