Crash Course in Romance Episode 13 Gets 11.359% as the Plot Meanders in All the Various Threads

Its exceptionally hard to sustain a good drama plot and I was merely hoping Crash Course in Romance could do it since it’s ratings were so incredible I just wanted a rom-com to be good til the very end. Alas the final stretch feels like this drama’s undoing much like others before it, the romance of the OTP now gotten together is just “there”, sweet but nothing to excite the senses, and the other plot lines are being slowed down to keep big reveals for later so this felt like a filler episode. I like the female lead continuing to be intelligent and speaks her mind but our male lead is too dense still I guess for plot purposes as his assistant being the Big Bad is just like flashing neon signs level obvious. It sucks that a rom-com had to make the Big Bad an actually killer of people and cats because it just makes it so awful that a serial murderer is wandering around while everyone else worries about high school exam scores and college applications.


Crash Course in Romance Episode 13 Gets 11.359% as the Plot Meanders in All the Various Threads — 7 Comments

  1. It’s gotten extremely boring after episode 10. More reason why romcoms shouldn’t be longer than 10 episodes. They can never sustain the narrative. Agency and Red Ballon deserve a shout out for their high and consistent ratings. The weekend fare for TVN looks extremely weak this year compared to previous years. Most of them are part 2/ season 2 of old dramas. Very boring and uninteresting.

  2. My Korean drama watching has really gone down over the past 3 years. Way too many noona dramas and dismal endings… writers/broadcasters should really commit to shorter miniseries instead of exhausting the patience of their audience.

  3. Why do romcoms these days feel the need of adding all these extra unnecessary sub-plots! What happened to good old-fashioned romcom? Give us back all the trope filled cute romantic comedies! Enough with all these murder plots!

  4. It’s the same when some romance’s writers began to add suspens plots in their novels to please the new readers. It didn’t work for me . Agatha Christie isn’t Jane Austen and vice versa . 12 episodes are enough for a rom com .

    • I dont know what show you all are watching..
      I have throughly enjoyed every minute of this show.
      If i have any complaint its the fact that the male lead looks like he needs more of her food in real life. He is far toooooo thin Looks gaunt . Its almost dsturbing .
      The acting is some of the best ive seen . The young man that plays the attorney’s son is an amazing little actor .
      The gentlman that plays the autistic brother should get the korean equivalent of the academy awards .
      I like how the show has kept you guessing who the killer is .
      All in all a great show.
      Once again this again proves why i do not listen to critics.

  5. This is why I only watch k-dramas after they end and I’ve read the reviews. I don’t want to waste my time on a script gone bad. Case in point, 2521 and Strangers Again. I had intended to watch those dramas, but when the endings turned out to be disappointing, I didn’t bother. I will wait until Crash Course is done before I decide to watch or not.

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