Episode 14 of Crash Course on Romance Hits New Ratings High of 14.296% and Looks Set to Wrap Up Plot Points Nicely Next Week

It’s funny how a rom-com like Crash Course in Romance is actually more impactful as an indictment of South Korea’s oppressive educational system and obsessively controlling parents participating in it. The drama hit a new ratings high of 14.296% and can probably break 15% or more next week with the finale but it’s not going to be one of those dramas I feel the urge the re-watch. Leads Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho made the drama a lot more enjoyable to watch and the frustrating Moms and the Big Bad subplot added the right amounts of tension and danger to elevate the stakes. But the air has been let out of the tires as we know everything will be fine and I kinda don’t even need to see how that’s arrived at next week in the final two episodes. I’m just glad good decent people will have earned their good endings.


Episode 14 of Crash Course on Romance Hits New Ratings High of 14.296% and Looks Set to Wrap Up Plot Points Nicely Next Week — 12 Comments

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  2. Koala, While you are waiting for the finale, check out “The Starry Love” C-drama. It’s my new crack and I think you would like it.

  3. I like that the ratings keep increasing even though I don’t know why romcoms are no longer just romcoms. Must we get murder mystery included in every drama *sigh*

    • I know right! it must be a korean thing – dont see other countries doing it. (romcom) dramas that could do without a ridic murderer subplot: Cheer Up, Kiss Sixth Sense, Jirisan, You Are My Spring, Crazy Love, Dali And Cocky Prince

  4. The main romance fizzled out the moment they acknowledge their attraction. Thr leads themselves are individually good but together I don’t feel the attraction, I don’t feel the sexual energy so to speak. It is more chaste than a teenager’s love affair despite the very chaste bed scene. I can’t feel the passion. The big bad is senseless unless he’s in love with our hero. Entire story should have ended 2 ep ago. Why pollute it with unnecessary subplot?

  5. Good thing that the ratings keep increasing as older actors/actresses are much better than the newbies at delivering them. At least we know that there are something to look forward to, instead of fluff. Koreans are digging it.

  6. This drama is like magic. Even though the plot seems simplistic, the leads looks like they don’t match, but somehow, when u start watching you just can’t stop. It could be the actors’ talented portrayal, that made you forget how the romance is so stale, but cute.

    For me, I enjoyed it mostly for how wholesome the story is. It makes you look at family ties and youthful friendships, which are much more than just wild passionate romance. I like seeing how FL sacrifice her life for her brother and niece, and don’t even call it sacrifice, but rather her choice. She chose to keep the family together after the death of their mother. Her best friend who stood by her throught thick and thin. And we see this repeating in the friendships her niece/daughter have with friends at school. It’s so wholesome to see. There are also dysfunctional families of course, toxic mums, which gave rise to psychopath killers, or tormented children… All these serves to showcase what we shouldn’t do as an adult or parent. The story is simple, but impactful, and most of all, the actors were great.

  7. I don’t get how some moms can mentally abuse their child like that . I know that they want for their children the best but don’t they see the rate of suicide in their country ? In everything moderation is good . This oppressive educational system is way too much .

  8. Excited for the last 2 episodes of Crash Course and Jeon Do-yeon’s movie Kill Boksoon on Netflix at the end of March. It’ll be a good comparison of her acting range. From a single-mother with a good relationship with her daughter in a rom-com to a single-mother with bad relationship with her daughter in an action movie.

  9. Yes. There is no “real romance/hint of sexual tension” but the two leads pull it off. My surrise is that Ms.Jang is not Hae-s mother (think about her reaction seeing her son wit Hae-e, that snarly look she gave Hang Seon after the mother’s party, the similarity in looks between Hae-e as and Ms.Jang). Why would not Hang Seon recognize her own sister? Anyway they threw in this tacky woman as the real mom. My mouth is still open on that one. Waiting to see “mother”-daughter outcome. Not going to mention brother coworker budding attraction though I think it is okay. Overall loving the show. Look forward to Saturdays and Sundays and will be a little down when it ends.

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