Wu Lei and Yang Chao Yue Tapped for Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan Chapter to go Into Production Later in the Year

So the casting wheel changed up one rumored lead but kept the other and I’m meh with the change TBH. There are three chapters of the Fox Spirit Matchmaker ( 塗山小紅娘) stories to be turned into dramas, the first is the one we see promos for Fox Spirit Matchmaker is the Yue Hong chapter (月红篇) with Yang Mi and Gong Jun. There is also the Wang Quan chapter (王權篇) that late last year was rumored to star Wu Lei and Yu Shu Xin but there week there is a supposed soft confirmation that the male lead is the same but the female lead is now Yang Chao Yue. She’s currently starring in the xianxia drama Chong Zi (or The Journey of Chong Zi) which I keep reading a Zhong Zi when I see the pinyin and craving sticky rice haha, but anyhoo neither Yang Chao Yue or Yu Shu Xin has moved in to watch their stuff beyond an episode so it’s still a Wu Lei centric reason to check this out when it airs.


Wu Lei and Yang Chao Yue Tapped for Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Wang Quan Chapter to go Into Production Later in the Year — 10 Comments

  1. She is appalling bad. Appallingly. I can’t even call her an actress because it’s an insult to actual actresses. If this is true, my sympathies to Wu Lei fans.

    • She’s so extremely bad. And I say that after watching really bad actressses on screen and enjoying the drama overall. She makes me actively hate her characters.

      • wow I didn’t know that her acting is that bad. I’ve never watch her drama, but she really looks so pretty

  2. Yang Chaoyue is one of those people that you find really pretty in photos but when you see them act, they become uglier. But anyways Wu Lei is the focus here for sure since Wang Quan is said to more male centric than the other two chapters.

  3. Yang Chao Yue must really be popular in China because she keeps getting cast despite not being so good. The girl is really pretty but after watching a few of her dramas, she’s just a wallflower. Some people has the acting chops and some just don’t. She’s in so many dramas now that it seems like she will likely take the reign of Zhang Yi or Dilraba. Some can ride the fame without acting skills.

  4. Not true. YSX is still the stronger rumour. The Fox Spirit series was only considering top actresses, in other words, the 85-ers and the two 90-ers, which is why they got Yang Mi and Liu Shishi. For this particular chapter they have to go young, but YCY is not considered top even among the lackluster 95-ers.

  5. I love watching Wu Lei dramas! I’ve been a longtime fan of him. I’ve never watched Yang Chao Yue in dramas or variety shows but every now and then I glanced at a clip of her acting. All I can say is that I’m not a fan. If I could choose an actress to act with WuLei in Fox Spirit, it would be Jiang Yi Yi. She’s not in the same popularity level so it’s not possible for now but I love her acting skills and look! She’s also Wu Lei’s childhood friend so their chemistry would be off the charts!

  6. Oh please have mercy on Wu Lei, this girl acting is really bad.Pouting and wide eyeballs. I hope it’s not YSX either, can’t finish any of her drama, it seems like she extended her character through every drama she’s in.

  7. Oh my god, I love Wu Lei so much but I’ll have a hard time watching if it’s Yang Chaoyue. Don’t get me wrong she’s really pretty, but her acting makes me actively hate her characters. She has this mean girl vibes to her. Hope this isn’t confirmed

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