King the Land and See You in My 19th Life Both Increase in Ratings in the Second Episode

The weekend time slot now has not one but two successful romance K-dramas to occupy viewers time and both are deserving of the first weekend out of the gate win. jTBC old school chaebol romance King the Land increased in its second episode to 7.544% ratings even bigger than tvN fantasy romance See You in My 19th Life which increased to 5.488%. I’m enjoying 19th Life a tad more because the story is more interesting and different, the child actors were excellent in the first episode, and Shin Hye Sun is perfect in every way playing a woman living her 19th reincarnation with all the memories good and bad of previous lives. Ahn Bo Hyun is fine as well but mostly along for the ride at this time as her reason for doing stuff but I care more about how she tries to navigate this life to make up for her truncated past life. King is a perfectly entertaining time passer buoyed by the star power of the two leads.


King the Land and See You in My 19th Life Both Increase in Ratings in the Second Episode — 9 Comments

  1. Shin hye sun wig(?) is distracting!
    I couldn’t connect with the characters of “see you in my 19th life”. It’s like watching people I don’t know and not care about.
    The old lady calling the female lead “uncle” is kinda disturbing!

  2. I strangely didn’t connect with see you in my 19th life. The story and the premise is really good when I think about it but when I watch it, something is a miss

  3. I think See you in my 19th life is not that bad but it really is strange. Both male and female past lives? I only watched the first episode and was just not excited for what’s gonna happen next. Ahn Bo Hyun in a high school uniform when he looks too hunky is just unintentionally funny and Shin Hye sun is okay but just not for me.
    I love King the land! It’s funny and Junho’s role is very crown prince just set in modern world. šŸ™‚

  4. I enjoyed more See You in My 19th Life too. The story is way more original and liked the humour.

    King the Land is a rom-com and for now, the actors don’t have the chemistry to make it great.

  5. I love SYIM19L more too. It kept me glued to my tv, enjoying the story, cinematography, osts, the leads etc & looking forward to the next episodes. however, i was a bit distracted looking at SHS sometimes. Did she do plastic surgery? She looked slightly different. Or maybe due to the hair colour&weight loss, im not sure.

    For KTL, i found it boring& too cheesy at times but still interested to watch.

  6. I like the manhwa SYIM19L, and So far the drama is hitting most of the parts from the manhwa for me. I do think that ABH as a highschooler is just wrong, it did get me out of the the drama. I guess they could not get Nam Dareum cause he is still enlisted. Still I wish they had gotten a young actor to play that role.
    In this story, to make the come back to life and find ML scenario to work, they should have worked more on making the connection on the 18th Life FL with child ML work. Sadly that connection was so bland. The young actress for the 19th life really was simply perfect, she totally overshadowed the young actress in the 18th life.
    SHS is doing good in this role. Her JiEum is all kinds of interesting though it probably is due to how well the child actress in the 19th life did her best in laying the foundation for the character.
    So excited for next episodes, and this one is gonna be so fast, it only has 12 episodes.

    KTL is not my cup of tea. I love Junho but the writing, directing, editing, and chemistry is just distracting for me. Will still watch ep3-4 to see if I can get to it, but so far I am 1 foot off this show.

  7. King the Land is tropy and full of cliches specially with the UK scenes. I will hold off watching it for now and wait till all 16 episodes so I can fast forward the boring scenes. SYIM19L is more interesting plot wise and Iā€™m tuning in for the next episodes.

  8. KTL couldn’t keep my attention because I’m not a fan of the humour nor the characters. It feels like money spent in the wrong places, if that makes sense. Fancy backdrops and 2 famous idols are the main draws, but everything else doesn’t live up to the hype. Meanwhile for SYIM19L I can’t shake off this feeling that either ABH was miscast or the writers decided to make his character a block of wood. He barely responds to SHS’s character other than being awkward. I’ve seen the first ~10 episodes of the webtoon out of curiosity and it wasn’t the case there. In fact there was a lot of bickering. I’m confused since it feels like lost opportunities on building chemistry but this might change in the coming episodes.

    Out of the two I do prefer SYIM19L since there’s a better plot and there’s SHS, but I’m not a big fan of either atp.

  9. I am in the monority that is quite happy content (except for the weird title) with King The Land.

    Tropey, Cliches everywhere … but much needed Break. Esp after heavy Dramas (my last one was Queenmaker)

    Need a break from dark sninister, revenge, plotting, etc. I cannot even get into Romantic Doc 3, and then this one came along – perfect.

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