Xianxia C-drama Snow Eagle Lord with Xu Kai and Gulinazha Drops First Official Trailer Ahead of Coming Premiere

Get ready for some early in early summer because Tencent is reportedly getting ready to premiere Snow Eagle Lord in the coming weeks according to C-ent chatter and looking legit due to the official preview that dropped over the weekend. Going for a snow based drama in late spring/early summer is interesting counter programming but it might help more if the leads at least had one star capable of acting. Alas putting very pretty and bland boy Xu Kai with very pretty and equally bland girl Gulinazha together in one drama is just tempting the mockery of drama gods. The drama looks interesting enough but I’ll wait to see how early reviews go before clicking play. Recently released xianxia C-drama Back from the Brink for example is cute but dumb as bricks.

Preview for Snow Eagle Lord:


Xianxia C-drama Snow Eagle Lord with Xu Kai and Gulinazha Drops First Official Trailer Ahead of Coming Premiere — 9 Comments

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    • Well, blame it on his beloved boss Yu Zheng. He was the one who said Guli Nazha must be the female lead if Xu Kai were to act in Snow Eagle Lord (which is produced by Star48). No idea if he is trying to help or harm Xu Kai lmao.

  2. Posters look good… but past dramas of these two respective leads proved a snooze fest. Seems the case of just “style but no substance”.

  3. XuKai is one of those actors that kept on filming drama after drama and you will always see his drama on screen but at the same time have lackluster presence in the drama world. I wonder why though. I really love him in Arsenal Military Academy which cause me to quickly look for him and Bailu again in The Legends. But ALP does it for me, it’s like his acting is good but it really lacks that umph factor, it need that ground-breaking acting or character to help him breakthrough his “comfort zone” acting state now.

    • Xu Kai was pretty good in Arsenal Military Academy and similar roles that followed such as Once upon a time in Lingjian Mountain. But he is pretty bland in serious roles. He shines in those rich, goofy jerk roles like Gu Yanzhen but he hasn’t met another director who can bring it out of him. I think his team was scared that he’ll be typecasted in such roles (though he’s mostly hired in his own company’s dramas ) so they started to look for serious roles for him. But that shift was from far from smooth.

  4. As far I know you only watched SAHPH with Xu Kai. I agree that Yang Hua wasn’t most exciting character. Go watch Arsenal Military Academy or Once Upon a Time in Liangjian Mountain to see how expressive he can be.

  5. Never seen her dramas before, XK, I’m hoping for more from him than his last few outings. I agree with another commenter who said he’s missing that wow factor he had in Arsenal Military Academy. I’ll check out this drama and if it’s a snooze fest, I’ll drop and roll on to the next drama.

  6. Xu Kai is outstanding in Arsenal Military Academy. I like him too especially in The Legends and Falling Into Your Smile.She and Her Perfect Husband has been enjoyable drama too. He’s now become my only favorite Chinese actor. Btw, I am a non-Chinese kibitzer. Looking forward to the airing of Snow Eagle Lord, and his other dramas like As Beautiful As You, etc. Go Xu Kai! You’re on a league of your own both in your acting versatility and in your extremely good looks and charisma.The heaven will surely continue to bless people like you who’s good inside and out!

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