Kim So Hyun and Minhyun are All Hard Work and Smiles Behind the Scenes for tvN Drama My Lovely Liar

Gosh these two are just so earnest and adorable and I just want to squish them together. tvN drama My Lovely Liar released official behind-the-scenes new stills of leads Kim So Hyun and Minhyun as they film the drama which is premiering next week. He is a man accused of a murder he claims to be innocent of and she’s a woman with the ability to ascertain whether a person is lying. She helps him and clearly there is a whole mystery and her power also comes with plenty of drawbacks but if it brings these two characters together in young love then I’m all for it!


Kim So Hyun and Minhyun are All Hard Work and Smiles Behind the Scenes for tvN Drama My Lovely Liar — 15 Comments

  1. They really are the cutest 😭
    I’ve watched some snippets of the MLL “Useful Preview” and it looks like these two have gotten really really close! The way Minhyun stares at her is so swoon-worthy too 😍
    By the way, it seems like Ieum has finally sensed that So Hyun’s fans aren’t happy with her styling because I’ve noticed her styling is getting better and better now, starting at her appearance at last year’s MNET music awards. Her styling at the MLL presscon is just so good, she looks so chic and expensive with the Versace blazer, and her legs look like Barbie legs! Hopefully this continues because that’s what a gorgous and talented lady like her deserves! 😍
    Now if they can give her movie projects too, that would be great…

    • I love how our Hyun-Hyun couple were wearing matching black outfits in the press con haha, both look gorg and sleek AF

      • KSH was looking HOT in that cut-out Versace suit dress. She’s being slaying her fashion since MAMA 2022 and her long legs are a National Treasure! Her stylist is finally giving her outfits that match her. Koala should have covered her Elle Singapore shoot. It is a cultural reset.

  2. beyond excited for this, but still bummed that it won’t be on netflix! just curious, is there any example of a viu original drama that was later acquired by netflix?

    • Sh**ting Stars was acquired by Netflix after initially premiering only on Viu and iQIYI. Jirisan was exclusively on iQIYI and Viki then also premiered kn on Netflix. There are probably other examples. Viu and iQIYI tend to get exclusivity for 6 months to 2 years max.

  3. The plot is ridiculous, but those two are a must watch. I just hope that the script is adequate and this is not a case of a couple looking better off screen.

  4. Every promo has been oozing with chemistry so its no surprise their offcam chemistry is crazy too. The plot sounds fun and interesting. The pairing is fresh and well matched. The way Minhyun stares at Sohyun is like he’s looking into her soul. They can’t keep their eyes off each other and its so cute to watch.

    • Seriously. Not to sound like a delulu shipper, but the way they’re staring at each other… Let’s just say it wouldn’t surprise me if a dating news came out…

  5. It will be hard for me to not have a second lead syndrom because of Seo Ji-Hoon, why he’s always the second lead >_< or when he's the first lead, he died…

  6. Just saw the news that U-Next, which is apparently Japan’s number 1 OTT platform, has acquired the broadcasting rights for this. Happy for both as that would mean increased Hallyu popularity for them if this drama becomes a hit. Love both of them

    • U-Next broadcasts a large number of Kdrama on the regular. Still not understanding why Netflix didn’t pick this up. The vibe, genre and cast is just their type. Still its possible it’ll get picked up once its done airing so will hold out hope for a bigger global reach later. Just like True Beauty which even after 3 years had a very strong response on Netflix. This pair is extremely cute and am excited by the premise. Becoming each others salvation. July 31st needs to come immediately.

  7. This is Kim Sohyun’s chance to revive her career and return to the limelight. Wishing her the best luck because she deserves it. Hoping she won’t disappear again after MLL and continues to take on multiple projects for next year too. Especially movies. The film industry is not doing well but still would like to see her have a try at movies even in minor/supporting roles.

    • She has Is it fate after this drama. I also hope she doesn’t take long break because it can really hamper your career when you are still young. Even I want to see her in movies. Her last one was in 2016.

  8. @Drie I know right her style has become better now because after whatever they made her wear at KBS drama award was so bad. I also hope to see different hairstyle. I see most korean actresses always leave their hair open instead of styling it differently.

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