Lee Seung Gi Holds First Fan-packed Concert in Manila After His March Wedding to Lee Da In

So the complaints over Lee Seung Gi choosing to marry actress Lee Da In feels primarily coming from his domestic fans but one never knows if a male star can continue a popular career after settling down regardless. For Lee Seung Gi, this weekend he was in Manila, Philippines for his first concert after his wedding and it looks to be a successful and fan-packed event. He did a press conference in the afternoon before the evening concert and the turnout for both was on par to his pre-wedding days so it appears his fandom there has thinned out.


Lee Seung Gi Holds First Fan-packed Concert in Manila After His March Wedding to Lee Da In — 8 Comments

  1. Regarding your last sentence, did you mean that his fandom in the Philippines HASN’T thinned out, if the crowds were on par to his pre-wedding days? Yeah, it’s just his domestic fans who are making a fuss about his choice of wife. They may not like his choices, but at least respect them. A true fan would understand that and not make such an issue out of it!

  2. I’m from the Philippines, and according to the news he’s collaborating with a former politician and businessman here in our country. I guess we will be seeing him here more often.

  3. I am a fan of his and yeah, PH fans did not make a fuss about his wife. Had I not been away for a trip, i would have been in that crowd. Guess we will be seeing him often as he must have projects lined up with that politician.

  4. He can marry whomever he likes but domestic fans are far more likely to know or have heard about someone who committed suicide due to the actions of his wife’s family.

    I hate how ignorant international fans are constantly judging Koreans about things they know nothing about. Better to keep your mouth shut and only be thought a fool than to open it and confirm you’re a fool.

  5. To be fair, his Manila events were not overcrowded, if you compare it with huge clamor of other K-Pop and K-actors visiting the country.

    The mall presscon was not fully-packed. It depends on the shots taken to make it appear it was packed with fans.

    I believe some of his fans slowly lost interest in him. Add the fact that he partnered with a dubious politician and investor in the Philippines for his upcoming business projects.

    I wonder if Seung Gi has a team of well-meaning advisers. He seems to be cozy with people of questionable background.

  6. Foreign fans don’t care about his marriage. They are very supportive of his marriage based on their social media posts. It’s different for Knetz who are familiar with his wife’s family and their history of fraud.

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