Bai Lu and Chen Zhe Yuan are in Talks for Romance Period C-drama Attacking Jade

Since Bai Lu’s drama Story of Kunning Palace looks indefinitely delayed, joining the ranks of over a dozen or more high profile C-dramas in the last 7 years or so to get shelved for one reason or another, she might as well keep filming. She’s in talks for the C-drama adaptation of the romance novel Attacking Jade. The first male lead last week in discussion was Cheng Yi and his fans were super happy but this week it’s turned into Chen Zhe Yuan for the male lead instead and now his fans are happy. I guess Bai Lu as the female lead is pretty well liked by the fandoms of most male C-actors. Chen Zhe Yuan also himself has Winner is King stuck in purgatory so more fresh dramas also benefits him.


Bai Lu and Chen Zhe Yuan are in Talks for Romance Period C-drama Attacking Jade — 2 Comments

  1. Chen Ye Yuan rose lead status is quite fast. Just the number of upcoming dramas he already filmed is quite amazing. I do find him very handsome and talented. Cheng Yi is also a good actor but I find his roles tend to be quite similar now. I guess we can say that for a lot of actors.

    I’m excited for whatever Bai Lu will be in. I wish she would do more comedy though. Her lesser known dramas are my favs. It really showcased her talents.

    • I would say Chen Zhe Yuan’s rise to being a leading man is quite slow compared to his peers because he has been on screen since he was 19 yet he has mainly been cast in web series with a small production or entrusted supporting character roles. Nowadays a lot of young actors can become leading actors with the proper support and marketing, and having the luck of starring in dramas with a hyped cast and script back to back since their debut. It is likely that Chen Zhe Yuan’s casting in the highly anticipated “Chinese Paladin 4” and “Hidden Love” cemented his position in the acting industry. But I definitely agree he deserves his success because he is a good actor and he immerses well into his characters.

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