Song Joong Ki Announces Marriage to British Girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders and the Couple are Expecting a Child Together

JAW. DROP. Like, all the way from the top of the Empire State Building to the bottom of 32nd street in seconds kind of drop. Breaking news out of K-ent and what a way to reveal it all himself – Song Joong Ki has announced his marriage AND first child at the same time via a handwritten message to his fan club. The actor revealed that he has registered his marriage to Katy Louise Saunders, a former actress and his girlfriend since the two went public last month. They have reportedly been dating for two years since she worked as his English tutor on the set of Vincenzo and since she was a former actress then the press revealed her name as she’s a public figure as well. Song Joong Ki also announced that the couple are welcoming a new life together, i.e. has a baby. No word on when the baby will arrive but this is wholly shocking news since she didn’t look pregnant at all in the paparazzi photos taken of them in November when he was in Singapore to promote Reborn Rich and returned to Seoul with her. Nevertheless, a big congrats to the happy couple, I could care less whether they are suited for each other based on rando opinions on the web, both are adults so ahead and make their own decisions.


Song Joong Ki Announces Marriage to British Girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders and the Couple are Expecting a Child Together — 83 Comments

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    • Yuckies! Stop being nasty and sounds bitter. Now you are playing fortune teller.

      If you can’t wish them well, might as well not to comment anything.

    • I also think the marriage won’t last. The culture between them is so different. Lack of common language deep communication and such a short period of being together. Not wearing condom in a relationship, such a impulsive behaviour. I think there is some shady about his personality. Anyway good luck to them both.

    • Eventually, the woman will get tired of being a famous actor’s wife. She will divorce him, take her share of his wealth and will go back to London for good.

      • Well that’s their business she could take all of his fortune it’s like you’re giving anything why are putting your nose in other people’s lives weather they’re suitable for each other’s or that’s nor our business they have the right to try maybe it’ll work maybe not they’re living their life you should live your life too and judge others cause at the end of day even if she take his wealth it is no like his poor and maybe the have signed an agreement of marriage anyway the life is theirs and the money also theirs as a husband and wife what is the of money if you can’t find happiness at the end of thr day what matters for them both is to be happy as long as they’re happy that’s what matters.

  2. Hahaha. No surprises here ever since I saw all the Bali Tiktok videos flying around. There’s no smoke without fire. Now here comes the confirmation. I thought the airport photos showed Katy’s tummy a bit rounded. Now, I’m waiting for another unlikely couple to make an announcement.

  3. How they met is really cute. I had a feeling they’d get married based on how he was talking about her plus pregnancy runors. Congrats to them and I hope pregnancy goes smoothly.

  4. “she has lived her life passionately” = she has two kids that I am going to completely ignore while we celebrate our own bio child.

    What a jerk. I feel sorry for the kids.

  5. Congrats to him, glad he found someone who loves him enough to bear him a child and help him build a family of his own. he has a chosen a road less travel and it has made all the difference, definitely for the better!

  6. Wow, he has always wanted to be daddy, now wish finally accomplished, together with beautiful British. Their baby will certainly be good looking. Happy for them.

  7. She wasn’t his Italian-English tutor. I own the Vincenzo bluray and it shows the teacher on set and it isn’t this lady, unless SJK had multiple language tutors.

  8. It is nice that he makes the announcement, but in my opinion he does not need to. This is his private life. He can do whatever outside his working / filming hours. She is no longer acting and is already out of the spotlight.

  9. This is expected from time he announced his dating news a month ago and they were seen in an OB gyn clinic around that time. Everyone is suspecting that there’s a bun in the oven already.

  10. One thing is for sure that baby is going to be beautiful. I have yet to see any Mixed kids who weren’t.

    Congrats to the Happy couple!!! Make it Work!

  11. Congrats to him. I am happy for the couple and I like the way SJK take charge of the announcement all by himself. They appear like a good match.

  12. I think marriage is all well and good when it’s what wanted by both parties but when Korean celebrities announce marriage a lot of the times they also announce pregnancy. I kind of wonder do they even wanna get married or are they just doing “the right thing” or maybe its pressure from their companies and/or families so they don’t ruin their image.

    • It’s because most the time they married late at the time when they want to have kids, so they prefer both together. And offcourse they can’t be away from their work for long time so they prefer all things to happen in perticular time period

      • Yeah, I feel like when the lady is over 35 and the couple wants to have a child together, it makes sense to move as fast as possible. Getting pregnant is harder, miscarriage risk is higher, and childbirth is more dangerous for women as we get well into our 30s and 40s.

        Those in their 20s do make me think of shotgun weddings.

  13. That was quick!

    He sounds happy, looks happy, great news! I always felt that he wanted to have a family, not just a wife. He wanted kids, he’s gonna be a daddy! Yey!

  14. Eeeurgh no. I dislike mixed couple. But at least it’s not as bad as ugly white sexpats who come to SEA and EA and get little Asian wifes 🤮🤮.

  15. There has been rumoured that SHK still miss him. I gather he’s hung or what? LMFAO even Harris has been mentioned in South Korea at the moment. xD However, she is the same age as I am. Pfff. Just curious how the baby between them will look like.

    • Lol why you trying to start fan wars? You need to grow up and be happy for SJK. He found his partner and is happy, ready to be a father and a husband.

      Leave SHK out of this. She’s happy and is living her life how she wanted.

      Congratulations to SJK and his to be wife. Their baby will be cute.

  16. I wish them well. Bringing in a new baby is big and wonderful news. People say it won’t last for many couples but many have proved them wrong, I hope SJK and his new wife does the same. I am happy he follows his heart, not what people want him to do.

  17. It’s because most the time they married late at the time when they want to have kids, so they prefer both together. And offcourse they can’t be away from their work for long time so they prefer all things to happen in perticular time period

      • More idiot who think their oppa is like god lol.. think before u click because it shows..anyway good riddance to your god oppa okay? At least it’s now a closed chapter. Hope it’s his forever and ever..

  18. God. She doesn’t have children. Where did it even come from?

    Here are the articles in the Italian media

    Here are the articles in the Korean media

    I hope everyone knows how to use Google translator?

    The photo with a pregnant belly was just unfortunate. Check out other photos from this photo shoot. She didn’t have a pregnant belly.

  19. His dream was to start a family with children, this apparently does not suit Song Hye Kyo so even though he loved her very much, he got up and left

  20. He think he’s so cool now especially speaking English..I mean broken English in interviews lol even Bogum sound so fluent speaking English compared to him. He sure does love attention and I bet he’s dying to break into the US soon lol

    • You’re a sick person he is a bad person so what what does it matter to you i jaust can’t understand how people kike tou think blaming others for living there lives the they wants to.

  21. I’m seeing a lot of comments from SEA fans who don’t like that he ended up with a partner not from Asia. They’re mad because he chose someone who doesn’t look like them so their chances to be with him are little. I’m expecting a lot more whining in the future when other Korean actors show up with their non-Asian girlfriends/wives.

    • No. It’s not really that.

      Most still hold grudges over him divorcing his ex-wife. Just look at the comments “Hope he won’t divorce her as he did with his ex”. Its 2023 and divorce still being scorned upon. If so unhappy and suffering in the marriage, then why can’t they divorce? I am sure it’s better than they ended up cheating on each other. And at least it was done before children came into picture.

      They also feel like he treated his ex-wife badly over the divorce process because most of them actually lived and stayed with the couple 24/7, thus they know exactly what happened behind closed doors and what causing the divorce and why he did what he did.

      Now they are angry cos he moved on so fast, mocking him for marrying a foreigner and supposedly a single mom as if that is so degrading. What they expect him to do? stay single and drinking in sorrow, still reminiscing the good old days with his ex-wife?

      I am not even a fan of SJK at all but its annoying reading so much hate over a happy news like this. After all, he is an adult and it’s his life.

      • Those still hold grudges are JEALOUS. Jealous that he is now married. Jealous that he will have a child. It is none of anyone’s business except the married couple. He is only an actor, not your father !!

      • @Alexa – My comment is meant for those who put negative comments, not direct to you 🙂 I agree with you that I am also annoyed reading so much hate.

  22. I guess he will get married on the day Song Hye Kyo’s Glory 2 release. Ha ha…
    Am I the only Asian woman who think SJK looks like a woman? :(( I see some Westerners commented on Vincenzo on Asianwiki that he looks like a trans woman.

    • @Jasmine – There is no typical “look” for a trans. Your comment is so gender biased !! The fact that he can father a child tells you he is a XY. BTW – he is already registered as married. You do not need to drag SHK’s drama into his news because they are no longer related. In my country, we cannot discriminate people by their looks / gender / race / religion. I guess you have not been taught properly.

  23. Congratulations to them, I hope they’re happy and the baby will be healthy!

    All this “concern” over their differences of language/culture, her kids (that she may or may not actually have), their previous relationships, why they are marrying…fans just need to get over it. Divorcees and single mothers are allowed to find love too, you know.

  24. Both toxic stans are disgusting. Stop worrying over celebrities. Appreciate their works. Ignore their private lives. Stans and shipping culture need to be erased. Ew.

  25. So many good things for Song Joong Ki, very lucky man. His wife is so beautiful and his kid will be even better looking than the parents. Congrats!!!

  26. Why he received so much negativity? Well, the way he handled his divorce is so low class, thats why.., lets her deal with all the cheating rumors, etc., acting like it was him that filing divorce one side.
    Good luck and congrats to him, but now rumor of her cheating on him, etc, it can rest in peace.
    Just imagine is she is now the one getting married? She would have receive so much hate and bashing from knets..

    • Did SHK cheat? This explains everything then. While these two can move on in their own lives and have new families, why are her bitter fans still being so negative?

      • SJK came out to say SHK never cheated after months on silent. No proof of SHK cheating.

        I think SJK didn’t handle the divorce with SHK well also.

        The good thing with SJK marrying first with a baby on the way is that SHK will not get any hate if she starts dating again.

    • @Ta – you said so… “lets her deal with all the cheating rumors”… I know I read the word “rumors” but every rumor stems from a source… No denial, no clarification, nothing… something smelly.

  27. He courted his ex-wife and was able to convince her to get married, said his wedding promise / vows, only to leave her and file a unilateral divorce thereafter. He’s saying the same vows of life “forever” with his second wife, so we shall see how long they will last. I don’t trust this guy, he seems shady, manipulative. He’s handling PR quite badly nowadays his blow by blow relationship revelations appear like fan service and media play.

  28. SJK came out to say SHK never cheated after months on silent. No proof of SHK cheating.

    I think SJK didn’t handle the divorce with SHK well also.

    The good thing with SJK marrying first with a baby on the way is that SHK will not get any hate if she starts dating again.

  29. WOW people in the comment sections who are casting ill will towards SJK must all be living perfect lives without sin. You must all be angels in this lifetime. Give me a break. He’s been divorced for a few years now and they clearly both have moved on. Stop being bitter and hateful. They are adults and must live their lives as they see fit just like everybody else that’s been commenting. I’m pretty sure no one here would want strangers giving out opinions about your own personal lives on what to do and what not to do.

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