Kim So Hyun Finds Romance with Minhyun by Sussing Out the Truth in tvN Drama My Lovely Liar

It’s middle of July which means we are two weeks out from the premiere of tvN drama My Lovely Liar. I can’t wait for Kim So Hyun‘s return to the small screen, her acting alone makes even the most mediocre of dramas still worth watching. Minhyun is also improving a lot and it helps that he is just handsome and pleasant to watch onscreen, reminds me of young Kang Min Hyuk. The drama released a new poster, more stills, and a more romance driven preview showing that it’s our lie sussing female lead that falls for the male lead first and is open about it, go get your man even if he’s accused of murder lol!

Preview for My Lovely Liar:


Kim So Hyun Finds Romance with Minhyun by Sussing Out the Truth in tvN Drama My Lovely Liar — 9 Comments

  1. This feels like the summer healing drama I need right now. The way Minhyun looks at Sohyun is LOVE. Honey dripping eyes and their chemistry is adorable. The palette is pretty too and very relaxing.

    • His stares are enough to make you melt. Him and KSH better give us epic kiss scenes and maybe even a bed scene. So ready for it.

  2. It the second time we well see Sohyun character fall in love first, like LFG and she is soooo cute in that drama 🤭 cant wait just to see how she chase ml.

  3. Honestly I hate that poster. It would look so much better witout all that filter. Btw tvn is releasing very cute contents like they do for netflix shows and I am loving it. They are really promoting the show.

  4. Hav a soft spot for KSH. Always checked out her work but stay or not will depend on the story. So hope this is a good one.

  5. Watching this for the visuals alone. Whoever cast these two beautiful people in the same drama deserves a raise especially since its a romcom. Just staring at their faces is enough plot for me.

  6. Visual couple of the year! 😍
    Have you all seen the video TVN Drama’s Youtube channel has released where these two played games while looking absolutely gorgeous? I didn’t understand a thing because there’s no english subtitles, but damn it, I was smiling the whole time watching it! The chemistry is insane and looks like they’ve gotten quite close when filming since there’s no awkward vibes at all between the two. I’m starting to agree with the comments saying they look alike lol.

    This drama looks fun and cute with just enough intriguing aspect to keep it from being just another cheesy rom-com. I’m hoping to get a While You Were Sleeping vibe or When the Camelia Blooms feels from this!

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