More Pictures from Kim So Hyun and Minhyun’s Couples Pictorial Promoting tvN Drama My Lovely Liar

We’re a week out from the premiere of new tvN drama My Lovely Liar which will be taking over the Mon-Tues time slot at the end of July. The production has been doing a steady stream of promos and last week the first stills came out of leads Minhyun and Kim So Hyun in a fashion couples pictorial for a magazine. Now there are additional stills and I continue to love how young and pretty these two are lol. I wish I had more substantive commentary but sometimes it’s enough to just enjoy the pretty.


More Pictures from Kim So Hyun and Minhyun’s Couples Pictorial Promoting tvN Drama My Lovely Liar — 8 Comments

  1. Have you guys already watch New trailer πŸ˜† seriously it look so much fun. The action, comedy, romance, and angst. I hope it release faster…

    Also i love how tvn promote their drama ❀️ her previous drama is from KBS and they barely promote it. So what tvn do make pleasant suprise.

    • Watched it already and really looks like it would be a fun show! Looks like it has a prominent fantasy element to it, as well. I’ve loved many fantasy shows from TVN so hopefully I’ll like this one too. And if not, well at least we have this pretty couple to stare at πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Koala still didn’t include the closeup shot of So Hyun in pink satin slip πŸ˜‚ But that’s okay, I’m just glad she covered this photoshoot and made a new post for the HD pics lol

  3. these two are friggin stunning! saw the new teasers and have to say i’m also liking their styling there. sohyun looks so pretty and fresh and minhyun looks sleek and handsome. we all know sohyun is a historical drama goddess, but i really love her in modern styling as well. she’s also super pretty in that part where she’s wearing a uniform with no bangs. can’t wait for this drama. fighting hyun-hyun couple!

  4. They’re a beautiful couple, wow. And I really love what she’s wearing in that solo shot. Anyone know what brand/fashion house it’s from?

  5. They are well matched visually and their romantic chemistry is top tier. KSH suits the flower boy types more than the manly types. She’s gorgeous and all the extra pretty works wonders for chemistry.

  6. Can go on and on about how much I love this pair and how compatible they are. Waiting till 31st July gets harder with each promo material they release. Almost there, almost there.

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