C-netizens Go Wild with Rumored Pairing of Dylan Wang and Zhao Lu Si in Xianxia Romance C-drama Offering Salted Fish to Master

In the world of C-drama casting carousel this one was bound to happen and hopefully it does come to fruition since it’s as hot buzz as it can get. C-ent rumor mill says Dylan Wang and Zhao Lu Si will be pairing up for a xianxia romance C-drama titled Offering Salted Fish to Master (向師祖獻上鹹魚). It’s a sweet pupil romance with an arrogant master so that definitely checks all those stereotypical boxes for both C-drama xianxia set ups AND the image of the two leads for their characters. It doesn’t really how compelling the story is, I think netizens are there for two of the trendiest young stars in drama land these days on the same screen.


C-netizens Go Wild with Rumored Pairing of Dylan Wang and Zhao Lu Si in Xianxia Romance C-drama Offering Salted Fish to Master — 26 Comments

  1. Ahahahahahahahahaha

    Those two? There will be nobody left alive once those two fandoms go at each other. Give it to me please, I have the popcorn tub!

    • Yes! Waiting for that special moment to see those two together in a drama. Wow when and how long the wait. Needs to be longer than 16 episodes especially if it’s very exciting and romantic.

  2. I don’t see this happening and only for one reason. Billing.

    Since c-netizens are billing obsessed, there is no way Zhao Lusi would be second billing to wang hedi. She doesn’t need him. His fans were at Bai Lu’s throat because he is second billing on a drama after he’s had once successful show. They would demand he be first bill on a show with freaking Sun Li.lol that how audacious they are. Zhao Lusi is more flexible. She took second female lead to Dilraba, and that led her to second billing Wu Lei in love like the galaxy. These were calculated moves. She is beyond that now. She will do second billing to really big, or established veteran actors. I mean Hu Ge, Mark Chao, zhang ruoyun, daoming Chen, Sun li, Lusi yifei, Zhao lying, wang Kai. She will take second bill to these type of actors. She is positively not doing it for wang hedi.lol

    So this pairing is not happening. But if his fandom can accept an equal billing, there is a 10% chance.

    • Agree, despite the rumor of her being ‘uneducated’ but she seems so smart in taking her moves in her career…
      She will do the 2nd billing with big actors, but wang hedi, aigoo,he only has one successful drama… lusi has more.

      Hope wang hedi can act alongside big actors too and his fans can be humble to accept that he’s the 2nd billing.

      • You are jealous to Lusi she finish her studies in Taiwan and if u don’t know she have many talents not only acting. If she’s uneducated do u think she will become popular in many countries not only china.
        U are the one uneducated bcz u only believe rumors of Lusi haters.
        As far as I know she’s very famous now in china Lusi have many drama offer’s. So u called Lusi uneducated. LOL

      • @aivy

        Please don’t embarrass yourself.

        She is well known to be very uneducated. It is why she went into acing, because she could not cut it in school. She was there right next to Yibo in the desperate illiterate scandal as she was one of the others named.

        Damn, the gaslighting. At least try with something that isn’t a well known fact?

      • Please don’t hate lu si… You know, even if you say she’s very uneducated, or whatever… She’s still making it for sure!!! At least she’s doing something she’s very good at and I also believe she’s kinda fulfilling her dream.. hey!! Do you know how hard it is to make it to the stage??? To progress in your career??? Please don’t criticize Ms. Lusi for her work, life, career… Please keep your hatred in your heart. Don’t hurt those that are learning from her.. don’t hurt her career, don’t hurt her dreams… Let her live her life with a promising breath… Don’t make her co-workers and the company she’s working with to hate her or look down on her… Even though I don’t know her background and others…. If you also become an actor or actress tomorrow and you get criticized like this.. you know the dream is gone!!! Please support ms.lusi, don’t shatter her everything

      • Xiao Xan and Wang Yibo after their big break took second billing, but why do we have to hear about Wang Hedi not being able to be second billing on a drama after his big break. Why can’t he do it? I am sure he has a bright future, but so does Zhao lusi. She has 4 hits under her belt and he has 1. Why must she take second bill to him? what’s in it for her? there has got to be something in it for her, and from my angle I don’t see it, yet. But if you know, let us know.

      • @cool

        You have got the wrong person, re-read what I wrote. I dgaf about any billing with these two. I want the popcorn when their two fandoms start slaughtering each other. And the second the billing issue starts, especially with posts like above, his will explode. Yes, give it to me.

      • @Lmao As laughable as thinking that Xiao Zhan is an acting God or the best thing that ever graced the silver screen (and I like the guy) Keep on basking in that illusion of yours while it lasts. Like it or hate it, people are entitled to think whatever they want. She thinks he’s excellent, respect her opinion and suck it up…stop being childish.

      • @panda_eyes

        Idgaf what you think about another random actor.

        WHD can’t act to save his life. He has been around for ages and his fans still sell he is improving lol if he were actually even decent you wouldn’t be trying to randomly deflect. Thanks for agreeing with me!

  3. Great News. I really enjoy both of these two-line actors. I amlookung forward to seeing how this turns out.

  4. I think they should really give first billing to who the story is more focus on and not based on popularity. Like for LLTG, I thought the story was more about Lusi’s character & thought she should get first billing just bc the story was following her life more. But if it’s a story where both ml and fl gets the same amount of screen time then I think they should get equal billing.

  5. I would certainly watch that show. Looks-wise, they are a perfect match. And I would definitely want him to be dubbed by the same guy that did the voice over in Fairy and Devil.

  6. Tis pairing is totally my cup of tea. I like both equally as eye candies with not much acting depth and don’t think neither is better than the other. So please accept any billing.

  7. gosh these two would be great in youth drama instead of xianxia. they look so good. but yeah gotta agree with some of the comment that this wouldnt happen because both wouldnt want to be second billing lol. zhao lusi will only be second to someone at Yangyang/ huge/ xz level same goes to whd. he probably only agree to be second billing to someone like zhao liying/ liu yi fei/ yang mi

  8. How shortsighted fans are if they only care about billing and not about whether the actors/actresses themselves might gain something useful in a drama. ZLS accepted 2nd billing because her role in all of them had room for her to grow and stretch her acting muscles, in addition to fame.

  9. I’m in the USA so I’m speaking from the outside looking in but, I wouldn’t care who gets first Star billing just as long as they make it happen!

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